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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Pacman Jones: What are the Odds?

Now, we aren't the betting type at this blog. However, we felt that we would pass this along.

We hear people joke about pools on such things as when the next Bengal will get arrested or when Pacman Jones will catch another charge.

Well, if you are interested in wagering on Pacman Jones, you can do it at

They are currently booking odds on how many games he will be suspended. They are giving 2-1 odds on a four to 6 game suspension.

For those of you of poor character and low morals, this bet seems like a way to make a little scratch to feed your porn habit.


SK said...

Pacman out for a full year, and his fellow WVU attendee Chris Henry got 8 games.

Payoff at 7-2 according to the article. Some lucky gamblers gonna make it rain tonight!

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

Sir, pretty good payoff.

the butler said...

As a Titans fan, I'm completely beside myself about all this.

What Goodell has done is a flat out traveshamockery.

How many NFL players were arrested last year? Will they all eventually be suspended like Pacman and Mr. Henry?

Is Goodell from some sort of ancient civilization or something? This is America, sir! You can't make up a law and then punish people who broke it before you made it.

Does this mean we should also go back in time and punish Ray Lewis for getting arrested for murder in 2000? He wasn't suspended at all for that.

Or maybe the Minnesota Vikings Love Boat crew- no one missed a single game because of that.

Let's just hope Pacman's judge during his Vegas trial (which hasn't even started yet) will be slightly less tyrannical than His Holiness Roger "Mr. Integrity" Goodell. Maybe he'll even hear the verdict from the jury before he calls in the firing squad.

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

"What Goodell has done is a flat out traveshamockery."

Sir, we couldn't agree more. This "policy" was written by Jim Crowe.

The commish is fine with white players like Urlacher and Brady running around fertilizing every egg that crosses their path. But have a young, Negro player make a teensy bad decision or two, and the penalty is akin to a public lashing.

Pacman has already said, during the gloves off Deion Sanders interview, that he admits he ran with the wrong crowds. And he won't do it anymore.

The kid has clearly learned his lesson. Let him feed his family.

Can I get a "Allahu Akbar"???

Josh said...

alright, now I know you're joking. I'm not so sure about the brothers who are chiming in, though.