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Thursday, September 6, 2007

KC CHIEFS: Best Kicker In NFL History

Often times, writers and broadcasters get caught up in hyperbole and overly exuberant description of the people and events they cover.

We hear or read references to the best ever game, player, event, play, pass.

But, it is so subjective that it is hard to take seriously. Rarely, do we hear "best ever" and not expect some sort of debate.

Rarely, that is, unless we are talking about rookie Kansas City Chiefs kicker Justin Medlock.

Medlock has, in his short career, already secured immortality. He is one of the few people in football that we can, without so much as a point of contention, legitimately call "the best in NFL history".

No kicker has, in the wide expanse of NFL participation, accomplished what Medlock has in his short tenure with the Chiefs.

To quote the unintentionally poignant and accurate Bill Simmons:

".....he's definitely the best left-footed African-American kicker in NFL history"

Justin Medlock.

Rookie kicker.

Best ever.


Dave the Wave said...

jeez...if he was gay,'d have a trifecta..

oh wait...he IS a kicker...

Oops Pow Surprise said...

Medlock will, undoubtedly, be suspended, jailed, and publicly humiliated by Gooddell for playing a white man's position. The only mystery is what charges the NFL Gestapo choose to invent.

Steven A's Cheese Doodles said...

he'll probably be suspended for attempting to 'kick' the white guy holding the ball...and charged with attempted assault as well...

DigitalHeadbutt said...

Medlock is a true role model. If he can become an NFL kicker, there's no limit to what we can all accomplish.

Every time he kicks an extra point, he'll be sticking it to the man.

censored said...

He probably visualizes the brown football as a child he fathered and abandoned...just to be able to give it that little extra kick.

GetReal said...

Medlock sucks, He has to make at least 1 FG before you can say anything GOOD about his talentless waste of human life.