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Sunday, April 1, 2007

The Final Four: Women, you say?

The 2007 Women's Final Four MOP.

ESPN. Sunday Night. The Final Four!

Could have sworn that Saturday night's Final Four games were in Atlanta. But, on Sunday night, we turned on ESPN, and to our surprise, The Final Four live from Cleveland.

The play seemed slow, and for some reason, below the rim. The players were tremendous from the free throw line, but didn't seem to react well when the ball was actually in play and there were defenders. We also noticed that the announcers seemed to get very, very excited when the players made lay-ups off breaks. It was as though they were desperately trying to convince us that this was an extra exciting Final Four game.

We don't convince easy.

We could have sworn that UNC was knocked out in the Elite Eight, but here they were again tonight. And Roy Williams looked more stoic and butch than usual. More hard core. More masculine. Roy looked armed for battle. The guys on the team seemed pumped, too. Plenty of chest bumping and trash talking. Nothing like the Final Four to bring out the warrior spirit.

Sister Latreece Al-Khahroum Williams, who often stops by to cook for us while we work the necessary hours to contribute to this blog, noticed some interesting things as well.

"Look at those thugged out players. With their extra baggy shorts and headbands. It's a shame. I remember when college athletes had respect for themselves and their schools. Now, they just want to be thugs. All tattooed-up and talking jive. Those boys are just a doggone disgrace," complained Sister Latreece.

"And when in tarnation did this hip-hop hoopity-doo these boys are all into start including wearing those God awful clip on pony-tails and bad weave? These boys done fell and bumped they heads!"

Couldn't agree more, Sister!


Rebecca said...

Quick answer: describe your reaction to a black woman named Ivory.

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

"Quick answer: describe your reaction to a black woman named Ivory."

Ma'am, normally I'd hit it. But the thought of a black woman named Ivory dribbling a basketball makes my dick limp.

the butler said...

"more masculine"

My friend, that is hilarious.

And I blame Jalen Rose for the hardwood thuggishness.

Rolf Lundgren said...

This is a terrible site. A lot of folks will burn in hell!

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

"A lot of folks will burn in hell!"

Sir, convert now, and you can save yourself.

Anonymous said...

Die Islams, burn in Hell.

Anonymous said...

Die Arabs!!!!!

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

"Die Arabs!!!!! "

Sir, we will be sure to pass along your sentiment.....since there are no Arabs here.

Well done.