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Monday, September 24, 2007

A Sunday Of 'Comeuppance'

Last week Donovan McNabb was the target of heated criticism for his fair and reasonable answer to questions posed to him about race and football.

The media and public's response to his answers was clearly a confirmation that McNabb spoke the truth.

And, as a result of his righteous honesty and steadfast dedication to the noble cause of espousing the realities of Negroeness as it relates to quarterbacking; McNabb was rewarded with a game for the ages.

McNabb, who refused to avoid the questions or answer them in anything but an honest manner made a very symbolic and important move on Sunday.

In an effort to show the media and public that he would not remain 'shackled' by their expectations, he emancipated himself from the hindrance of a knee brace.

Perhaps, without the psychological weight of having his movement restricted by the white man's device, McNabb was able to free his body and mind and soar to new heights.

To altitudes where only true Eagles dare.


Al_Sharpton's_Banana_Hammock said...

one wonders what righteous act was responsible for the turnaround of Randy Moss!

Dave the Wave said...

let's hear it for KEVIN CURTIS!!!

he made McNabb look decent.

how bout some credit for the white receiver?

Malcom Hex said...

ah yes. McNabb showing that he still has it.

People, the man has been injured the past two seasons....give him a break!

Henry Holland said...

how bout some credit for the white receiver?

[like a racist who whines about black-on-white racism] Damn right, Dave! The white man is oppressed in the NFL, I mean, they're only allowed to be slot receivers! As for defensive backs, fuggedaboutit. [/racist cracker tone]