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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Saban: A $32M Slave Master

Well, slavery in the deep south remains an institutionally approved and profitable proposition. The University of Alabama recently fired their football coach, ostensibly because he did not win enough games. In turn, the University, which has been represented for the past two and a half decades by the most athletic and bright young Negroes the State of Alabama could find, hired a coach without so much as pretending to consider allowing a Negro to head the program.

Here, we have a football team steeped in the mighty traditions of Bear Bryant (a reknowned hater and eventual user of the original human), still refusing to acknowledge that the Negro is capable of doing more than pulling the plow and picking the cotton. A young Negro is good enough to wear the cherished Alabama football jersey and give his blood, sweat and tears so that the landowners in the stands can feel as though they, too, have won the game; yet, he that would lead these young Negro soldiers onto the battlefield to fight for the glory of the Univeristy must be white. He must be cut in the mold of the landowner. Symbolic of the desire to return the Negro to shackles and shanties.

To add insult to the Negro injury, the State has agreed to bequeath a tender of $32M dollars on the new plantation boss. Yes, $32M dollars to browbeat, mold and prod our young Negro soldiers to victory in the name of the University of Alabama. A quick glance at one of the proud HBCU's in Alabama, Alabama State University, shows that the football coach there (a black man) is payed $12.17 an hour to coach his team; a group of young Negroes who DO NOT represent the landowners and plantation descendents that fill the stadium in Tuscaloosa each Saturday in the fall.

The angry folk in Miami resorted to calling the new Alabama slave master, Nick "Satan". We at the Nation of Islam believe this is an adequate moniker. He represents the continuing challenge to the sovereignty of the Negro and the unhidden desire of the plantation Alabama to perpetuate the good fortunes of the white devil at the expense of the opportunity of the Negro.

By Allah, this can not be denied.

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