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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Vick Town Hall Meeting: Follow Up

In an effort to gauge reaction to the watershed town meeting, moderated and broadcast by ESPN (on the topic of Michael Vick), we felt it important to seek out the analysis and reflection of others.

Certainly, an important and fundamentally necessary event such as this meeting would spark the attention of most sports fans and concerned citizens.

We looked to the outspoken voice of prolific sports writer/social commentator Jason Whitlock for interpretation of the proceedings. We anticipated that Whitlock would be addressing the happenings and revelations of the town hall meeting in his next Real Talk column, and wanted to get a preview of his interpretation of the effects that would certainly ruminate as a result of the long awaited discussion.

So, we put it to him:

What did you think of the town hall meeting?

His response, when pondered, will tell you all that needs to said about the event.

didn't see it..

Having watched a portion of the meeting, we find ourselves to be in total agreement with Whitlock's thoughts on the meeting.


Steven A's Cheese Doodles said...

i'm not a whitlock fan, normally. but i have to say, his take on this is fine with me!

PACpoon said...

jason whitlock finished second on last comic standing...poor guy

uncommon sense said...

i missed it too...but i do hope ESPN makes town hall meetings way after the topic is relevent or even debateable a regular thing.

or,they could just bring out barbaro's carcass and beat it.

Illegal Immigrant said...

What? No O.J. town meeting? This is an outrage!

lgf said...

I thought it was hilarious. The reports of them grabbing people off the street, the half empty stadium, the "distinguished" guests, the rowdy Atlanta crowd (who for some reason they believed would turn on their star). It was all just so high school.

Dave the Wave said...

"It was all just so high school."

what the hell do you know about high school, mr. ged?

The Lawn Jockey said...

"didn't see it.."

yea, hard to see anything when you are passed out with barbecue sauce caking your chin and holding a fried chicken leg bone with a death grip...

Dirty Sanchez said...

Vick popped for smoking weed.

Bob Ley, where are you? America needs you to bridge the Vick Divide!

Gabby's World said...

Aahhh....the media is not gonna tell ya if it was a urine, hair, or blood sample....least they have to confess the length of time that the wacky tobacky can be in the system...I just love the mainstream media!