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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Mark McGwire: Sacrificial Lamb

Last week, the powers that be laid the groundwork in what is most clearly an effort to defend their hallowed hall in Cooperstown from the future attack of the man of the man who is rewriting the homerun record.

The deviousness and the institutional depth of this operation are staggering. The ability to organize the voters is cause for concern of the highest magnitude. This demonstration exemplifies the fact that we, as original humans, are powerless against the control exuded over our daily lives by the powers that be through their sharpest and most concentrated weapon; the media.

Less than a decade ago, Mark McGwire was hailed as the savior of baseball. His powerful shoulders, massive thighs and rippling arms generated towering home runs of a frequency never before witnessed. The man was a mutant: and not simply because of the gene which caused his red hair and freckled skin. Worshipped from coast to coast; the white devil relished McGwire's narrow defeat of the dark skinned Sammy Sosa in the quest for the home run record. Not only had the musclebound McGwire set the record, but he had laid waste to a descendant of Shabazz along the way. A double victory and cause for celebration for snowflakes everywhere.

And now, in what should be McGwire's time to look back and celebrate his astounding career with an awaiting enshrinement in Cooperstown, McGwire finds out first hand that the very people that exalted in his achievements and rejoiced in his feats just a few years ago have plunged their dagger like pens deep into his broad, v-tapered back. The very people that authored the Paul Bunyon legend that is Mark McGwire, now, in what the clear mind can only see as a formulated plan to block the future entry of the coming home run king, have painstakingly measured the assassination of McGwire and his legend. Et tu, Brute?

The destruction of McGwire is based on innuendo and suspicion. The fact that he never failed a drug test or that testing wasn't even conducted during his career mean little. In the past, these very same voters have turned their back on documented cheating (see Gaylord Perry). Yet now, these moral lightweights decide that THEY shall defend the sanctity of the game? When less than a decade ago they were privy to the rumors and certainly suspected McGwire of using steroids, but chose instead to portray him as a hero and stifle the rumors.

Barring injury or incarceration (which is certainly an example of the depth and desperation of this attack), Barry Bonds will take the homerun record this year. Securing his own place as both the greatest home run hitter for a season and a career. A thought which tortures the soul of those behind this power play.

Unfortunately for McGwire, he is caught in between. The "voters" need to set a precedent NOW in order to be able to shun Bonds in the future. And McGwire is that precedent.

Be warned: The hatred and jealousy for the original human runs deep in some circles. The evilishness of the white devil is so profound, that at times, he is willing to destroy himself (or his own) to hold us down. By the will of our God, the devil will eventually destroy himself.

Besides, baseball is a billion dollar entertainment business rooted in marketing and ad revenue. What sanctity is there to defend in that? Get over yourselves, voters.


Boise Wants Jay said...

I voted for McGwire. However, I cannot nor will not vote for Sosa and Bonds.

- Really Jay Mariotti

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

"I voted for McGwire."

Sir, the voting mentioned references votes cast for the Hall of Fame. While we appreciate your input, voting for McGwire as having the "hardest pecs in baseball" is not the topic at hand. Thank you.

bean said...

this post raises many great pts about mcgwire and hypocritical sportswriters. HOWEVER, prevailing wisdom says bonds will be voted in. the difference btwn him and mcgwire is that bonds was a surefire hall of famer BEFORE he allegedly started roiding up, while mcgwire's potential entry into the hall would be based almost 100 percent on his post-roid play. this disparity will allow bonds to get the minimum number of votes he needs. the bottom line, as bill simmons has said, is that both deserve to be in the hall - with their plaques making note of the fact that they probably did use performance enhancers.

Anonymous said...

in the same week that Stephen A. left his show McGwire was denied enatrance to the hall of fame.

is it a coincidence that they both love cheese doodles?

i think not.

maybe the conspiracy is against lovers of cheese doodles, not original humans

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

"as bill simmons has said"

Sir, your post was relevent and appreciated up until this point. If you are going to quote Simmons and espouse his cloroxed opinions as being relevent here in the land of Shabazz, well, we can't take you seriously. What next? Will you introduce a sidebar commentary to your comment written by your wife detailing why she thinks Justin Timberlake is a horrible person for dumping Cameron Diaz?

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

"maybe the conspiracy is against lovers of cheese doodles, not original humans "

Sir, the power of cheese doodles is startling. They are not just the equivalent of cat nip to the original human, but even to the pseudo-human races. Combine them with grape soda and you have the nectar of Allah.

Red Neck said...

I am a white man, and seeing such a white background to your blog brings joy to my heart!

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

"such a white background to your blog brings joy to my heart"

Sir,we concur. And WE find great joy in our WHITE toilet paper.