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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Brady Quinn: Like A Rock

After our submission a few days ago predicting the inevitable demise of the white QB, we received many emails. Some understood the reality of the situation and were able to fully embrace our vision. Some were skeptical, but were receptive to the concept that the role of QB was really better suited to the Negro competitor. And some were simply blind, raging discourses belittling the Tribe of Shabazz or demanding that Negroes be shipped back to Africa. Or they pointed out great white QB's from the past and compared them to the Negro QB's of today. Which in our mind, is like comparing the great white players of the '20's and 30's to Negro players in 1958. There isn't a sufficient history to juxtapose to accumulate an accurate study.

Our favorite email excerpt was this:

Dear Brillopad Haired Jabangi's,

Your apelike insolence and ignorance is typical of the racist bullshit that negras (that's how we pronounce the word around these parts) are always spouting off about. An old ass white guy says nappy, and the world stops. Some stupid jigs blog about white quarterbacks and running backs being inferior, and it's just fucking great.

Much like yourself, the average negra is too stupid to play quarterback. Yeah, yeah, I know, McNabb, Young, Vick. All illiterate mental midgets that get by on athleticism. Brady, Manning, Roethlisberger, Rivers. All field generals that understand more about the game than the hip hop addled minds of your negra quarterbacks will ever know.

Your racist blog is full of shit. And the negra quarterbacks are just a passing trend.

I hope you choke on your chit'lins, you dark faced monkey.

Hmm. Wonder if Bill Simmons ever gets email like that in his mailbag.

Anyway, we just figured it was appropriate to point out something very telling and important about this draft.

Once again, the Negro QB was at a premium.

And the pale skinned dandy out of the Cathedral of College Football proved to be a nonfactor.

Now, we normally don't gloat. It isn't necessary. Our righteousness is reward enough for our instinctual correctness and our intuitive understanding of the workings of the world, and the relationship therein to sports. So, to say, we told you so...would essentially be redundant. We told you. Therefore, it is so.

While Jamarcus Russell proved to be the most coveted commodity available, teams avoided Brady Quinn as if they knew he was prepared to come out as soon as he was drafted.

How could this be? Brady has been groomed to be the next great QB. He has "movie star" looks and poise and grace in front of the camera. Even we have to give him credit for his ability to remain cheery as his world collapsed around him in the green room. Or, maybe he was just too dumb to understand what was happening?

Regardless, when you get down to it, the reasons for Russell's value and Quinn's irrelevance are quite obvious.

Did you notice that the two receivers that Russell threw to at LSU were both drafted in the first round? Russell's talent runs so deep that he was able to provide financial futures to his teammates. Imagine the riches and victory that await the receiving corps in Oakland? Think Randy Moss won't be kicking himself come fall while he is shagging intermediate passes from Tom Brady; when he could have been on the receiving end of the greatest long ball thrower ever seen? Russell was able to step into the starting role at LSU and lead a program that had been left in a shamble of turmoil by Nick Saban, and somehow general a hodgepodge of unknown talent to the elite of college football. The past two drafts saw several players from LSU's offense go quite high. And there is an indisputable correlation between their performance and draft status and having played with Jamarcus Russell.

On the other hand, we saw Brady Quinn predicted to be the highest picked QB since the moment Charlie Weiss stepped on campus. In contrast to Russell dealing with the mess Saban left behind, Quinn lived in the bedrock of security at the Golden Dome. Surrounded by some of the highest rated talent assembled in the country. And yet, Quinn could never win the big game. Despite the fact his defenses gave him the chance to be on the field as much as possible by waving at opposing offenders as if they were bullfighters holding red capes. The greatest indicator of the lack of impact Quinn really had is the dearth of ND offensive players drafted over the past few years. With four picks left in the entire draft, former super recruits Rhema McKnight and Darius Walker were still on the board. It is telling that the "best" player on ND's offense is now playing pro baseball. Clearly, Quinn had quite an impact on their careers.

While Russell was drafted to be the savior of the proud Oakland franchise, Quinn seemed to be drafted in the low first round for two main reasons:

-as a personal favor from Romeo Crennel to his old friend Charlie Weiss. Basically, an attempt to salvage the "quarterback guru" reputation that Weiss has perpetrated.

-and as a marketing scheme. The Browns will be playing the hell out of the photo of a 5 or 6 year old Quinn in a Browns helmet and jersey.

In retrospect, it seems clear that the talent evaluators, draft experts and NFL executives have arrived at the same conclusion that we have:

The white QB is on the endangered species list.

We fully expect the evilishness behind the NFL to do all they can to save it. But we also fully understand the laws of nature.

And the position of QB in the NFL is completely subject to its very own version of the laws of Social Darwinism.

Brady Quinn's slide from the top of the draft to being a novelty pick is symbolic of the things to come.

Praise be.


MCBias said...

John Beck and Troy Smith further prove your point. When the white QB is drafted, no one else from his team is drafted. But when the black QB is drafted, teams fight over his teammates just to have a small part of his essence. Once again NOIS's brilliant insight has caused me to see in four dimensions and taste, wait a minute, Troy Smith is the black one. Never mind.

