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Monday, October 1, 2007

College Negro QB of the Week

Kansas State lived up to our expectations, and Ron Prince put together a brilliant game plan that left that Texas head coach guessing on the sideline.

As a result of the K-State effort and victory, our CNQBW this week is Josh Freeman.

Freeman didn't put up overwhelming stats, but his game management and leadership were essential in leading the Wildcats to a convincing victory over the overrated 'Horns.

Freeman posted a 22/38 177 and 1 TD day.

Runner up this week was Juice Williams of Illinois.

Williams also was not statistically dominant. But, like Freeman, managed the game and provided the field generalship that has become the hallmark of CNQBW winners.

Williams is shaping up to be a solid qb. And clearly, the dominance of the Negro QB at the top of the draft will continue for the next several years (read: eternity).

1 comment:

Martin said...

"Williams is shaping up to be a solid qb."

Sir, if only his receivers could run their routes and hold on to the ball...