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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Tank Johnson: A Model of Grace Under Fire

Super Bowl week is a week rife with hype and hyperbole. When the story ON the field isn't all that interesting, like this year (Peyton Manning? YAWN...da Bears Defense? Wake me up when the game is over), leave it to the mainstream media to find a player or "story" to pump up. And 9 times out of 10 it is some misrepresentation of the behavior of a Negro athlete (see: Lewis, Ray or Robinson, Eugene, et al..).

Enter Terry "Tank" Johnson, the unfortunate circumstances surrounding his bodyguards untimely demise and the confusion behind his possessing weapons he felt were a necessity to protect his family, have opened the door to they type of story the mainstream media uses to ensure that young Negroes are continually reminded that no matter how hard they work, they will be continually pushed down.

On, this is the attitude that was exhibited toward Terry Johnson:

"After seeing Johnson at Media Day, I just have one question -- why does he even need a bodyguard or guns? Who would mess with this 6-foot-3, 300-pound guy? My question to you: Should Johnson be allowed to play in the Super Bowl?"

A staggering suggestion. Ban the man from the Super Bowl for being a large Negro who lives in white America; and fears for his life so much so that he is compelled to hire protection and own fire arms? The author of this inadvertently gives us a clear reason as to why Mr. Johnson needed a bodyguard and fire arms: Because White America hates him and will stop at nothing to prevent him from reaching his dream of playing football at the highest level.

"His bodyguard, Willie Posey, was shot and killed two days later during an early morning fight at a nightclub in Chicago, where Johnson was present. Oh yeah, all this happened while Johnson was on probation. So how does Johnson explain this during Media Day? He says the media have "overblown" the story, and that it's the media's job to "hype the hot story." The NFL should ban him from playing in the game just for those comments."

i) Is the implication that somehow Mr. Johnson was involved in the shooting? It is no crime to be present at the locale of a murder, and to our knowledge law enforcement has made no suggestion that Mr. Johnson is a suspect. Yet, the author emphasizes Johnson's presence.

ii) Johnson's most recent run in with the law certainly did happen while he was on probation. Is this relevent to the piece? Or is this pointed out to "hype" the details of Johnson's previous misunderstandings with the law?

iii) Ban Mr. Johnson from the Super Bowl for his comments defending himself? Shall we also ban Mr. Johnson from reading and writing and allow that the only words that cross his lips are, "Yas sah, Massah."

The author's own piece completely supports Johnson's contention! Calling to ban him for his comments or not to let him play, despite the COURTS not having a problem with it, is HYPE and is OVERBLOWING things. Subtley referencing Mr. Johnson's presence at building in which Mr. Posey was murdered is the worst kind of conjecturous hype possible.

All we at NOIS can do is thank Mr. Johnson for his grace under pressure and for being a role model for young Negroes, even in the face of hateful attacks by the likes of's Jemele Hill.

"Johnson admonished the media for labeling him a thug, even though he wore dark sunglasses, a wave cap and a diamond earring to media day."

Oh, Ms. Hill, we will pray that you overcome your self loathing and understand that there is nothing wrong or "thuggish" when a young Negro male is wearing sunglasses in sunny Miami; trying to get his hair right for the evening festivities and sporting the requisite young millionaire bling in his ear. We would imagine that a young Negro lady such as Ms. Hill would be all up under Mr. Johnson at the club. But clearly, when she is on the clock with picking up that heavy paycheck, she feels the need to put on the appropriate aires and affectations.

"During Johnson's media session, I couldn't help but think of one of my favorite Dave Chappelle jokes. Chappelle warned us not to judge women who wear provocative clothing. "She's not a whore," Chappelle said. "But she is wearing a whore's uniform."

Again, Ms. Hill, you are the recipient of our heartfelt prayers. And we tell you this: Next time you feel like you have been stereotyped or are the victim of racism, don't come crying to us! "Hey, folks, look at the young female Negro columnist at; bet she loves chicken and watermellon! She must, she's "wearing the uniform"."

We will leave this on a positive note, with the insightful and heartfelt words of our young rolemodel, Mr. Johnson:

"I felt like the world was coming on top of my head. At the same time, as a faithful Christian, you have to continue to stick to the power of prayer because when times is bad, you have to continue to do what's important and what got you there. It might not change right now. It might not change tomorrow. It might not change a month from now. If you continue to pray, continue to look forward to the better things in life, it'll come out."

And we know, Mr. Johnson, times is bad. But your sincerity and hard work will pay off. Keep doing what got you here. It's working wonderfully so far and will lead to your just rewards.


Anonymous said...

i hear from intimate locker room sources that the root of Tank's problem is the size of his root.

big man, thimble sized johnson. his shortcoming has made him angry.

as typically, the white man is larger in this area, tank's hates the caucasian bears, particuarly grossman and his legendary cobra snake.

Steve said...

whatever man...and Rodney King wasn't on drugs, Mike Tyson is a stand up citizen and OJ didn't do it. Oh, lets not forget, TO "the gladiator" is not a narcissist glory hound, RW doesn't put weed before his team and Michael Jackson should open up a day care center.

Why don't ya ever sing the praises of Grant Hill, Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, David Robinson, Will Smith or any other "original human" that doesn't make an ass out of themselves.

And don't give me the white media keeping the black man down, because there has never been a more revered player in BBall than MJ. Or how about Jerry Rice in football, or what LBJ will become. The only difference is, they didn't/don't do stupid shit.

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

"as typically, the white man is larger in this area"

Sir, we assume that you have practiced scientific method to arrive at this conclusion. So, I suppose that we can't argue, as you clearly have done proper and thorough research. Everyone searches for their passion in life, we congratulate you on finding yours.

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

"Why don't ya ever sing the praises of Grant Hill, Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, David Robinson, Will Smith "

Sir, we congratulate you on being enamored by the non-threatening Negro. You truly are an openminded and nonprejudiced person. Maybe we don't sing the praises of the assimilated Negro because whitey does it for them. Wipe off your chin, sir, looks like you have some assimilated ejaculation a'drippin'....

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

"Michael Jackson should open up a day care center"

Sir, please leave that white devil out of this.

Anonymous said...

As with most educated Negro women, Ms. Hill undoubtedly prefers the company of Caucasians. One cannot blame her for aspiring to something higher.

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

"As with most educated Negro women, Ms. Hill undoubtedly prefers the company of Caucasians. One cannot blame her for aspiring to something higher"

Sir, I allowed the white lady that comes to clean my house and bathroom each week the chance to read your comment. She laughed. Then finished cleaning my toilet.