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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Righteous Bracket: Part II (South and East)

black- round one
red- round two
green- sweet sixteen
blue- elite eight
purple- final four


1 UNC16 E Kentucky

-Eastern Kentucky was originally founded as Central University. We think that UNC will be able to capitalize on the disoriented Colonels and pull this one out.

8 Marquette9 Mich St

-Probably the best first round match-up. We don't like the Big Ten this year, so it's the Golden Eagles.

-Frank McGuire won a title at UNC and his brother Al McGuire won one at MU. UNC started the trend of young Negroes leaving school early for an NBA paycheck (Bob McAdoo), so we'll take the 'Heels.

5 USC12 Arkansas
-Arkansas is forever cursed by their treatment of Brother Nolan Richardson. A man who brought decency and championships to the program, and in turn was cast away because of the color of his skin. Ask him! It's USC here.

4 Texas13 N Mexico St
-Despite the presence of the photogenic Negro head coach Reggie Theus, the Aggies have no answer for Kevin Durant.

-USC's basketball savior is due to arrive next year. Texas' is already on campus. Hook 'em.

-The last two teams that won championships and were basically one trick ponies in the NCAA's were led by Carmello Anthony and Danny Manning. Two exceptionally versatile players. They were also coached by legends. UNC has got to eventually hit its stride and play some tough D, right? Right!? We'll write this pick in the sand: 'Heels.

6 Vanderbilt11 Geo Wash
Vanderbilt was the first SEC school to recruit a Negro athlete. George Washington owned slaves. Vandy.

3 Wash St14 O Roberts
The ancient Oral Roberts hasn't yet been recalled by Jesus, but his team certainly will be.

-Tony Bennett won't leave his heart in Sacramento. Cougars.

7 BC10 Texas Tech
Bobby Knight, in large part, is responsible for giving us coach KKK. Brother Al Skinner's team gets the nod.

2 G'town15 Belmont
We'd like to pick Belmont, as one of their alumns used to be the head of KFC. The Thompson lineage is too much, though. Hoyas.

-In a battle of Negro coaches, the Hoyas talent is too much. The token white guys at the end of the bench will be very excited.

-The basset hound looking Thompson will lead his team over Washington St.

-You can't coach heart. Or maybe you can. The 'Hoyas just have more of it, regardless. GU out of the East.


1 Ohio St16 C Conn St
-Any Blue Devil is worth rooting against. 'Bucks.

8 BYU9 Xavier
-We'll take athleticism over hustle and teamwork. Musketeers (happy, anonymous?).

-And we'll take obscene young talent over Xavier.

5 Tennessee12 L Beach St
-The 49ers are heading back to the LBC. As long as Bruce Pearl keeps his shirt on.

4 Virginia13 Albany
-Thomas Jefferson founded UVA, and we KNOW how he felt about Negroes. Wahoos.

-With Pat Summitt off coaching the Lady Vols, the men just won't have the necessary support in the stands. UVA.

-The Big Ten is weak this year, but UVA got an easy rotation through the ACC. Bucks are too much.

6 Louisville11 Stanford
We all know Stanford doesn't deserve to be seeded this high. THEY should have been in the play-in game. Cards.

3 Texas A&M14 Penn
-An old white guy with knickers and buckled shoes as your mascot? Gig 'em.

-Billy Gillespie coaches TAMU. Mike Gillespie coaches FAMU (an HBCU). We don't know if they are related or not, but we like the continuity and connection to the HBCU. A&M.

7 Nevada10 Creighton
-This game just sounds like a white-wash. We'll take the Pack.

2 Memphis15 N Texas
-As long as John Chaney is not around to choke Coach Cal, it's the Tigers.

-The athletic Tigers against the Fazekis lead Wolfpack. The athletes win (still happy, anonymous?)

-Chaney might not be around to choke Caliperi, but A&M's defense will. Aggies.

-A&M is a team that plays tough D and can win without scoring in the paint. To the Final Four for Ags.

-Two teams that have solid athleticism and solid D. But Brother Thompson truly has his Negro players' hearts and love. Hoyas to face the Gators.

-Big East vs. SEC. Defending champs with explosive team vs. rekindled fire with Princeton based O and tough D. Roy Hibbert will expose the high yellow Noah as a pretender.

The Georgetown Hoyas, led by Negro coach John Thompson III are your champs.


Anonymous said...

Notorious N.O.I.S.B.

Does the history of John Thompson's (the elder) never recruiting a white player and John Thompson (the reigning) continuing the tradiation make Georgetown University an honorary HBCU?

In the 1980's I was amazed at the number of young, african-americans who were under the impression that there were more blacks at Georgetown that those who are on the basketball court. I assume that the tradition continues.

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

Sir, the Thompsons have a tradition of bringing in the best available players. It's not their fault they are usually Negroes.

I believe (could be wrong) that I saw two white faces on the Hoyas this year.

Between the coaching terms of the father and son, Georgetown experimented with white coaches, who probably brought in more white players....and clearly it didn't work.

The HCIC said...


I suffer through all the crazy ranting to get the golden nugget of truth.

Georgetown will win, but I am concerned that we may be cursed. First Jay Bilas' approval, now the Nation's. Scary.

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

"but I am concerned that we may be cursed. First Jay Bilas' approval, now the Nation's. Scary"

Ma'am, oh you are cursed. The only time we have picked the winner correctly was '05. Giving our blessing to GU is the equivalent of a gypsy evil eye or a Santaria hex.


Anonymous said...

Praise be to Allah! The White Devils lose.

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

The Duke game was the easiest pick of the tourney!

DigitalHeadbutt said...

Oh ye of great wisdom, NOISB:

How do UNC's chances change now that the masked one is no longer masked?

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

"How do UNC's chances change now that the masked one is no longer masked?"

Sir, we believe now that the masked one has decided to drop the pretenses of his mask and decided to let his game be the cause for attention, and not his injury; that UNC is in a relatively solid position to advance to the Final Four.

If the Tar Heels can figure out how to hold onto a bloody lead, we'd say they were shoe ins for ATL. But, their resistance to putting teams away is cause for concern.