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Monday, October 29, 2007

Quick Hit

Very quickly, as we are on a short break from a NOIS leadership forum we are holding at the convention facilities of a Best Western.....

We took heat not long ago for suggesting that Tom Osborne will look to the source of most of his past success to right the Nebraska football program: the Negro QB.

Corn-addled Nebraskans mocked us on their message boards. Belittled us in their emails. And, generally embodied the stereotype of the slovenly, ill mannered, uneducated graduates of a great plains agricultural university that we at NOIS have tried so hard to fight.

From John Henderson of the Denver Post.

Disregard my Friday comment that Buffalo coach Turner Gill isn't ready to return to his alma mater at Nebraska. His once laughable Bulls beat Akron 26-10 and now lead the Mid-American East Division at 4-1. Keep in mind that Nebraska's new athletic director, Tom Osborne, was a groomsman in Gill's wedding and in his book, "More Than Winning," Osborne wrote, "I was probably closer to Turner than to any other player I have coached." Gill also has only a $100,000 buyout. Hmm. -- Denver Post


Sebastian said...

You deserve the Black Muslim version of the Pulitzer, you do....

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

"You deserve the Black Muslim version of the Pulitzer, you do...."

Sir, from your key board to Allah's ears.

Dave the Wave said...

so some obscure righter in kansas...or whereever denver is, decides that there is a one in a million chance that tom osborne (in his senility) will annoint Turner Gill as his next coach, and you are ready to announce it as an actual hiring.

yes, i know that denver is in colorado. i was just pretending to read a map like i was a UF grad.

Tripod said...

"righter "

for real?

naw. come on man.

for real?