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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Whitlock: The Resurfacing

Just wanted to point something out.

Back in June, we posted this.

And today, his first column hit

Love him or hate him.

Nice to have him back.


Amicable MindSet said...

This is GREAT news.

The Lawn Jockey said...


dance, bojangles, dance

Sebastian said...

Very interesting article. NOIS where do you come down on his BSU point?

H.N.I.C. said...

Oh great Uncle Ruckus is back. I hate that sumumabitch.

Oops Pow Surprise said...

Journalism's Dr. King returns triumphantly.

We can only hope, Sirs, that he's able to crank out more than five articles before Skip Bayless guns him down.

Five Pound Bag said...

This was inevitable; whales must resurface as they breathe air just like other mammals.

Anonymous said...

Sir, this has truly made my day. I didn't think my mind could be more cleansed than it already was.

ben said...


HA! Nice reference... Ruckus and his re-vitiligo return!

Dave the Wave said...

so, whats the deal? whitlock and scoop do craptastic interview for you, and in return you hype them.

nobody cares about whitlock. or scoop.

i swear to god. if you do a steven a. smith interview. i WILL start my own blog.

Dave the Wave said...

"my mind could be more cleansed than it already was"

cleansed? or do u mean empty?

Oops Pow Surprise said...

Brother David: I care about Scoop and Whitlock very much. They wouldn't have jobs if nobody cared. Your point is null and void.

Jarrett Carter said...

I'm allergic to his contrarian cooning.

ZEKE said...

"I'm allergic to his contrarian cooning."

agreed. glad to see you have clear thoughts on cooning.

My Hero Zero said...

Like Moses, Brother Whitlock has emerged from the wildreness to lead his, the righteous sports the promised land.

(Note to NOISBers: the above-mentioned comment in no way advocates Judaism over Islam. Please don't fire-bomb my house.)

H.N.I.C. said...

"Like Moses, Brother Whitlock has emerged from the wildreness to lead his people"

White Folks??? Jews?? I'm confused. Oh, you bought his disguise? Don't feel bad you're not the first.

"Brother Whitlock"

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, oh my god that is too funny stop, please, my sides hurt, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, oh shit that was hilarious.

H.N.I.C. said...

Whitlock & George W. share a love for black folks.

J-Red said...


I suppose now you can see why Brother Whitlock did not respond to my repeated requests for comments.

lgf said...

LMAO!! Man, this blog is freaking jokes!

Sportsbruh said...

Dude, It appears WE are going to be at odds more and more.


Trust me, I'm not alone on this. Everything BLACK is not Good.

Phuck what ya heard.

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

"Trust me, I'm not alone on this. Everything BLACK is not Good."

Sir, come on now.

If you hate him, then it is important that you read him and know what he is up to.

'know thine enemy'.....and all that.

Peace, bruh.