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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Fire the Schottenheimer?

Marty Schottenheimer has been an NFL head coach for over two decades. Coaching the Browns, Chiefs, Redskins and Chargers. Schottenheimer has developed a modus operandi of typically putting together solid regular seasons, and then departing from the playoffs with the equivalent of a quick tap-out. Retreating to the off season, not caring that his players must live with the pain of the results of his heartless and cowardly coaching. But what can one expect from a man bearing a last name that we at NOIS believe is a Teutonic colloquialism for "slave master".

Forget the common speculation that most anyone with a logical thought process would introduce: Would a Negro coach continually be allowed to fail in such creative ways as Schottenheimer? As we can all agree, this is essentially a rhetorical question in this instance.

Let's return to the players. Men who give all they have. Offseason pain and sweat. In season blood and tears. Effort that is congruous to a fight for survival. And, it is! Men who are given the scraps from the "owners" table. Treated like yard dogs. Forced to not only give mind, body and soul to the organization; but, also to beg (every two or three years) for the leftovers the owners set aside during contract "negotiations". Pride stolen from them. Continually reminded that the man who runs the "team" is the "owner". We shudder at the psychological damage these valiant warriors must endure.

All they have is the game. The fight. The continual pursuit of the victory. For the owner, it means more money. For the warrior, it means he can look himself in the mirror the next morning without turning away in shame.

Let's face it. Schottenheimer's legions are the descendents of the Tribe of Shabazz. Tomlinson, Gates, Merriman, Neal, rookie tackle Marcus McNeill and the rest. These are the men that have made victory possible. The men who represent all those that have marched before them to help feed the family of the Schottenheimer. The men forced to hire representatives on their own behalf who are allowed to meet with the "owners" to beg for a scrap from the table.

Men who have fought to the point of exhaustion and fatigue. So fatigued that immediately after the game, they even become delusional. Example: Tomlinson's disparaging remarks about the Pat's celebration being disrespectful for "mocking" Merriman's dance. Is it disrespectful to mock a choreographed manuever that actually disrespects the opponent to begin with? Of course not. But that is how hard Tomlinson fights. To the point of losing the power of rational thought.

And what do Tomlinson and the rest of the gladiators get in return? They get the playoff coaching prowess of the Schottenheimer. Why not just string them up and whip them? It would be more humane!

Fire the Schottenheimer? Need you even ask?


Landru said...

Is firing too good for Schottenheimer? I respectfully submit that, in his case, harsher measures could well be in order.

On another axis of thought: while you are clearly correct about the cranky old goat's slavemastery tendencies in relation to Negro athletes, I think that perhaps the searing brand of failure and high-powered mediocrity that he embodies is perhaps too good for a whinging sissy like Phil Rivers. Might there be some way to alleviate the misery of men such as Tomlinson and Gates, while ensuring that Rivers continues to suffer like the prison punk that he is?

Thank you.

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

"while ensuring that Rivers continues to suffer like the prison punk that he is"

Phillip Rivers ultimate retribution shall be administered while the faithful reap the benefits of paradise and are transported on the Mother Ship. Every breath he takes is an affront to Allah. While retribution might not be swift, it will certainly be a proportional magnitude for his sins.

Boise Wants Jay said...

It is my belief that in order for the Chicago Bears to win the Super Bowl, Lovie Smith should be fired immediately and Marty brought in to take this team to the promised land.

- Really Jay Mariotti

PS - Chicago loves Marty Ball.