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

Sir, we believe 3 OSU receivers were drafted...that is...3 men that regularly caught balls thrown by...Troy Smith.

BTW, blue is delicious.

Martin said...

"proud Oakland franchise"

Sir, even I cannot call Oakland a proud franchise. I wonder, sir, has the NFL set up brother Russell to fail by ensuring that he was sent to place destined to fail and run by a crazy old white slave master? Is the trade to the Redskins next to further humiliate brother Russell?

Anonymous said...

i'm a little confused by your big picture point. are you saying that black quarterbacks are better than white ones? in today's nfl or in the next few years?

i would agree that the next few years look pretty bright for "the black qb" but one must hope that they stay very healthy. Vick has been erratic at best, culpepper is damaged goods, vince young is a phenom but its still the start of all that, mcnabb is cooked, ala, culpepper. i hope the Raiders got a great qb just to bring some pride back to that franchise (and to shut my oakland friends up) but honestly, what has Troy Smith shown lately?

Quinn is probably going to be a Pennington style qb, mediocre +, but not much more.

As for the current qb's who aren't black, i mean, Brady and Manning are obviously the top of the charts right now. Brady actually reminds me of a young doug williams - able to see the whole field and take the hit after the trhow has been made (brady, to be fair, is much better and has much better coaching). Manning, though i dislike him strongly, is amazing.

rothlesberger (sp?) needs to actually play well to be called anything than a one year fluke. Oh, Drew Brees is pretty good, i think.

i don't actually care what race anyone is in sports, as long as they wear the uniform i root for.
the laundry is the city which is what i'm supporting, not the player in the laundry. do a good job, be a good person, give some of their millions to charity and i'm a happy dude.

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

"Sir, even I cannot call Oakland a proud franchise"

Sir, would you accept, "once" proud franchise?

And the idea that the Negro QB is set up to fail is self evident.

The league proved beyond a doubt last year that they will do anything to save the white QB. Even if it means providing for a Negro coach to win the super bowl.

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

"are you saying that black quarterbacks are better than white ones? in today's nfl or in the next few years?"

Sir, we are saying that the evolutionary process is in place. That the QB position is in the process of evolving and become a position that is tailor made for the Negro athlete; much like RB, CB, WR...etc.

"what has Troy Smith shown lately? "

Sir, Troy Smith has shown the bias that still exists, and the desire to fight tooth and nail to keep the Negro QB from the NFL. THREE of his receivers were drafted. THREE! Who provided the perfectly placed balls for those men to gain the scouts attention?

"Brady actually reminds me of a young doug williams "

You're mocking us. Admit it!

"i don't actually care what race anyone is in sports"

Then you will be in for a treat when the white QB becomes a dinosaur.

Brave Sir Robin said...

How do you claim that Brady Quinn had talent that even compares with what Russell had at LSU? I despise ND for the favortism they get every year. They're always clearly outgunned against the top schools, mainly because their talent just isn't there, but yet still get into the BCS every year.

Russel got to play with a team that was absolutely stacked. Saban left a "mess" of a team, which went 9-3 his last season and 11-2 the following year in a tough confrence. Obviously, LSU had no talent, it was all Russell.

I don't like Quinn, I think he sucks and I'm pissed the Browns took him. But, you can't say he had the same talent surrounding him that Russell did. ND's record always baloons based off of their easy schedule which only features USC and Michigan as their tough games each year (which they tend to lose).

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

"How do you claim that Brady Quinn had talent that even compares with what Russell had at LSU?"

Sir, so you are suggesting that ND's talent level is over rated??

Russell's ability to make his receivers productive got TWO WRs from LSU drafted in the first round. That is a direct reflection on Russell's ability.

And, in addition to the talent accumulated at ND, Brady also had the benefit of playing in Weiss' schemes.

There is NO way you are going to convince anyone that Russell was NOT the catalyst of that LSU program. No way.

And, Saban left a team that was QB'd by RUSSELL. He was able to overcome the mess that Saban left.

If you want to give Saban credit for getting Russell to LSU, fine. But let's not pretend that Russell didn't virtually single handedly carry that squad the past two seasons.

We'll end with your one intelligent point.

"Obviously, LSU had no talent, it was all Russell."

Brave Sir Robin said...

Ah, so your hard hitting analysis is that Notre Dame actually does have talent, which just isn't true.

Also, you failed to include Reggie Ball in your list of quarterbacks. I mean, since QB's are the reason their wide receivers get drafted, Ball's excellence is obviously the reason Calvin Johnson got drafted second overall.

I'm not really dissing Russell here, or black QB's generally. My point is your argument is flawed because you grossly overexagerrate the impact of the QB on the wide receivers being drafted. Sure, the numbers might be there for the receivers, but people still watch the game tape and realize whether they're mutually good, bad, or if the relationship skews one way or the other.

I also think your attack on Quinn is taking the wrong approach. His talent level around him wasn't good. But the better way to attack him is based on the fact that he, in fact, sucks. He can't be expected to beat better teams, like LSU, OSU, USC, Michigan, Florida, etc. because the talent on both sides of the ball is so much better than both he is and anything ND can throw at them. But his talent is better than the service academies and he can barely beat those.

