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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Heisman Watch

A look at the current crop of front runners in the Heisman race. In no particular order.

Andre' Woodson, QB, Kentucky

Woodson has an outstanding 178 QB rating and has completed over 68 % of his passes in leading the 'Cats to a 2-0 start, scoring over 50 points in each game. This week sets up a chance for Woodson to outshine the probably highly over rated Brian Brohm of Louisville head to head.

Dennis Dixon, QB, Oregon

Dixon sports an excellent 10.7 yards per attempt average and a 193 QB rating. He has also rushed for over 200 yards in his first two games. Despite the hype for Booty of USC, Dixon has certainly proven to be the premier QB in the PAC Ten.

Malcolm Kelly, WR, Oklahoma

Over 27 yards per catch. 8 catches. 5 TD's. Hell of a ratio.

Ray Rice, RB, Rutgers

359 yards in two games and 5 TD's. And tied for leader nationally in scoring.

These are the consensus early leaders.

Obviously, the season is young and things will change. Guys like Steve Slayton and Pat White of WVU will certainly factor into the picture. Darren McFadden of Arkansas also is poised for a productive season.

Certainly, odds are we will see the Heisman handed to one of the folks named in the post at the end of the year.


rstiles said...

FYI - Slaton is not spelled Slayton...

ZEKE said...

"FYI - Slaton is not spelled Slayton... "

FYI--who the fuck cares???

jeeezus...some of you losers that spend all your day going around correcting stupid typos need to get a life!!!

Jeff Reed's blowdryer said...

what, no Jimmy Clausen?

i thought the ND qb's automatically got included on all Heisman lists?

uncommon sense said...

its still way to early to have heisman lists.

only a handful of teams have even played any decent opponents yet!

Burnsy said...

Sir, I am enraged at your exclusion of RB Kevin Smith from THE University of Central Florida. He had 217 yards rushing against an ACC team that went 3-9 last year in his Week One debut. That, sir, is what Conference USA champions are made of.