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Wednesday, March 7, 2007

The Maelstorm

Apparently, our post on the realities of Duke basketball was quite polarizing.

The righteous smiled and nodded. Knowing what they had always suspected had been revealed as true.

The undead souls that wander aimlously muttering lines like, "Coach K runs a clean program and cares about the boys", lashed out with defensive and vile emails and comments.

He who doth protest too much!

As we trudged through the emails, we found much anger and foul language. And we found great joy. Much originating in Maryland.

But the email that really got our attention was this one (finally some REAL recognition):

From: "Dr Donald Blankstone"
Date: Mon, 19 Feb 2007 00:40:30 -0000

You have been specially recommended for this Year 2007 special grant,
After confirming your professional record and experience.
The UNESCO convention of 1995 held in Geneva unanimously agreed to
give a quarterly science grant of seven million Euro (7 million Euro) to two
(2) outstanding individuals from various countries, who can render selfless
service to humanity. The Carter foundations, who supervises this science grant, encourages
mostly African and Asia projects. If you are interested in receiving a grant for a science project then get back to us through this email:- if not,
then good luck with your own business.

Contact Person :- Dr Donald Blankstone.
Email :-

How you like us now? The world is finally listening!


jim masterson said...

Super. A great site that has just been discovered. Duke & Stanford, two great universities found on the lungs of billions, & the labor of Chinese, Irish & Negroes.

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

"Irish & Negroes. "

Sir, the Irish and Negroes have a closer history in this country than some think. The Irish were called "niggers". Signs in stores in NY said "No Irish" or "No Irish Need Apply".

Also, there is a group over there called the Black Irish.

And Bono is Irish and he is trying to save Africa.

That isn't a coincidence.