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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Marion Jones: The Media Wins

The mainstream sports media is a powerful entity. Molding stories to sway the opinion and the minds of the consumer.

For years, we as a Nation and a people have been subjected to the purposeful psychological incarceration at the hands of those who set the agendas which fuel corporate America and the mainstream media. Bombarded by constant stories, ads, 'news', music, movies and all the other content driven avenues developed to aid our overlords in molding our thoughts, opinions and values. It's an oppressive process to ensure that we eventually see ourselves the way they want us to be seen. To ensure that we fit into the system the way they believe we should.

They not only market their products to us, they market ourselves to us. Consumers don't drive this market. The marketers drive the consumers.

If the concept didn't work, advertising wouldn't be a trillion dollar world wide industry. Media outlets wouldn't be owned by billionaires.

Our minds are conditioned to eventually believe what they tell us. To believe that we are what they say we are. To become the stereotypes that they demand we be.

Enter Marion Jones.

A graceful runner. An educated woman. A stunning athlete. And a wonderful person.

Representing her country proudly, she competed on the world stage for the glory of the American Republic. Her life spent training and sacrificing so that the day would come on which she would stand atop that platform and hear the notes of the anthem of the country for which she had been molded to live, breathe and die.

Then scandal. Accusations and insinuations.

Marion cried. She became angry. She lashed back. How dare they accuse her of foul play. How dare they say that she - who gave all she had for the Republic - had disgraced it by cheating. She denied these egregious insults and derogatory notions. Vehemently. Categorically. Believably.

The story left the front page, but never went away. The mainstream media, whenever steroid talk came up mentioned her. Always relating her achievements to the accusations.

Years go by. Her achievements and steroids become irreversibly intertwined. The mainstream media effectively, patiently and efficiently turned the name Marion Jones into a synonym for steroids.

The media is far reaching, omnipresent and reality distorting.

It also is almost always successful.

The media's reality, over time, has become Miss Jones' reality. Her past denials and truths a distant memory. Replaced by the media's version of reality. The never ending barrage similar to the ancient Chinese water torture used to drive a prisoner mad.

Finally, after virtually a decade of torture, Miss Jones has cracked. Her reality shattered. The stamina she once exercised to fight the media's relentless assault no longer able to alleviate the pressure.

Her reality succumbed to the media's manufactured definition of who Marion Jones is. The stereotype of the cheating athlete.

The cheating Negro athlete.

The desperate need to erase athletic achievement. The type of achievement that clearly defines the Negro as the superior physical human. Erase that, and the mainstream media can preserve the self worth of the white race they represent.

This is an old story. It is a common story.

It is a true story.

The same type of truth as Marion Jones' previous denials.


Nathan said...

They got Brother Floyd Landis the same way.

Dave the Wave said...

no that's different.

the french didn't want another american know...they set him up...



nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...


Our research assistant indicates that Jones never tested positive for steroids.

That she failed an initial test for EPO. But her 'b' sample was negative.

So, attempting to interject 'brother' Floyd into the discussion is just silly.

He's failed drug tests.

Technically, Miss Jones hasn't.

Excellent attempt to divert our reality, tho.

Well, actually, a rudimentary attempt...but for you, it's good.

Oops Pow Surprise said...

What a magnificent athlete Sister Marion was. She could have excelled at anything. Imagine the terror in David Stern's eyes at the prospect of a woman infiltrating the NBA! A sports bra-clad point guard not named Khalid El-Amin! A wall of hate, intolerance, and gender discrimination toppling down upon him.

Then the IOC, themselves forever purveyors of racism and hatred (unless you believe it's some weird coincidence that the Motherland never hosts any Olympics), sees Sister Marion and is determined not to make the same mistake Hitler did, letting Brother Jesse run for glory in 1936.

With two such powerful organizations against her, it was never a matter of if the march of fabricated charges would come against her, but merely what they would be. What a special indignity to drag her into a so-called "check fraud" scheme! The domain of the unsuccessful and the lazy! What cruel disdain for all she had become and all she could have, should have become!

Brother Orwell almost had it right. But it is not an issue of "He loved Big Brother." There are no Brothers at fault here.

No, this is something far more demeaning, far more perverse in its accomplished goals.

She did not love Big Brother.

She apologized to Big Honky.

This, Sirs, is doubleplusunfuckingacceptable.

Carl said...

Ah yes. The white media conglomerates' long insidious arm. Framing the character of the black track athlete, the most iconic African-American figure since Creation. Oh, wait. NOBODY CARES ABOUT TRACK. That's right!
Look at the NFL, and Sean Merriman, if you want to see how the white media reacts to black athletes and doping. Do you remember the NFL? It's about 3000 times more popular than track. By the end of the year, the white-ran rumor mills were hinting at DPOY for Merriman. Nice try.