The guys over at KSK talked about it, but it's true: He's only in the conversation because he's white and there always seems that there need to be two QB's in the top 10 picks being discussed.

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

"My point is your argument is flawed because you grossly overexagerrate the impact of the QB on the wide receivers being drafted"

Sir, we can definatively state that we have NEVER been accused of "overexagerrating" anything.

We fully and resoundingly reject that criticism. Read any of our previous posts on any subject. Any will provide a full refutation of such allegations.

"But the better way to attack him is based on the fact that he, in fact, sucks."

Sir, sometimes there is genius in a simple thought. Other times, it's just a simple thought.

"The guys over at KSK talked about it, but it's true: He's only in the conversation because he's white"

Sir, are willing to accept anything KSK says IRT the demise of the white QB. Kind of racist don't you think?

Besides, do you even think KSK would be talking about it if WE weren't.

Yea, exactly!

Brave Sir Robin said...

KSK's discussion was about why Quinn is listed as a top 10 pick, not about the demise of the white quarterback.

And, other than Captain Caveman (albino), I don't know what race any member of KSK is. I would only guess that you are black because of that thrilling letter you started off the post with (nice to see that the intellectual elite still have time to send e-mails like that) and because of the implications of the Nation of Islam (possibly unfairly).

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

"KSK's discussion was about why Quinn is listed as a top 10 pick, not about the demise of the white quarterback."

Sir, if you continue to spam for other blogs on here, we will have to suspend your blogspot account.

Thank you in advance.

Anonymous said...

Once again, your insight is on point. Everybody knows Brady Quinn is going to be a Big Ole BUST!

I can't wait for this to unravel. I look forward to watching Braylon Edwards and Kellon Winslow stick their Feet deep in that ass for being an overrated Bust!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am a fan of the blog, but I agree with Brave Sir Robin. Having receivers get drafted means that they were good. It is easier to throw to good wide receivers. Troy Smith hit Ted Ginn on a number of deep balls. Yes, this is a testament Smith's arm, but Ted Ginn runs a 4.32! This ability is why Ginn was drafted. (Anthony Gonzalez runs a 4.43 and lives in an oxygen tank)Quinn's two decent WR's ran a 4.48 (Samardzija) and 4.55 (McKnight). Speed is obviously not the sole indicator of talent, but it illustrates the advantages Smith (and Russell, though I haven't looked up those numbers) had in his huddle that Quinn could not control.

(I don't understand how Jeff Samardzija's decision to play out a guaranteed $10 million baseball contract somehow reflects negatively on Brady Quinn's future career.)

The best WR in the nation, Calvin Johnson, had one of the worst quarterbacks in Reggie Ball. I think you should rethink your "The QB makes the WR" stance, or you should become more comfortable with saying "Thank god Steve Smith has Jake Delhomme, or who knows where he'd be."

I am a college football nut. I saw parts of about 80-90 games this year. I thought Quinn was a 5-15th pick talent who was hurt by an extended run of teams satisfied at the QB position and a possible Notre Dame backlash. Smith had an excellent college career, but fell (fairly or not) due to not playing a pro-style offense, lacking height, and having off-the-field issues.

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

" I think you should rethink your "The QB makes the WR" stance"

SIr, our stance is actually:

The white QB is going the way of the white RB.

The rest is filler.

Troy Smith will be successful somewhere.


Brave Sir Robin said...

Citing a source is far from spamming, especially just using an acronymn with no link. So is responding to an accusation of racism.

The one knock (besides idiots knocking his height) on Smith was that when he faced a blistering fast defense (Florida) he panicked. In the NFL, most of the defenses are fast like that. Of course, a lot of his problem was the o-line didn't show up to block so he was running for his life the whole game.

Then again, I watched him win big game after big game for OSU before that game. I wouldn't be surprised if he became an above average starter or if he was out of the league in like 5 years. The range of possibilities is pretty wide on his sucess.

On a slightly unrelated note: I'm pretty impressed by the speed with which you respond to comments. I know we're disagreeing on specific things (not so much the overarching debate) but I'm enjoying this.

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

"Then again, I watched him win big game after big game for OSU before that game."

Sir, so you are suggesting that his body of work might be more important than ONE game or the combine?

You will never be an NFL scout.


nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

"Citing a source is far from spamming, especially just using an acronymn with no link."

Sir, we will accept the fact that you didn't mention that blog again as an admission of guilt and as an apology for your transgression.

Your blogger account will not be suspended. We forgive you.

(And don't bring up that we have a link to that blog on our front page. That has nothing to do with this issue.)

the butler said...

I think he's almost got it...

And why can't white people ever spell "chitterlings" correctly?

Antoine said...


is this a joke?

if it is...this is hilarious...

if not, racism sucks...but good stuff nonetheless...

all praise due.

Andrew said...

Also, Troy Smith...he is a black man?

Wow. I did not see THAT coming.

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

"Wow. I did not see THAT coming. "

Sir, get your glasses checked.