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Monday, March 26, 2007

Discovering Peter

After discovering the nuggets of knowledge that writer Peter King has been dropping on his readers, we feel compelled to continue to keep our readers updated.

Peter is well travelled, well read and well connected. Oh, and well fed, as well.

So, it seems only logical that NOISb would expose our readers to Peter's sense of his surroundings, his intuitive ability to latch on to the underlying moving and shaking happenings in pop culture and his biting wit.

Once you get past the pasty skin, cookie dough physique and brillo pad hair; you will understand that Peter is completely function over form. It's not how he says it, it's what he says.

And if you find anything of value in what he says, please let us know.

This weeks droppings:

"But when Goodell, a workout-aholic, walked into the gym at the Arizona Biltmore at 6 on Sunday morning, he heard right away what the tenor of the week would be.
Goodell walked over to say hello to Kansas City coach Herman Edwards, who was on the exercise bike..."

Peter exercises his literary skills here. Normally, Peter is a journalist and just sticks to the facts. But here, he tests our willingness to believe him. Some authors call it "historical fiction". The author uses real people and real events as part of his story, but also takes liberties. Like here. Peter implies that HE was in a gym at 6:AM. Historical fiction and comedy all rolled together. Genius!

"I think maybe we should have seen the Carr firing coming. Those close to Gary Kubiak say Carr did not progress much from the mechanical, non-instinctive player the coach inherited 14 months ago when he got the Texans' job. "

Well, in fairness, WHO saw it coming? It was pretty much out of the blue, right? And, it sure helps to have Peter's inside connection to find out what the folks close to Kubiak say. We'd never have guessed, just from watching him play, that Carr didn't progress this year.

"IPod Download of the Week (which could become a regular feature here if I keep finding ways to load this contraption): Went into download mode the other night. What a great invention, buying any song in history for 99 cents and playing it 99 times. You know what I can't get enough of? Johnny Cash. Listen to Folsom Prison Blues and you'll know why every convict in America loved the man."

A weekly feature! Peter turning us on to the fresh music he is just discovering? Don't play with our emotions!

Johnny Cash? We'll have to check him out! Any readers heard of him? What do you think of him?

"Did Rocky Balboa really have to get made? I think not."

Great. And timely. Next week Peter is going to let us know his thoughts on The Departed. Can't wait to hear about that movie.

What more could a reader ask for? Great literary work. Coupled with up to the minute football, music and movie insight.

Any chance we could hold one of those race drafts, like they had on Chapelle's Show?

We know who NofI would take.

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Anonymous said...

Peter King writes circles around you ass.

You remind of a David Allen Coe song..."the dirty, greasy ni**er"