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Monday, January 22, 2007

See You In Miami!

Not only have Tony Dungy and Lovie Smith blown-up the conspiracy to rid the NFL of Negro head coaches, but both men have proven that they must now be mentioned in the same breath as other great QB mentors like Bill Walsh.

We documented earlier in our bulletproof post detailing the conspiracy to derail the strides made in hiring Negro head coaches, that Tony Dungy was the one coach that was particularly safe. As the "non-threatening" Negro, Dungy did not scare the white devils in power. Additionally, he had the burden of Peyton Manning behind center. Making it improbable that he would ever advance to the big game. And now, we are witnessing a fear and distress overwhelming the NFL, the likes of which has not been seen since Jim Brown was trampling over young white men as if they were mere stalks of wheat.

A Negro head coach will hoist the Lombardi Trophy in victory. The trophy, long a symbol of the indentured servitude forced upon the Negro gladiator shall now be irrevocably placed in the hands of the original human. The original coach.

How can this be? How could the carefully scripted preventive measures taken against the Negro coach have been circumvented? How could Dungy be standing on the podium accepting the Lamar Hunt trophy? With Peyton Manning at QB?

Dungy was dealt a hand meant to be a burden he could not overcome. Armed with possibly (up to now) the worst big game QB out there, Dungy looked fate in the eye and never blinked. Over the course of half a decade, Dungy has imposed his silent but steady will. Dungy has watched Manning put up hall of fame numbers while his blood has been pumped by a quitter's heart. Dungy has had to witness the "Manning Face" first hand as the great statistical QB walked off the field, his inordinately long neck hunch over in shame as he once again blew a big game. But the Negro stock in this head coach prevented Manning's shame and quititude from ever infecting him.

Buoyed by faith and driven by desire, Dungy forced Manning to victory. The acquisition of Adam Vinatieri (if he is Sicilian, we may well claim him as a Negro) was a security shield that would balance out Mannings desire to bury that enormous head, on the end of his girafe like neck, in the sand and be happy with big numbers and a big loss. Try as he might against Baltimore, Manning was counteracted by the leg of Vinateiri. Couple that with Dungy's brilliant job of effecting a "rope a dope" defense for the regular season, and you have a strategy that could not lose.

Over in the NFC, Lovie Smith suffered the indignity of harping questions about Rex Grossman for most of the season. When will you bench him? When will you bring in Griese? Why are still using him?

Well, Smith's brilliance was not evident for a long time. But in the end, the genius is hard to miss. Smith has positioned himself to be a head coach as long as his heart desires. Even if Chicago were to let him go someday, Smith will be hired in a minute elsewhere. And if his Bears' win, he will go down as the greatest coach of all time. He will have won a Super Bowl with Rex Grossman as his QB. That trumps any and all coaching achievements. Rex Grossman as QB. Greatest coach of all time. At least until someone comes along and wins with Corky as their QB.

Rejoice this morning. The original human has retaken his rightful place at the head of the table at the press conferences for Super Bowl week. We invite you to join us in Miami as we enjoy a week of celebrating Negro achievement and fornicating with young white women. See you in South Beach.


Anonymous said...

the victory of the colts and Tony Dungy confirms something that I have always suspected and now know.

truth is, it has always been obvious.

the superior intelligence , the polite manner, the lack of jewelry all point to one thing.

Dungy is an octaroon, or perhaps mulatto. there can be no doubt that Dungy has significant caucasion blood. if the people pretending tobe Dungy's parents are noth black, we can have no doubt that his mom stepped out for a little white chocolate.

after all, he wears pants that fit and and speaks proper english.

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

Sir, your sense of logic is typical. You won't let the light skinned Negro drink from your water fountain, but the moment he does something noteworthy, he is "white". Just as Tony Dungy rejects you (and proudly proclaims himself a Negro), we reject you.

You write poorly and exhibit horrendous grammar. You lack intelligence, and I doubt your pants fit. According to this (your logic) you must be black. If your mother would like some more chocolate loving, please let me know. I'll treat her gently. Like a high priced ho.

Anonymous said...

So if the coaches lose, it is the fault of their white QBs. If the coaches win, then they get all the glory and acclaim. Sounds like the devil's logic to me.

I will say that Dungy's ancestors must have been house Negroes, or at least his great-grandmother must have been "Thomas Jeffersoned" and had relations with the Master.

It will indeed be a long two weeks for the Master race, as we will hear ad nauseum about the two black coaches. This will rival the occasion 20 years ago when career journeyman Doug Williams suddenly became intelligent and won the SB (although, all credit must obviously go to Joe Gibbs).

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

"So if the coaches lose, it is the fault of their white QBs. If the coaches win, then they get all the glory and acclaim."

Sir, and this is different from white Obviously it's not. Except we are applying the same standards to Negro coaches, which obviously, you can't allow.

" This will rival the occasion 20 years ago when career journeyman Doug Williams suddenly became intelligent and won the SB (although, all credit must obviously go to Joe Gibbs). "

Sir, or similar to 6 years ago when journeyman QB Trent Dilfer became a genius and won and his white coach was proclaimed a genius. But that is fine, isn't it? Of course it is, because THAT is the true logic of the devil. What's good for the goose is never good for the gander or the Negro.

Enjoy the media coverage. I hope your ears and eyes bleed from hearing and seeing so much of the Negro coaches. Then you will know how the Negro feels watching teams made up of mostly Negroes make white coaches rich and famous.