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Friday, March 2, 2007

Pacman's Lawyer: Let's Not Be So Quick To Judge

As Pacman Jones is crucified by the press and his career is looking less and less viable, one person reminds us: Let justice run its course before you condemn Pacman.

Pacman's lawyer, a man trained in the intricacies of jurisprudence and avowed to pursue justice at all cost, has some important words for us:

"From me reading in the papers and different things, certainly there is a lot of pressure on the team to do something, and I compliment them that they have not commented or gone public until all the facts are out,'' Arora said. "What happens if they cut him and do all these things and the case is never a case and he's just always been a witness? Now you've ruined a young kid's life ..."

We aren't barristers, but we'd even go one step further and urge the media to lay off Pacman and wait for the investigation to conclude before assigning guilt. One life has already been ruined in this; let's not unfairly destroy Pacman's as well. Ruining his career would have a domino effect. Pacman supports not only his family, but his entourage as well. The media pushing the Titans to cut him would also mean that some PR people, security people and one stylist with cactus wounds will also be on the unemployment line. So, let's slow our roll.

And while Pacman's counsel is working diligently to stave off the negative press and abhorently vicious attacks on his client's character, some out there refuse to let the past die. This quote, from a cop in Georgia, bringing up a past incident (in which no charges were even levied against Mr. Jones) involving Pacman. Clearly, this cop is using the mainstream media to poison the public against Pacman:

"I am not happy about it, but there is not much I can do about it unless I just want to go over there and pound on the solicitor's desk,'' said Mike Pruitt of the Fayette County Drug Task Force, who was involved in arresting Jones, along with his mother and two friends. It was his house, and the basement had dope scattered all over it in plain view. I think it was a good case against him. It's not right.''

The key words there are "it's not right". If the prosecutors determined that Pacman was not in violation of the law, then we agree: It's not right to keep drudging these old incidents up in the press just because Pacman is YB&R (that's young, black and rich).

And, what say you on this counsellor?

"It just doesn't seem like any of this (negativity) out there is going to stop any time. Nothing positive seems to ever show up on the radar screen, things he has done. I don't want it to be a contest where he's good, he's bad, or he's this, that or the other, but nobody hesitates to think, 'Hey, he has been in trouble before, but the charges weren't there.' Yeah, he's made some bad choices, but those cases get dismissed for a reason."

Well put, counsellor. And it doesn't matter what those reasons may be. No charges, No crime! Right?


Anonymous said...

the white (read JEWISH) media is trying to do P Man how they did brother simpson.

don't these diamond brokers understand that these men have mamas, baby's mamas and and aninderminate number of children who are hurt by these reports.

so come on now, keep it on the real.

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

"so come on now, keep it on the real. "

Sir, as a people, that is all we can ask.

JJ said...

Please...Pacman deserves all of the bad press he gets. He MADE IT RAIN on strippers and then wanted HIS MONEY BACK!

He's from ATLANTA he knows strip club ettiquette...


nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

"He's from ATLANTA he knows strip club ettiquette..."

Sir, my grandmother is from ATL. She has no clue what make it rain means, thanks for the outrageous generalization that all Negroes from the ATL are strip club mongers or dancers.

Pacman was in an unfamiliar environment and wasn't familiar with expectations. Be easy.

the butler said...

I thought it was Jermaine Dupree who was the promoter, and that Nelly and Pacman were supposed to make it rain as a show. I don't even think it was Pacman's money.

Lots of conflicting stories have come out. Pacman's publicist (who was there) came out with a very detailed statement to refute the strip club bouncers/owners' claims.

I love the Titans, and I hope Pacman remains our #1 corner.