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Monday, February 26, 2007

Dr. Z: A Man That Understands Football

Say what you will about Sports Illustrated's venerable Dr. Z. Sure, he is older than dirt, grumpier than an old Negro janitor and writes in a prose so boring it is most reasonably described as cathartic; but Ole Dr. Z gets it right every now and then.

From a recent Q&A in his column:

"Rather than call quarterbacks such as Michael Vick "coach killers," why not call most NFL coaches, "Black QB killers?" The wide open college game, the imaginative offenses that utilize the all around athletic skills of so many QBs, many of them black, have been neglected by the buttoned up NFL offensive mentality. But we'll see this change in the future.

Hmm, interesting stuff. The traditional argument against what you like, which included the Run 'n Shoot at one time, is that NFL defensive players are so agile and fast, such terrific hitters, that it would be only a matter of time until they'd have all those imaginative QB's on injured reserve. Well, Vick has managed to survive, you could say. True, but his movement was the result of improvisation, not part of a standard offense. I'm not really arguing ... I kind of share your feelings, especially since I'm old enough to remember the days of the single-wing and the triple-threat run, pass, kick tailback. I'm just trying to present the NFL's argument."

We are sure that Dr. Z would have gone on further to illuminate the NFL conspiracy to destroy the Negro QB (see our archives) and Michael Vick in particular; from setting him up with law enforcement to changing his coordinator every year to ruin any chance of him developing a comfort zone. Unfortunately, we suspect that Peter King or some other power that be over at was able to prevent that information from seeing the light of day.

But they can't stop NOIS!

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