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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Isiah Thomas: Accuser Drops Race Card?

The sexual harassment suit brought by a former marketing VP of the Knicks against Isiah Thomas is underway.

And, perhaps the most telling allegation made by the accuser thus far has been to seemingly paint the ever affable Thomas as a 'racist'.

Sanders said that when she asked Thomas at one point to hand-sign letters to season-ticket holders, he spat, "I don't give a f- - - about these white people."

So, the case is that Thomas made abusive statements and sexual advances towards this Anucha Browne Sanders. Yet, the effort is to turn the court against Thomas by attempting to characterize him as an angry Negro male that hated white folk?

Now, let's entertain this notion that the lips that form Mr. Thomas infectious smile could ever so much as utter the negative statement about those that hold the majority of seats in the arena he was trying to fill. Let's pretend it really happened. He really said it.

What does this have to do with her contentions of verbal abuse and unwanted sexual advances? What does Mr. Thomas' fictitious, though possibly well founded, contempt for white folks have to do with sexual harassment?


Not a thing.

It's only place in this opening assault on Mr. Thomas' character is to attempt to turn the court against him. Paint him as an angry 'racist' Negro male. Watch the court rule in your favor.

Oh, Sister Anucha! Has the white man's temptation of riches caused you to sacrifice the dignity of yourself and the reputation of your Brother?

Are we to believe that in a moment of frustration, Sister Anucha, you have never had a less than flattering word for the white man?

Is it so heinous for someone to have a bad day and make an off the cuff statement that might possibly be construed (if taken out of context) as derogatory to another race?

Of course it isn't.

We would hope that those involved in the adjudication process would certainly not be swayed by this horrid attempt to sully relations between Mr. Thomas and the white race and would not hold it against him.

After all, it isn't as if Mr. Thomas has a radio show and made outlandishly offensive comments for on air effect.

His alleged comments were just made in everyday life.


Burnsy said...

Zeke is a hero, plain and simple.

ZEKE said...

muchas gracias, amiga.

ColonelStinkmeaner said...

I love it, Isaiah is the fuckin man. I too don't give a fuck what these white people think.

On a side note I for one will now use the word 'Anucha' as a slang term for the Vagina, much like cootch, snatch, cooter, Chocha, etc.....

Tripod said...

was this chick hot?

Dave the Wave said...

isiah is a disgrace.

he hates women. and he hates whites.


ben said...

I believe you may have accidentally left off hte bgining of Zeke's statement (circa the NY Times):

"Bitch, I don't give a f**k about these white people."

It's okay, accidents happen.

angrywhitey said...

Good to see during this trial Thomas knocking down all those negative stereotypes.