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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

More Pacman News

If you didn't see this on, check it out. It's a drug dealer expressing his concern for Pacman Jones' behavior and lifestyle issues. Of course Pacman and his peeps said they hardly knew the guy and weren't friends.

Well, this article on sheds a different light on the relationship between Pacman and the drug dealer.

Moore, who has a motions hearing March 28 before Judge Cheryl Blackburn, was arrested as a central figure in a bust in which nearly 2,000 pounds of cocaine and marijuana were seized last April. The television report showed documents from police that originally showed Jones as a potential suspect and person of interest in the case.

And, why would Pacman have been a person of interest in such a thing?

It went on to say that Moore, who sometimes spent the night at Jones’ former residence on Woodmont Boulevard in Nashville, carried on dozens of conversations with Jones that were taped through police wire tapping. The police report states Moore was at the cornerback’s residence about 90 minutes before his arrest.It said police had staked out Jones’ residence and found Moore’s vehicle there shortly after 9 a.m. on April 1, 2006. It goes on to say that Moore exited Jones’ house approximately 40 minutes later with a briefcase.At around 9:50 a.m., the police timeline indicated that Moore and Jones were talking to each other in the garage of the home, and that Moore left the house with a bag about two minutes later.At 11:31 a.m., officers began arrest proceedings for Moore. Eight others were also arrested in the sting operation.The WTVF report concluded saying that Jones had attempted to reach Moore by telephone after his arrest, apparently not knowing that Moore had been apprehended by police. Jones was not charged in the matter.

Which brings us to this article. Apparantly, the drug dealer hasn't been the only one worried about Pacman's behavior. His family has been trying to get through to him as well. With little success.

"Everybody tries to talk to him," his uncle, Robert Jones, told the newspaper. "I do. His mother talks to him, his grandparents talk to him. ... I don't know, I just think he is out of control. I've told him I think he is out of damn control, but he doesn't want to hear it."

"And a lot of people around him don't have his best interest at heart," he continued. "I tell him, just like I'm telling you, but he'll leave me or go on out the room when I am talking to him. He knows right and wrong, I guarantee you that. But he just thinks the dollar bill can get you out of everything. Well, the dollar bill isn't always going to get you out of this [stuff]."

Honestly, though, thus far the dollar bill HAS been awfully kind to Pacman and he is still walking the streets (for now) after a recorded 8 incidents (including his West Virginia scrapes with the law).

"Pacman just draws attention to himself with the way he carries himself. He goes into clubs with six cats that call themselves 'security.' Well, what kind of attention do you think that's going get? He doesn't need all that," he told The Tennessean. "They know he's there, but he has all these cats surrounding him like he's the Buddha or somebody."

After the incident at the Minxx, it seems they should call themselves "armed security".

Can you imagine what we might be instore for when Pacman is cut or run out of the league; and is no longer motivated to worry about his behavior?

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