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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Tom Brady and His Babymama Drama

Everyone out there is probably aware of Tom Brady sowing his seed in the fertile region that is Bridget Moynahan. Things are starting to get a bit testy as the news is settling, which is going to make for some interesting babymama drama as the pregnancy rolls onward.

"It's getting nasty between New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and his pregnant ex, "Six Degrees" actress Bridget Moynahan. Pals of Brady claim Moynahan didn't bother to tell him she was announcing her pregnancy via Liz Smith's column in The Post on Sunday. "Bridget didn't even bother to tell him she was going to go public with this," said a friend. Some say that Moynahan, three months expectant with her first child, "may have gotten pregnant on purpose. She is 36, wanted a baby, and Tom was dumping her. It's a little suspicious." But a friend of Moynahan said, "Please. They dated for three years and they broke up in December - right around the time he found out she was pregnant and he immediately started dating Gisele Bundchen. Who's the gross one here?"

All you future NFL qb's out there need to follow the wise words Maury Povich shared yesterday on his show with an accused babydaddy of 3, "You really need to get some condoms, kid!"

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