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

"By the end of the year, the white-ran rumor mills were hinting at DPOY for Merriman"

Sir, by the end of the year, Merriman had served his punishment and proven he was the best player in the NFL.

And, we remember things differently.

The white media initially questioned his viability as player of the year, but the NFL rules are written in such a way that his suspension DID NOT preclude him from winning.

So, basically.....what's your point?

Gabby's World said...

The feds got her to admit to this in exchange for less than 6 months because they held the threat of that check fraud scandal her ex-husband got her involved in over her head. Check amount $25,000 - grand larceny just on state charges, fed time? much longer Marion tells the world she's a cheater for a sentence of 6 months. Basic blackmail.

Dave the Wave said...

"Basic blackmail."

(in best Nelson from the simpson's voice)


Sebastian said...


I'm calling the folks at Pulitzer! They need to get on the NOIS bandwagon!

Martin said...

Actually the media are not the masterminds behind this scheme- it is the feds. The very same feds that incessantly hounded the Negro QB Vick for dogfighting yet turn a blind eye when hundreds of calfs are euthanised because of injuries sustained from being hog-tied by overzealous cowboys at the "perfect family outing" known as the rodeo (aka animal cruelty on display).

The media's job is merely to rile the masses and round-up a lynch mob that can only be appeased when the Feds bring them the head of the targeted Negro star athlete.

Brother NOIS great point about the Landis vs. Jones distinction. Where are the numerous Fed raids on the great white hope Lance Armstrong's home? Where is the strong-arming/blackmail based on whatever petty crime he may have committed from check-fraud to failing to pay a parking ticket?

Anonymous said...

The Shawne Merriman argument was unfortunate because it was more a tale of Jason Taylor's white half fighting with his better half. But Merriman taught us something with his lights out dance that most people ignore... in the dark, we're all black, sirs.

keveekev said...

There was a time I was under the misinformed notion that only the black male was under the microscope of the caucasian media. Now "They"....have expanded to our dearest of dearest...our precious females. Marion Jones...was....and ..still a great athlete. But check out what wikipedia's saying...

Somebody's already changing her wins to "disqualified"...Go figure...

Jaheem Allah said...

Alright, I have been readin NOIS for a while now and i appreciate the persepective however the case of Marion Jones presents a problem for me. Although the media is a powerful source as well as the feds, i have to think that Marion took performance enhancers. Why? you ask, because she has told me so. There are tow issues here eitheir Marion has comprimized her integrity as an athlete or she has compromised her integrity as a woman. As a strong black women i hope that if she did not engage in such vile acts she would be brave enough to say so... in defense of herself and any other athletes who have been accused...

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

"Why? you ask, because she has told me so."

Sir, didn't you read our brilliant analogy about Chinese water torture?

She, NOW - as a result of nearly a decade of media torture - apparently believes the media's version of the reality.

This isn't about being a strong Negro female. It isn't about integrity.

It's about psychological warfare techniques used by the white mainstream media.

Martin said...

Good point brother jaheem, I have no doubt that Marion Jones took performance enhancers, just as I know that Vick did indeed fight dogs.

However the Feds/Media lynch mob's selective criteria in determining who to pursue (Negro Star Athletes) and how hard to pursue them (multiple home raids) is troubling. You mean to tell me Jones and Montgomery are the only ones writing bad checks? That Vick is the biggest criminal this side of Osama bin Laden?

If the Feds REALLY want to get you on something- it is just a matter of time before you fall, just about everyone has one or two skeletons in their closet. From my understanding Jones has NEVER tested positive for any type of doping with the exception of the one A sample that was invalidated by a negative B sample. I doubt the Feds had any "evidence" of doping or it would have been prominently broad casted by their media minions- in all likelihood like brother gabby pointed out, Jones was blackmailed based on the bogus checks her ex-boyfriend was writing.

I can't wait to see the kangaroo court that will be assembled to lynch Barry Bonds. Let me take a wild guess- criminal tax evasion will be prominently involved based on the info. that Bonds was not declaring income from selling autographed memorabilia.

Nathan said...


Your research indicated that Jones never tested positive for steroids, that she was blackmailed because of a few bad checks (read: seriously illegal, repeated acts of wire fraud).

Your research may be a little biased.

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

"Your research may be a little biased."

Sir, actually it is your reading comprehension that is biased.

All WE said was she never tested positive for steroids.

Someone else made the checks comment.

Why do continual argue when you can't even sort out who said what?

You call US biased...yet manufacture some silly scenario trying to discredit our point of view using comments WE didn't even make??

Who's biased????

