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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Pacman: Making The Righteous Choice

You've heard about Pacman Jones meeting with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell last week. Supposedly he was called on the carpet to explain himself to Goodell, and for Goodell to meet the man face to face to form an opinion about his future with the league.

The expectation being that Pacman would cow tow to the commissioner and greet the press with contrite words and an attitude that would reflect a spirit supposedly broken by the highhanded, ivory tower dwelling commissioner.

Pacman would, in theory, beg forgiveness and promise to repent for his "sins". Turn his back on his community, friends and family; and reinvent himself in a new image determined by Goodell.

Despite the fact that Pacman had charges unresolved and had not been admonished by the court for anything more than a misdemeanor, Goodell enacted a new "behavior" policy and threatened to arbitrarily and retroactively enforce it. Clearly, violating any and all tenants of juridprudence. Which is something quite ironic. Goodell is angry with Jones because of alleged infractions of the legal system, yet feels comfortable in violating the ideals and principles of the same system in retaliation. Goodell is more than happy to circumvent the concept of double jeopardy and essentially trample the rule of law as it applies to free and democratic society by suggesting ex post facto application.

After learning of Goodell's capricious implementation of the policy and his flagrant disregard for the legal principles which we enjoy as a free society, Pacman decided that he had to take protestorial action.

For over a year, the NFL was getting free marketing and press through their association with Pacman. As the media and paparazzi followed Pacman's carefree exploits, we were always reminded that he was a member of the NFL's Tennessee Titans. Well, Pacman decided that enough is enough.

In response to the meeting with Goodell, and tired of letting the NFL thrive off the press from his exploits, Pacman decided the time to act was now. The NFL and Goodell must be punished. A lesson must be doled out.

The punishment is two fold. Pacman is sitting out the season. And, Pacman is going to discontinue his footloose and fancy free lifestyle. Thereby denying the NFL and the Titans the accompanying press and attention.

We could not be more proud of Pacman for taking this hard stand against the monopolistic NFL and its new tsar.

The awaiting ratings dip and lack of fan interest in the upcoming season will surely lead to the ouster of Goodell and the restoration of the traditional principles of enactment for codified justice that this country was founded upon.

This proactive act of righteousness is an example for us all.

Thank you for your bravery in the face of the great, pale evil, Pacman.


Martin said...

Sir, I think the most impressive part of this whole situation is the punishment that Brother Jones is doling out to Las Vegas and strippers. Denying them the chance to take his money and having a rain shower will surely bring that small time city to its knees! Normally, we think of the white man owning the corporations that own that town, but now, it seems a strong black man owns them. Righteousness has been achieved by Brother Jones.

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

"Denying them the chance to take his money and having a rain shower will surely bring that small time city to its knees!"

Sir, certainly! The NFL will begin to feel the pressure from the Vegas books, as action will certainly dwindle.

Pacman Jones has detonated a dirty bomb that will, in all likely hood, topple the NFL.

the butler said...

Anyone see the blatantly racist article that ran on the front page of the Sports section of USA Today yesterday?

NFL fans are smart enough to understand that this obvious prejudiced scapegoating of Pacman is nothing more than an attempt to make himself look all high and mighty. Crooked politicians do this all the time. They want to appear to be "cleaning up the riff-raff". To give the illusion that "something is being done about the problem".

bill cosby said...

was muhammed this much of a whiner.. If you hate whitey so much get the hell out of america. I am sure life in sudan or mogadishu would be better they are such well run muslim countries. oh how my heart bleeds for the poor black man

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

"If you hate whitey so much get the hell out of america"

Sir, citizens of this country have rights.

Are you suggesting that anyone that isagrees with YT does not have the right to do so?

We'll see how happy you are in 35 years.

Check the demographics for people in the US under 20.

Uh oh! Can you say "the white minority"

And, if things don't go the way you want when you become the minority...Pack your bags and head to the EU. I'm sure things in Paris or Rome are much better.

bill cosby said...

you have valid points
unfurtunately 1 in 7 of those under the age 20 have aids so I am not to worried about my future.. sorry try again

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

"unfurtunately 1 in 7 of those under the age 20 have aids so I am not to worried about my future.. sorry try again"

Sir, if you have a white daughter who goes off to college.

I'd be worried.

White girls just LOVE giving it up to the bruhs the first chance they get on campus.

Trust us on that one.


Bet she's tasty too!