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Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Evilishness of Duke Lives On

While we have admiration and fraternal love for the leadership and tactical abilities of BC coach Al Skinner, we must take an objective stand on last evening's transpirings in Chestnut Hill. He didn't get the job done.

What appeared to be a mortally wounded Duke team staggered into Conte Forum, quite possibly with their season hanging in the balance.

While some BC players (we're looking at YOU, Dudley) groused about the officiating after the game; we at NOIS can not concur. Duke gets the calls. You know this going in, to complain about it as if it is some kind of revelation or unusual circumstance after the game is a waste of breath and voice. Duke is an instrument of the devil. Certain chips are stacked in their favor, and it is overcoming these stacked chips that makes beating Duke a righteous and just achievement. Duke is an earthly test of faith and devotion to the Creator. And right now, we imagine that Al Skinner and his battle weary cavalry are questioning their faith.

Down by as many as 24, the Eagles mustered their strength and fought back to six with just under 2 minutes to go. It looked like coach KKK's serpent head would be severed from his vile body. But, alas, it was not to be.

The battle of righteousness against Dukeatory rages on. But fate has provided the opportunity for the Tribe of Shabazz to finish the job. Coach KKK will face 3 consecutive Negro coaches. Hewitt, Purnell and Roberts (St. John's) will have the chance to repudiate Dukedom and stand atop the headless corpse of the beast that is coach KKK.

Although the demons in Dukeatory have regrouped, we thank Skinner and his young men for never quitting. And we hope that undying effort expended against Duke sapped some strength from the devil.

Paul Hewitt, your troops were successful earlier this year. We call on you to double your efforts and slay the beast! The devil shows himself in many forms, let us once and for all exercise the dark lord from the ACC.


One Shining Moment Bloggers said...

How much do you want to bet that Gerald Henderson is regretting his commitment to Duke? He'd be a difference maker on UNC with his boy Wayne Ellington. But now? Just an afterthought.


nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...


Gerald Henderson signed his soul away to the devil. His only recourse is to leave school early if he ever has the chance. Otherwise, a lifetime in Dukeatory awaits him.

Anonymous said...

BC played like crap, not just crap, but lazy crap. When Duke (especially this year) beats you in the paint, something has gone terribly wrong. Those boys forgot that this was ACC Basketball, and you're never guaranteed a win.

BC better bring something better than that on Saturday or they're really going to get embarrassed.

Who will you be pulling for by the way? The original human? Or the white devil?

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

"Who will you be pulling for by the way? The original human? Or the white devil?"

Sir, when one references UNC, there is only one color: Carolina Blue.

Anonymous said...

BC shot 28 free throws, Duke 10. How can Dudley possibly complain about the refereeing?

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

"BC shot 28 free throws, Duke 10. How can Dudley possibly complain about the refereeing?"

Sir, how "white" of you to bring that up!

Those stats do nothing to take away from Dudley's perception of a lack of impartial treatment. If you remember one thing, let it be this: when it comes to discussion of Duke or race; facts mean NOTHING.