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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Vick: Whoopi, Please Stop

With all due respect to her revitalized career on 'The View', Whoopi Goldberg made a tremendous error in judgment with her choice to play apologist for Michael Vick.

Firstly, the issue is dead. Bringing it up for discussion now is beyond beating a dead horse. It is necrophiliactic bestiality.

The notion that anyone has been waiting in the wings, pondering to themselves "gee, I wonder what Whoopi Goldstein thinks about Michael Vick's situation...cause she is sooo relevant", is more twisted than Whoopi's sloppy hair.

Secondly, Vick has already accepted responsibility and apologized. For himself. He said he was wrong. He didn't bring up his background or look for excuses.

Goldbaum's demented attempt to justify or mitigate Vick's actions is disgraceful and is a disservice to his upbringing. Suggesting that Vick's family and environment played a role in glorifying or propagating his participation in dog fighting and killing is an insult.

Not content to simply insult the family and upbringing of Mr. Vick, Hootie went on to insult Mr. Vick's intelligence.

Goldberg suggested that Vick might not have known that he was doing a viciously horrific thing with his dogfighting ring. "You know, from his background, this is not an unusual thing for where he comes from," said the redundant Whoopi.

Mr. Vick was 'smart' enough to hide his operation and to keep it on the DL for a long time. That tells us all we need to know about whether he was confused as to whether or not it was an horrific endeavor.

Not content to perpetuate stereotypes about Southerners and dogfighting, Goldberg also likened Vick and his outrage to the Chinese and eating cats. "People would not like it if we ate kitty," she said.

It is always apros po to introduce a completely dissimilar culture as some sort of benchmark or norm.

We'd introduce that in certain middle eastern countries, women aren't allowed to be on TV sharing their half baked opinions, looking less than feminine while being completely unamusing. But, that would be meaningless to bring up in America.

While we fault her logic, we do appreciate her attempt to defend Brother Michael.

In the future, we would hope that, should she choose to brazenly defend a defenseless act committed by a fellow Negro, that she not beat around the bush. That she not tip toe through the tulips.

She was brought on the show to fill a void. To play a role.

Drop the damned race card!

To do otherwise would be a disservice to our expectation as viewers. Additionally, to do otherwise will continue to result in her introducing her own thoughts and logic into the conversations.

And no one wants that.

Now, if the producers of the view choose to replace her with say, Halle Berry or Gabriel Union...we are more than willing to listen to anything they have to say - as long as they are in tight clothing and acting playfully.


ColonelStinkmeaner said...

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. :) Gabrielle Union & Halle Berry.

The only thing better would be those two accompanied by Sanaa Lathan & Megan Good. All naked of course and all barging into my house deperatly looking for a judge to settle their dick-sucking contest.


ColonelStinkmeaner said...

sorry I meant *desperatly. I got a little excited, oh shit what is this all over my keyboard.......... oops.

Unsilent Majority said...

"& Megan Good"

please leave my girlfriend out of this.

ColonelStinkmeaner said...


I don't see how that's possible when I won't leave it out of your "girlfriend".

JB said...


maybe you meant "desperately"

Now clean up your mess.

Anonymous said...

Halle Berry is preggers, sir. Once she hits that third trimester I don't know how apt we'd be to accept tight clothing. Maybe from the nips up, those delicious Hershey's Kisses.

Malcom Hex said...

i heard them making fun of whoopi about this on howard stern today. or yesterday. i forget.

but, clearly, she was just trying to be controversial and fill rosie's shoes...but she just isn't controversial enough to be that person..

Anonymous said...

She's neither black nor Jewish, therefore I find it impossible for her to be funny.

lgf said...

"To do otherwise would be a disservice to our expectation as viewers."

You watch the View?

Martin said...

"Whoopi Goldberg made a tremendous error in judgment"

Sir, Ted Danson scoffs at your notion...