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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Michigan Wolverines: Everybody Wants A Piece, and Norfolk States Great White Hope

The results of the first two games of the season for the once mighty Wolverines of Michigan have led to many teams around the country wishing they had Michigan on the schedule.

And the success of Negro QB's in leading their teams to epic and crushing victories over the deposed Big Ten royalty has allowed some smaller schools led by Negro QB's to realize that adding Michigan to their schedule might just pad their own W columns.

Some schools, like HBCU Norfolk State University, aren't bashful about it.

How upside down has the world of college football become? For the answer, look no further than Norfolk State coach Pete Adrian's opening comment during a conference call with Rutgers' beat writers yesterday. "After watching Rutgers on film and watching Michigan play [Oregon], I think I'd rather be playing Michigan," said Adrian, whose Football Championship Subdivision (formerly Division I-AA) team will be the Knights' homecoming opponent Saturday.

Rutgers was beaten by 1-AA New Hampshire as recently as 2004.

Now, those teams like their chances better against Michigan.

While recent years have proven that Michigan coach Lloyd Carr is ill-equipped to contend against the Negro QB (see Troy Smith, Armanti Edwards and Dennis Dixon), we wonder if Norfolk St.'s coach is simply hoping to get some press with his words of bravado.

The HBCU is led by their "great white hope", QB Casey Hansen.

"Sometimes I feel a little awkward, but that's just like a black player who went to an all-white school," Hansen said. "There aren't any bad feelings, but I've just never been a minority."

College football is definitely turned upside down.


Malcom Hex said...

so NSU has some white, red headed dude for a qb?

is this some sort of affirmative action deal?

Al_Sharpton's_Banana_Hammock said...

it's pretty sad when MEAC teams aren't afraid of ya...

MCBias said...

I liked the article on Norfolk State's guy, nice link.