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Monday, August 27, 2007

Follow Up: Who Wins

Not long ago, we put forth an investigative piece searching for the answer to the question of 'who wins' in this Michael Vick debacle.

Our research clearly divulged that the ultimate winner in all this was Falcons' coach, Bobby Petrino.

And now, it seems, once again...the main stream media is a day late and a dollar short in jumping on the NOIS bandwagon.

From The LA Times:

There is evidence that the Falcons believed in Vick. They apparently felt good enough about him to trade talented backup Matt Schaub to Houston, and, of course, owner Arthur Blank delivered on that long contract extension. But sources around the league also say the franchise was already mulling the possibility of life without Vick -- even before his legal entanglements.

Really? So, possibly Vick's development thus far demonstrated - as we previously and investigatively reported - that he might be a square peg for the round hole that is Petrino's offense.

Although he was an incredibly gifted runner, one who could escape waves of defenders, Vick was nowhere near the quarterback many people thought he might become. There were persistent rumors that Petrino wanted to give Vick one season to prove how well he could run the offense, then make a decision whether to keep him or move in another direction.

Petrino was cool toward Vick from day one. Despite the giant contract and incredible physical talents, Vick was never the QB that Petrino envisioned running his offense.

However, despite all this.

Vick's dismissal from the game will make him the perfect scapegoat should Petrino's offense falter this season.

Coach Petrino hasn't been dealt a great hand this season. But, as far as things go, at the very least he has himself a push.

This season will be easy to write off.

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