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Thursday, September 20, 2007

McNabb: He Was RIGHT, More Proof

Maybe Donovan McNabb was just trying to make a point with his remarks. Maybe Donovan McNabb knew that if he partook in the racial dalliances dangled in front of him by HBO Real Sports, that he could effectively prove his point.

Or maybe McNabb had no idea.

Regardless, the talking heads in mainstream sports media are either proving McNabb a genius, or -at worst- an idiot savant.

Mike Celizic (of ridiculous fedora in his byline pic on has it all figured out.

Donovan McNabb is in hot water again, and it’s for all the wrong reasons. He’s done a sit-down with HBO’s Real Sports in which he says that because he’s black, he’s been put under a microscope and subjected to criticism that white quarterbacks don’t have to put up with.

Right now, McNabb is being singled out in Philadelphia for one reason only: he’s 0-2 on the season and he’s never won a Super Bowl. That’s not based on his ethnicity but on his results, and it’s the same for everyone.

Celizic goes on to insinuate that McNabb's comments were based on the booing he has received this year for his poor performance. That the comments were made as some sort of deflection from his lackluster on field showing this year.

Celizic's point could be prescient.

Maybe McNabb did make those statements because he feels like he is being singled out for the Eagles rotten offense thus far this season. Maybe McNabb is defensive over the criticism he is receiving from fans and media alike for his start this year.

From McNabb's blog:

First, the interview took place in August before the season started so for those who think I "played the race card" because we are 0-2 are dead wrong.


McNabb is asked leading questions in an interview. The questions have to do with race. He answers truthfully and honestly about how he feels.

The media's response is to criticise him and say that he feels that way in large part because he is being held accountable for the poor start of the season and is looking to deflect criticism from his on field shortcomings thus far this year by dropping a race card on the table.

But, the interview took place before the season.

You guys in the mainstream media sure are doing your best to make McNabb look like he knew what he was talking about, aren't you?

And, as an aside and further proof of Celizic's complete disconnect in his column, he wrote:

And if African-American quarterbacks are held to different standards, why is Atlanta bringing in Byron Leftwich to replace their white starter?


Clearly, some one woke Mr. Celizic up from a long, long nap and asked him to make commentary on issues he hasn't been spending any time paying attention to.

Although, we encourage Mr. Celizic to continue to excrete his literary droppings.

His thoughts are like so many kernels of corn in your morning bowel exercise.

Proof of what you consumed the previous day. Easily flushed away.


Martin said...

"Mike Celizic (of ridiculous fedora in his byline pic on"

Sir, Bear Bryant scoffs at your notion.

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

"Sir, Bear Bryant scoffs at your notion."

Sir, Bear Bryant wore a manly houndstooth version.

Mr. Celizic wears the artsy fartsty, hey look at me I want attention type.

And, bye the bye....Bear Bryant scoofs at ALL our notions.

Dave the Wave said...

mike celizic looks like a friggin' fruit loop in his pic.

and, i agree with you in your argument that race plays a role in all this.

being black IS why mcnabb sucks at qb.

so, it only seems logical that being black IS why he is criticised.

you have a point there.

Illegal Immigrant said...

Carson Palmer has never won a Super Bowl and his team missed the playoffs last year, there's hardly much criticism about him.

David Carr spent his entire career in Houston getting sacked or throwing interceptions, but it was due to a "poor offensive line" (never mind Matt Schaub's play this year).

At the same time, Redskins fans couldn't wait to run Mark Brunell out of town and the same situation is unfolding in New York with Chad Pennington.

The NFL is about production. Produce and be called a hero. Flop and be brandished a goat.

Yet McNabb's comments highlight the difference. That the white media was so quick to jump down his throat whitout so much as a doing any reporting on the matter is significant.

Maybe, this issue is about both performance and race. Unfortunately, McNabb seems too hobbled by his injury (suffered less than a year ago, much like Daunte Cullpepper was hobbled last year under similar circumstances) to improve much on the field and there's nothing he can do about the color of his skin.

These are the days I'm so glad to be a Redskins fan (NOTE: STILL the only franchise to win a Super Bowl with a black quarterback. Bout to do it twice, too. And they wear the same number, ain't that cute?)

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

"And they wear the same number, ain't that cute?)"

Sir, it's borderline adorable!

Andrew said...

Seen and raised sirs,

Good show.

Sebastian said...

What would Randall Cunningham say about all of this?

That's right, he'd say the same thing McNabb has.

Playing in Philly is hard, even harder if you're not white; extra hard if you're black.

It's not fair, but that's the way it is. The nice thing for McNabb is he gets paid a big pile of money.

lgf said...

I'm still rich. You're still not. Bitch.
-Donovan McNabb

That just about sums things up.