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Thursday, February 8, 2007

Rush Limbaugh: Another Angry Fatty

Perusal of deadspin gave us this post.

Essentially, the bloated and drug addled Rush Limbaugh has come to the conclusion that the media is out to destroy Rex Grossman. The media has converged over him like buzzards, waiting for him to fall so they can pick apart his bones. And why? Because Rex is WHITE.

"The media, the sports media, has got social concerns that they are first and foremost interested in, and they're dumping on this guy -- Rex Grossman -- for one reason, folks, and that's because he is a white quarterback. "

Yes, folks, the media is trying to run Rex out of the NFL because he is white. And lordy knows the white media hates them a cracker QB! Just ask Peyton Manning, Brett Favre, Tom Brady, Drew Brees or any of the other numerous white QB's that have been the victims of this white QB backlash prior to the media turning their ire toward poor, unassuming Rex.

At least the pasty fleshed windbag that is Rush Limbaugh blames the media and not Negro Coach Lovie Smith. But, one supposes that after the turd sandwich Limbaugh was forced to eat after he made his racist attack on Donovan McNabb, that he thought long and hard about who to blame for this attempt to disarm Rex.

"They're talking about before the game, they're talking about him as the worst quarterback ever to play in the Super Bowl and they're asking [Bears head coach] Lovie Smith all during the week, "When are you going to bench the guy, Lovie? At what point in the game?" And that's the only time Lovie Smith apparently lost his cool a little bit during the week with, with media sessions. You know what this is: The media - you, you know the social things. I don't need to go into this."

We have to agree a bit here with Rush. Just because Rex had a horrendous second half to the season, and just because the Bears won several games despite his attempts to seize defeat; that is NO reason to suggest that Rex is the worst QB ever to appear in a Super Bowl. Didn't David Woodley get behind center for the Dolphins one year?

And we have to say, Rush demonstrates his lucid thought process and eloquence in communicating those thoughts in the concluding sentence in the quote above. Indeed, we, we know exactly what you mean, need to go into this. After all, you are just trying to make a point, why elaborate and try to support it?

"CALLER: Even during the game last night. Before, before they went on the air they were all saying who they were going to pick and why and everything and when the, you know, the - they made their first runback with the score - then they started turning the tables on everything. It's like, "Now, wait a minute. I heard what you said before the game started." You know? Now they're changing tunes because --
LIMBAUGH: Well, because they're -- no -- they were all acting surprised. Everybody was acting, "Whoa. Grossman can actually complete a pass. Why nobody thought this would happen. Let's stop everything and give him the MVP now. He actually completed a pass." But he came through for them in the end. All those fumbles. The wounded-duck interceptions. He gave them the copy they wanted to write today all last week."

Nice to see that Rush's callers are as intuitive about football as Rush. And that they understand the process of making a pre-game pick. Hard to believe that folks would take into account the fact that Grossman has been less than stellar when they make their Super Bowl picks. It MUST be an effort by the media to subvert his career. And YES! That kickoff return changed everything. Would someone care to pull the caller and Rush away from their counterfeit prescription pads and let them know that the QB is not involved in a kickoff return?

"They were hoping to write that Grossman was an embarrassment and that Lovie Smith needs to seriously bring in somebody to compete with him next training camp. I can, look it, I feel for the guy. He's, apparently, bores, bears up under it rather well or has borne up under it rather well or so his teammates say and so forth. But the guy's been targeted for destruction."

Whether or not Rex is "targeted for destruction" or not, one thing is certain: HE is the one that pulled the trigger. If he hadn't fumbled those balls or thrown those interceptions at those most inopportune times, then the media wouldn't be beating him about the head and shoulders with their pens and laptops.

Two things are clear:

i) Limbaugh and his band of dittoheads understand little about football.

ii) This is the feeble attempt of a cloudy, possibly drug and cheese fry fueled mind, to counter the evidentiary propositions that racism directed against Negroes exists in sports.

Rush is making a weak and inept attempt to usurp the validity of the Negro argument by making a mockery of race in sport. By making his claims that a critical light is shined on Rex because he is white, Rush knows that anyone that is not addicted to oxycontin and all you can eat buffets will have the good sense to brush it off as a ludicrous claim. His desire is that people will also connect other race issues to such claims and brush them off also. The disturbed thought process being: If it is silly to suggest that Rex is under duress for being white, then it is silly to suggest that Negro QB's are persecuted for being Negro.

When Rex is locked out of his training and work facilities. Call us.

When Rex is convicted by the media of trying to transport drugs on an airplane (and then later cleared of wrong doing, but you know, the media doesn't hype THAT part of the story). Call us.

When Rex's off the field escapades the night before a big game aren't safeguarded and kept out of the mainstream media. Call us.

Until then, Mr. Limbaugh, you stick to licking those empty prescription bottles clean and filling that pie hole of yours with gooey chocolate treats. WE'LL DECIDE what the media's intentions are as far as race is concerned! After all, we ARE the experts.

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