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Monday, October 8, 2007

NOIS Rankings: Negro Coach and QB Poll

Once again, we gave you the big upset of the week, Illinois knocking off top 5 Wisconsin. (yea, yea...we know USC losing to Stanford was THE big upset of the week...but NO ONE picked that one...)

On to the NC&QB Poll

10. Maryland: The Terps up it to 4-2 with a win over GA Tech.

9. Indiana: The Hoosiers, behind Negro QB Kellen Lewis make their NC&QB Poll debut this week with a big win over Minnesota. IU is now 5-1, with the blemish coming at the hands of No. 2 Illinois.

8. Virginia: The Wahoos improved to 5-1 and will get the chance to knock off unbeaten and unproven Connecticut next week.

7. Florida St.: The 'Noles crack the top 10 and seem to be finding their stride behind talented Negro QB Xavier Lee.

6. Kentucky: Tough loss to South Carolina knocked the 'Cats from the ranks of the unbeaten. Andre' Woodson didn't have his best game as turnovers proved to be UK's undoing.

5. Virginia Tech: The Hokies finally showed some scoring ability in blowing out Clemson. Will get the chance to take the big stage again in two weeks in an ACC showdown with Boston College.

4. West Virginia: Still righting the ship after the big loss to USF.

3. Oregon: A bye week to recover from the damaging loss to Cal.

2. Illinois: The Illini make their debut in the poll. Two straight wins over Top 25 teams for the Illini has their Nov. 10 showdown with Ohio St. looking like it will be for all the marbles in the Big Ten.

1. LSU: The Tigers reached deep down and found the intestinal fortitude to hold off Florida, further cementing their status as the top NC&QB team.


Andrew said...

Sirs, Las Vegas would like to talk to you about your upset designation.

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

"Sirs, Las Vegas would like to talk to you about your upset designation."

Sir, it was a win over a top 5 team.

That, as far as we are concerned, is an upset.

The betting lines are purely the temptation of the white devil.

We righteously ignore them.

Martin said...

"We righteously ignore them."

Sir, I ignore them as well, except for this past week in which I got PAID. I will, of course, use this money to further the good works of Allah...or let it ride on the Michigan game.

Dr. C said...

Sirs, I did indeed call that as evidenced here, and check the score prediction as well: