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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

White Females: Still, the Media Ignores the Nubian Sister

It is an indisputable fact that the U.S. media treats the white female as though her value is unsurpassed. A story of a white female harmed or injured or simply mistreated receives an inordinate amount of airtime. From the disappearance of the white trollip in Aruba to runaway brides to Rosie O'Donnell; the U.S. media bombards us with coverage.

Let a Nubian sister be the news maker, and the story is quickly relegated to BET or Jet magazine.

And now, yet another instance of the white female being given unmitigated press/media coverage.

For those that watched the USC-Michigan Rose Bowl, one of the larger stories after the Black Trojans of USC disembowled the Dark Wolverines of Michigan, was the young USC cheerleader and her unfortunately high riding undergarment.

A young, WHITE female USC cheerleader's buttocks were exposed in all their orbital glory. The onion shaped booty, free of the obstruction of the expected fabric overture, bouncing and rippling in a glorious display of athleticism and rhythmic undulation. Now, certainly as a Negro man, this tantalizing display of white gluteal magnificence was appreciated. And, in the future, encouraged. But, despite this obvious effort to distract the Negro viewer from the objectification of the Negro athletes, one can not help feel that if the cheerleader were a Nubian sister the story would have been buried and ignored.

Do you mean to tell me that not one pair of Nubian buttocks have escaped the imprisonment of the white man's cheerleader uniform and been exposed for all the world to see? This is not remotely believeable. Have you seen the size of the typical Nubian cheerleader buttock? Do you know what a hottentot is? And not one instance of this happening?

Brothers and sisters, we have again been subjected to the media bias that is always evident in stories involving white women. The media has once again perpetrated the injustice of flaunting the white female on the front page and relegating the Nubian sister to the back of the bus.

As Negro men, we encourage the media to occassionally tantalize us with the delectable hind offerings of the white female. But, again as Negro men, we ask: Can we get some black ass? Cut a brother a break!


BlackCapricorn said...

Tell it like it is brother. I think the most underrated thing about Bring It On is the East Compton cheer team. Gabrielle Union can have ass cleavage in my face any time!

Head Chick said...

Deadspin buried a beautiful nubian sister's ass in the blogdome, the model Jessica White.

I tried to highlight her on my blog, but that's just like getting a lot of airplay on BET...

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

"Deadspin buried a beautiful nubian sister's ass in the blogdome, the model Jessica White."

We capitalize the word "Nubian" around here. Neglecting to do so is clearly a racist attempt to undermine the integrity of this blog. We respect all women here, head chick, but we will not place white woman on the same pedestal the media does. You are warned by the righteous voice.

Anonymous said...

I'd bve happy to check out so Nubian ass. Sign me up.

Ice Cream Man said...

Why is is that we incessantly glorify the sugary, vanilla coated ass-ploitation that has become more transcendent than the 70's movement, when Black Panther rebellin' Sistas with Soul Weaves was the standard of both, Black & white male homo-erectus mentalities???? Speak out the truth. We live in lies Son, perpetuated lies of the white man whores walking the Mother Earth. Ghetto booty no longer exists! We call them apples & onions now!!!!

Anonymous said...

Negro's represent 10% of the U.S. population and get far more than 10% representation in the news coverage nation wide as a whole.

What exactly is your beef?

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

"Negro's represent 10% of the U.S. population and get far more than 10% representation in the news coverage nation wide as a whole."

Sir, your numbers are skewered. I demand a recount.

Head Chick said...

I don't often use the word "Nubian", but I capitalize "Black" all the time. Is that mitigating?

You are right, righteous voice. I am wrong. I concede this time. But you'll never get me to wear one of those head scarves....

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

"But you'll never get me to wear one of those head scarves.."

Ma'am, your apology and recognition of wrongness is a symbolic donning of head covering. Wear it proudly.

Matt X said...

Salaam aleikum, brother bloggers.

Never have truer words been expressed than the wisdom you have shared here today.

Can it be any coincidence that "Duke slave master Coach K" is nothing more than an anagram for "CRACKHEAD LOVES A MUSKET???"

I'm sure I don't have to elaborate on the blatant racism here, but please allow me to spell it out for all of the cousin-fucking, mobile-home living, John Cougar Mellancamp-listening crackers out there:

Basically, the plantation masters in Durham -- for whom the original human is forced to toil day after day on Koach K Kourt for no money, no 40 acres and damn sure no mule -- view all Negroes as drug addicts, a.k.a "crackheads." This has been the white slave masters' view since colonial times, when the weapon of choice was not the Glock of today, but instead what? That's right -- the musket.

I must go now to prepare a bean pie. Allahu akbar, my proud Nubian brothers.

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...


Sir, this brings to mind something Elijah Muhammed said years ago, "crackhead loves an anagram".