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Sunday, March 25, 2007

To Florida, From Duke: Advice on Back to Back

Coming out can be exhilarating

SI ran a nice little piece on what it takes to win back to back NCdubA titles. Or at least what the guys who did it last feel it takes.

"I believe that we were the best team ever," says Brian Davis, who was Duke's co-captain with Christian Laettner. "We felt like if we beat the best team ever in UNLV [in the 1991 national semifinals], then we were the best, and going back-to-back proved it.

It is always a debatable proposition to speculate on "best team ever". But there is no speculation on the fact that Davis and fellow co-captain Laettner formed a dynamic duo. The type of duo that would make Ace and Gary (of Saturday Night Live fame) quite jealous.

Hill remembers arriving at their hotel in Philadelphia for the '92 East Regional and being met by hundreds of teenage girls screaming for the team -- or at least its matinee idol. One woman was wearing a homemade sweatshirt that read LAETTNER LOVER.

Davis would later say that the Duke team felt most comfortable around teenage girls. Holding slumber parties, having pillow fights, painting each others nails and talking about boys. And he was quick to point out that the sweatshirt professing love for Laettner was his own. "I had another shirt I used to wear. It said: "There's a Christian deep inside me", said a giggling Davis.

"I felt like I was traveling with a rock star," Hill says, "and I was the bass player."

Davis chimed in, "Hill may have felt like the bass player; but, I played the organ. The male organ", as Laettner sheepishly shook his head.

"We still have that one thing that bonds us," says Hill. "I don't have a relationship with anyone else like I do with the guys on that team."

A truer statement, we can't imagine.


Anonymous said...

Don't be bitter.

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

"Don't be bitter"

Sir, even tho we DID pick G'town in our bracket; it doesn't alleviate the sting of how the 'Heels folded.