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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Vick: SCLC Promised Honors, Then Renegs

Over the weekend, we made a post over at Epic Carnival detailing the announcement by the Southern Christian Leadership Conference that they would be honoring Michael Vick at their 50th anniversary celebration and conference.

Well, now it seems as if politics has become involved and that the President of the SCLC has decided that there will be no organized honoring of Mr. Vick.

Previously, we reported:

During a press conference announcing the opening of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference's 49th annual convention to celebrate the organization's 50th year, president Charles Steele noted that the organization would find some way to honor and recognize the embattled Falcon's quarterback who is under federal indictment on dogfighting charges

But now, the SCLC has released:

"There is no award or no honoring of Michael Vick," said SCLC spokesman David Stokes.

In fact Mr. Steele is even back tracking on his previous statement about honoring Vick. Insinuating that wasn't what he meant. Even though he clearly used the words "honor and recognize".

"He was just reiterating the support for Michael Vick ... that he was innocent until proven guilty," Stokes said.

Clearly, there must be some reason for the SCLC to decide to abandon their previous plans to recognize all the good that Mr. Vick has done for his community.

State Rep. Tyrone Brooks (D-Atlanta), however, said Steele called him last week to talk about honoring Vick. Brooks, a lifetime SCLC member, said he counseled against it.

And there it is. The involvement of a politician. A man beholden to the media. A man at the mercy of how his image is portrayed by the media to his constituency. And, remember, that media is highly anti-Vick. Highly anti-due process. Highly anti-civil rights.

And clearly, the state rep saw the opportunity to gain that media favor by denouncing the honoring of Mr. Vick.

I said, 'Stay on point, the convention is bigger than a particular man,' " Brooks said. "There are a lot of young people who need our help. Michael Vick is not one of them."

The convention IS bigger than a particular man. Highlights of the convention included a 50th anniversary celebration. Honoring MLK, Jr. Honoring Barack Obama. A key note address by Bill Clinton.

And, originally, recognition and honoring of Mr. Vick.

It only seemed appropriate to recognize and make known the important contributions Vick has made to the community at such an important gathering of luminaries, during such a meaningful retrospection on the civil rights movement.

Vick had the money to pay for a top-notch legal defense, Brooks said, and he noted the quarterback hadn't been an SCLC supporter.


The state politician somehow sees this as being about money? Rather than advocate for Mr. Vick's civil rights and fair treatment, Brooks would rather make this an issue about the lack of support (read: contributions) Mr. Vick has given the SCLC?

This sounds like bitterness. It comes across as if Brooks is angry that Mr. Vick hasn't been contributing to his own funding.

Michael Vick deserves recognition. His complete story must be heard.

It's a shame that it won't be heard now due to the insidious efforts of a civil rights hating politician.

"What has he ever done except throw a football, run a football?" Brooks said. "I don't think he has done anything to deserve any special recognition."

Now, Vick will have to wait for his trial.

Only then will he get his proper recognition and sentence honor.


ZEKE said...

don't worry, the NFL is honoring Vick with an early retirement.

Stone said...

Crossed out or no, I'm glad you realize our boy is getting a sentence. Sad but true. The best we can hope for is a reality T.V. show at this point.

My Hero Zero said...

Sir, I submit that this conspiracy to deny Mr. Vick the support of an organization he has always supported starts well above the local-politician level. Did you not mention that Senator Obama is to be honored at the conference? Who has more to lose by being associated with a found-guilty-in-the-media citizen than a would-be President?

Senator Obama, I pose this to you: when, exactly, did you start hating black people?

Sebastian said...

Nice strike-through. Funny,

I believe that, given time, Drew Rosenhaus and Fox Sports could do a real-live "Longest Yard." This time it won't be prisoners against guards, it would be prisoners against ex-NFL'ers, WLAF'ers, and Arena Leaguers.

Burnsy said...

This is a sad, sad day, sirs.

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

"Arena Leaguers"

Sir, now them. Them are some baaaaaad dudes.

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

"This is a sad, sad day, sirs."

Sir, every day that the media victimizes us by trouncing upon our constitutional rights is a sad day.

A very sad day.

Dave the Wave said...

shouldn't the title of this post be "SCLC promised honors, then reNIGS"?

lgf said...