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Friday, August 3, 2007

Skip Prosser: Why?

We had wanted to pay tribute to Coach Prosser a few days ago.

Unfortunately, this tragedy hit us a bit close to home and it became difficult to formulate thoughts through the grief.

Prosser was a solid citizen and a good man. Admired as much by his opponents and competitor coaches as by his friends and family.

Prosser ran upstanding programs and his ability to "do more with less" is one of the characteristics that made Coach Prosser so well respected.

You didn't read articles about his players causing problems, getting DUI's or under performing in the NBA. You didn't find Coach Prosser pompously lecturing other programs or the media. You weren't saturated by force fed ads, articles, interviews and sycophantic verbal fellatio indulgences performed on him by "admirers" of his leadership.

No, you were treated to well coached teams. To a humble coach.

Such a startling ending. Too short an existance. We all look upward and question: Why?

It just doesn't seem fair.

Why couldn't it be Coach K? Why didn't Satan call him home?


J-Red said...

I'll sum up your post: Skip Prosser was not Coach K.

Dave the Wave said...

"I'll sum up your post: Skip Prosser was not Coach K. "

you are about as retarded as nois.

Oops Pow Surprise said...

A great man gone far, far too soon.

The only consolation is that fellow good guy and basketball coach Lon Kruger was compelled to get a checkup, and the stress test showed enough to warrant a septuple-bypass. It's hard to doubt the checkup saved his life.

Meanwhile, Bob Huggins mainlines custard on a daily basis and shows no signs of keeling over. Thanks, world.

My Hero Zero said...

Billy Donovan made an appointment for a check-up, but backed out at the last minute.

(Note: As a Gator, I can make jokes about Billy people may not.)

Sebastian said...

Now THAT's funny! "Why not Coach K?"

Tracer Bullet said...

Are you kidding? The Lord of Lies hasn't ruled the underworld for untold millenia by taking on undue stress. Given K's success leading white men, and deluded Africans, and the overwhelmingly white demographics of Hell, Belzebub would setting himself up for a bloody coup if he had K lurking about.

J-Red said...

Dave the Wave apparently thinks highly of Coach K. I've heard such people exist, but I never wanted to believe it.

Anonymous said...

I read this with a tear in my eye. My wide-opened eye, sir.

Bstone said...

Well played, sirs.

The passing of Skip Prosser truly was tragic, not only because of his upstanding characteristics as a coach and human being, but also in that he had just finished putting the cap on a recruiting class that appeared talented enough to let the Deacs truly make the jump into the NCAA elite.

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

"Bstone said... "

Sir, we like your site.

Dave the Wave said...

half way thru, i realized where you were going with that post...i think the verbal fellatio part was the give away...

and, really. why couldn't allah have called nois back!!???

Jack said...

Big difference is that Coach K consistently won at a school with high academic standards and a team with members of all ethnic types. Prosser was a good coach but not in the same league as Coach K