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Monday, October 15, 2007

NOIS Rankings: Negro Coach and QB Poll

With NC&QB #1 LSU and #2 Illinois both suffering upsets this week, the rankings reflect the shake up at the top of the college football world. (Although, the ESPNU All-State Fan Poll bumped Illinois to #1, despite their loss)

Additionally, clearly our voters bought into #7 Florida St.'s reemergence prematurely. The 'Noles loss to Wake Forrest dropped them out of the rankings this week.

#9 Indiana suffered the indignity of an upset loss to the inconsistent Michigan State Spartans, dropping the Hoosiers from the rankings.

The votes are in, and this weeks poll has a new consensus number one.

10. Illinois: The Illini lost to an underachieving and poorly coached Iowa team. Clearly, Ron Zook's team got caught up in the hype of their top 5 ranking last week. But, Zook's young charges certainly will learn from the experience.

9. Kansas St. : A win over Oklahoma killer Colorado has the 'Cats back in the Top 10. Up next: Okie State.

8. Maryland: The Terps bump up thanks to the upsets this week. And thanks to being inactive. Next up is a huge showdown with NC&QB top 10 Virginia.

7. Virginia Tech: A win over hapless Duke coupled with Virginia's huge victory this week ended up costing the Hokies in the polls. The chance to move up presents itself next week in the form of Boston College.

6. This week we honor the Jena 6 by holding this spot open in a symbolic and defiant demand that justice be served.

5. Virginia: The Wahoos get a lift this week thanks to a hard fought victory over former Big East leader and previously unbeaten Connecticut. UVA and Maryland are on a collision course for ACC supremacy.

4. West Virginia: The 'Eers got a week off and Pat White got a week to heal his tender body. With Sylvester Crooms hard hitting Bulldogs of Miss St on the agenda next, and the meat and potatoes of their Big East schedule to follow; White's health is the key to the remainder of the season.

3. Kentucky: Andre' Woodson came back from a mistake prone game against South Carolina to lead the 'Cats to a major victory. Next up is Florida.

2. LSU: Yes, they lost. But, they ran into the best QB in the nation on a special night. No other QB could have won that game. Chances are, we will still see LSU in the title game. A do or die game against Auburn is next.

1. Oregon: The Ducks, much like Ohio State in those other polls, benefited from #1 and #2 ahead of them being upset. However, unlike Ohio State, the Ducks weren't ranked highly to begin with by default. The Ducks better not be thinking about USC in two weeks and be ready Ty Willingham's Washington team next week.


ZEKE said...

virginia and md in a battle for ACC supremacy???

two things:

1- what about BOSTON COLLEGE in ACC supremacy?

2- Is there even such a thing as ACC supremacy?

Dave the Wave said...

beating UCONN is a huge win?

Malcom Hex said...

dunno if i agree with all the rankings....but #6 sure is right!

Dave the Wave said...

oh, and you can drop the "coach" part of the poll's name.

all the black coaches have coached their way out of it now....

Jackin'4Beats said...

From KSK:

And, due to the foul terms and biased scoring built into FFB which does not reward the leadership and athleticism of Negro QB's, we were forced to use a bald, white devil

That was hilarious. The bald white devil is who we thought he was!!! HA

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

"The bald white devil is who we thought he was!!! HA"

Sir, and with some of our usual big scorers on the bench with byes this past week...that bald white devil was key in beating that half-a-man from KSK.

Landru said...

It pains me to share with you my belief that Maryland's status as a NC&QB qualifying team is dubious, at best.

Landru said...

I should add: of course, the rules are yours to set, and Maryland was quarterbacked by Jordan Steffey before his unfortunate injury on a bad-haired white devil's Lucky Day and his subsequent reassignment to his long-time position as Clipboard Monitor for White Devils. Maryland will again be clearly eligible, when the Hair Nightmare Project ends or when Josh Portis' arbitrary so-called academic ineligibility is sorted.

But for now? Bad hair. White devil. Lucky days. And, I cannot stress enough, your rules.

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

"But for now? Bad hair. White devil. Lucky days. And, I cannot stress enough, your rules."

Sir, the Terps good fortune this season was initiated under the leadership of a Negro QB.

We felt it was unfair at this juncture to penalize the team and remove them from our prestigious rankings due to injury.

Additionally, Coach Fridge's apparent love of fried food might qualify them under the coaching half of our guidelines.

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

"And, I cannot stress enough, your rules."

Sir, additionally, we received some feedback hoping to negate VA Tech's Glennon led them to victory this week past.

We will closely monitor the situation, and if it becomes conclusive that Taylor was removed in favor of a white signal caller, and there is no injury involved.....well....then we will protest and call Beamer a racist.

Fair enough?

Landru said...

Sadly for justice, the team is undefeated since Jordan Steffey's unfortunate "concussion" (I could not help noticing that, when Maryland last took the field, Mister Steffey appeared to be uniformed, upright, and possessed of two pupils of equal size, even as the aforementioned devil forked his way around the field on the strength of Steffey's advice from the sidelines).

As to the Fat Man, I'm a white devil myself, and not a lanky one, either. I wouldn't dare to presume any dietary pathways to status.

And finally: it's not like you need my permission or support to call Frank Beamer anything it pleases you to call him. But if what you call him is unpleasant, you'll have both, and an even greater measure of my respect and affection as well.

Look for me on the national broadcast of Maryland-Virginia. I've shown you what I look like, and I'll be about 8 rows behind the Maryland bench, waving a half a chicken at the Fridge.