Wow, usually you grasp at straws with your impertinant comments...but now you just make things up.

Your hatred of Negro athletes certainly overwhelms your cognitive capacity.

We don't hold it against you, tho.

But, we do pity you.

Now, we pray that you learn to read....and remember who said what.

Allah, grant this prayer!

Nathan said...

I have no hatred for anyone. I'll have you know that I cried on Willie McGee Day in St. Louis and that he is my favorite baseball player.

I'll also have you know that Willie McGee was one of the best humans in sports.

Instead of defending positive black, athlete role models, this site defends the fuck ups because they are unfairly portrayed in the media.

Everyone is unfairly portrayed in the media.

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

"Everyone is unfairly portrayed in the media."

Sir, ok.

But, you didn't apologize for your previous attempt to discredit our research by claiming bias...based what was either poor reading comprehension...or just a lie.

So, the reality is...YOU are no better than the media.

Malcom Hex said...

"Instead of defending positive black, athlete role models"

ummm...and why do the ones portrayed positively need defending???

you, my man, are a a bit slow in the grey matter area.

Sebastian said...

It's all a plot by the media to control our actions.

I think we should take a lesson from Bart Simpson, who successfully shot down the satellite that Major League Baseball was using to spy on people.

Until we find the one the media is using, we should protect our right to self determination by wearing aluminum foil helmets. I'm fashioning one for myself right now.

I'm going to give it that retro James Brown pompadour look....


Dave the Wave said...

"I'm going to give it that retro James Brown pompadour look...."

glad to see it!

more jabangees should try and straighten out their nappy heads.

you set a wonderful example for your 'people'.

*and by people, i mean chimpanzee like but upright walking.

Sebastian said...


Don't forget taller, way less hairy, a lot more handsome (just ask your sister), and smarter than you by magnitudes of 10.

All in a sporty aluminum hat.

Dave the Wave said...

"way less hairy"

well, then you definately must be a black man....
....cause the women sure as shit are hairier...gorillas in the mist, baby...gorillas in the mist...

Sportsbruh said...

Cheesy ass Victor Conte told on her. This nasty bastard have been in the broke ass professional bodybuilding sceen for eons. He was scum then and he's still scum. I hate that bastard.

The funny thing is, his shit wasn't powerful enough for bodybuilders who didn't have to worry about drug test. The he hit the bigtime and squeals like a bitch.

censored said...

now even the admission of guilt comes with excuses...NOIS your act is so stupid. This situation is an international embarrassment for this country..your idea that the media was on a witchhunt against a track and field athlete is laughable. The facts are that Jones became a superior athlete because she cheated....and instead of inventing a two-bit johnny cochrane defense you should be consoling Jones' african american relay partners who have to give up their medals as well.
You will never rise above your criminal element as long as you put them on a higher pedestal than the non-convicts.

censored said...

"Instead of defending positive black, athlete role models"

ummm...and why do the ones portrayed positively need defending???

you, my man, are a a bit slow in the grey matter area.

NOIS makes no distinction between those portrayed positively and negatively...if anything he reveres the negative role models and that is why he finds the need to come up with excuses for every wrongdoing...
NOIS' head is probably spinning from what Jones did...she took personal responsibility for that is something that has never been done before in the least lets give her a medal for that.

Tripod said...

"now that is something that has never been done before in the community..."

you talking bout the white community, right, grand wizard?

Malcom Hex said...

""now that is something that has never been done before in the community..."

you talking bout the white community, right, grand wizard?"

it's funny, isn't censored the same guy that for a long time on here, whenever anyone brings up a lot of the residual effects of slavery and institutional oppression enacted on the black community says, "get over it", unwilling to admit any white responsibility in the situation, saying blacks are responsible for everything?

yet whenever a black person does something wrong, the first thing he screams is 'responsibility'.

the man is a habitual racist and has zero credibility.

he leads a hypocritical existance.

madd hatter said...

"NOIS your act is so stupid."

what's stupid and boring is censored's 'act'...but, he's not acting...he is dyed in the wool racist. the world and the country are passing you by, censored.

you may not like what nois has to say, but at least he is a decent writer.

you suck.

censored said...

Our minds are conditioned to eventually believe what they tell us. To believe that we are what they say we are. To become the stereotypes that they demand we be.

The same advertising that sells us the concept that it is an athletes hard work and determination that makes them the best....we did buy that crap hook, line and sinker from Nike's Marion Jones ads...funny how an educated black woman didnt mind taking all that money from the big corporation...Marion sold the lie and she is a fraud....just like bonds and merriman....but keep on defending em you hypocrite.

madd hatter said...

The same type of truth as Marion Jones' previous denials."

some of you guys are just morons...