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Thursday, September 20, 2007

McNabb: Did His Truth Hurt Your Feelings?

Donovan McNabb was interviewed by HBO's Real Sports, and the focus of the parts of the interview shown on the show were questions relating to Negro QB's.

Mr. McNabb is catching a great deal of blow back for his comments stating that Negro QB's have to do more than QB's and are subject to far greater criticism.

Apparently, the consumers of the mainstream media have become so accustomed to the sugar coated pat answers spewed from the mouths of many sports figures, that when someone comes along and honestly answers the prescribed questions; the consumers choke on the reality of things.

Before we get started explaining the realities of the situation, let us say that those casting aspersions and negative feedback towards the answers provided by Mr. McNabb perpetuate the typical misguided criticism that runs hand in hand through the tall grass with the typical, cynical prejudices of racism.

HBO's Real Sports filmed a long interview with Mr. McNabb. An interview which he characterized thusly:

"This interview was supposed to be about how my career has been surrounded by controversy and how my upbringing has shaped the way I have dealt with it. "

Yet, somehow, the edited version of the interview seemed to put the race questions front and center.

The broadcast provided the mainstream media with ample fodder to fan the flames of the consuming public.

The entire process, a microcosmic manifestation of the realities found in the truthful answers provided by McNabb.

More is expected of Negro QB's, said McNabb.

Don't think so?

Well, what other QB's are asked the types of questions McNabb was asked? What other QB's are expected to answer them?

Negro QB's receive greater criticism, according to McNabb.

Don't think so?

What other QB's are asked racial questions by the media? What other QB's have figurative crosses burned on their figurative front lawns for answering them truthfully?

McNabb says that he didn't ask the questions. He simply answered them. Honestly.

If you don't want the truth about race in sports....don't ask.

More pointedly...don't ask a Negro QB.


Al Sharpton's Hair Relaxer said...

Judging by the way that Chunky Soup got defensive when asked to clarify his remarks, and then later stormed out of the interview, it seems like McNabb is the one with hurt feelings.

When asked for his opinion, Tavaris Jackson told McNabb to "sack up and quit being a little bitch".

Anonymous said...

You saw the part of the interview where it seemed like the HBO guy didn't hate Negros? Yeah, me neither.


nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

"it seems like McNabb is the one with hurt feelings."

Sir, negative.

Mr. McNabb certainly did not 'storm' out.

Mr. McNabb has chosen to follow the lead of NOIS.

He is using his blog to convey reality. He felt no need to further address the situation to the reporters.

All the answers are on his blog.

Check it out!

PS- While we can't take credit for inventing blogging, we do take pride in knowing that our coverage of the Negro QB in both college and pro football has led to individual QB's like McNabb developing the confidence to blog.

Fight On!

Dave the Wave said...

Isn't mcnabb the gettin' jiggy wit' it QB that took offense when Rush Limbaugh made comments about black QB's being different and shit?

huh, hard to believe that McNabb is nothing but a race baiting hypocrit.

just kidding.

it's not hard to believe.

Malcom Hex said...

i have to agree with mcnabb on this one. i read what he said in his blog and he is in the right.

if you don't want to know his feelings on black qb's....don't ask him!

ZEKE said...

if you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen.

of COURSE black qb's are gonna be held under the scope more than white's.

black qb's are a bigger risk.

on and off the field.


Al Sharpton's Hair Relaxer said...

Using his blog to convey his feelings? Yikes. What next, a tearful video telling everyone to leave Britney alone? A stirring rendition of 'Chocolate Rain'?

Foxxy Brown said...

this is a real question, i'm not being sarcastic: does anyone know if any white QBs have ever been asked about their feelings on the disparate treatment issue? i'm curious to know who, if any, and what their response was


Foxxy Brown said...

"black qb's are a bigger risk."

yes, i guess some teams are afraid to risk being successful.

"McNabb is nothing but a race baiting hypocrit."

we are assuming that you say this because you saw him at the last race baiting "hypocrit" meeting.

ZEKE said...

"yes, i guess some teams are afraid to risk being successful." they are afraid of the young black qb either doing something stupid off the field or imploding on the field. successful? no THAT's rich!

"we are assuming that you say this because you saw him at the last race baiting "hypocrit" meeting."

yup. and mcnabb ain't just a member.

he's the president.