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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

SI's Peter King: Admits to being Racist?

In today's edition of the morbidly dull and mortally uninformative stylings of Peter King's Sports Illustrated column, a fan submitted an email essentially pointing out that King had tunnel vision in his weekly awarding of some award for 'good guy' of the week.

From Paul, of New York City: "Peter, my friends and I have a running joke about how many weeks into the season your 'good guy' award goes to a white man. Four for four thus far. More than 50 percent of the players in the league are black, as you know.

Clearly, the point being; that when King 'thinks' good guy, he thinks white guy.

That is called being racist.

One would think that King would either refute the sentiment or at least tell us some story about a Negro 'friend' which would prove to the world that he isn't racist.

Something along the lines of:

'I dialed the personal cell phone number of Donovan McNabb to talk to him on my cell phone, and while on the cell phone call with McNabb, he said, 'Gee willikers, Peter King, we played a dynamite game today'. Then, I spoke into my cell phone, on which I had dialed Donovan McNabb's personal cell phone number, and told him --over the cell phone --about a supremely funny TV show I had just discovered called, The Office. He said the title sounded supremely funny. We laughed. And then some guy who was travelling to Colgate University (where my daughter who used to play softball at Montclair High, Marybeth, attended college) walked by and said something loud. Very annoying! I decided to skip going to the gym. The hotel has a very good gym, and if you go at 3:30AM, there are surprisingly few people competing for treadmills. Instead, I decided to go to Starbuck's and have a Trinidadian-Mocha-Frappolotta-Roasted-Coffee-Bean-Triple-Non-Fat Carmel-with-a sugar-free-maple-infused-raspberry-flavor-shot Green Tea. Green Tea is so healthy. And Donovan is a good friend.'

But no, all he had to say was:

Thanks for keeping me on my toes.

As in:

Ooops, you noticed. Better pick a jigaboo next week.

Monday, September 29, 2008

MANQB: Monday Afternoon Negro QB

It's time for the Monday Afternoon Negro QB (cause morning is just too damned early to be typing all this!).

10 Things You Need To Think (about)

1- The selfishness in the Raiders organization being displayed by both managing partner Al Davis and Coach Lane Kiffin is tragic. And, as usual, the casualty of this tragedy will be the development and possibly the career of N-QB JaMarcus Russell. While Davis spends his limited time left on the Mother planet trying to make life unbearable for Kiffin; and while Kiffin spends his limited time left in the NFL trying to force Davis to fire him as quickly as possible: JaMarcus Russell is perishing. So, when the situation finally is resolved, Davis will have his team. Kiffin will have a settlement and a job somewhere else. And Russell will have two wasted years and the label of being the Negro Ryan Leaf.

2- Instead of following the normal NFL cycle of hiring some washed up, white retread to be the new GM in Detroit, how about considering following the Super Bowl Champion NY Giants lead, and hiring a Negro to turn the Lions into a winner?

3- With the injury to Tom Brady and the diminished ability of Peyton Manning, it's pretty clear that last night's Redskins-Cowboys match up was a preview of the next great dueling QB's. And a clear sign that despite the efforts to preserve the position of QB for a certain racial demographic, that the evolution continues.

4- 30% of the Top Ten rated QB's in the NFL are not bleachy. That percentage, despite the incarceration of Michael Vick, the retirement of Steve McNair, the unfortunate sabotaging of the careers of both JaMarcuss Russell and Vince Young, and, despite the cadaverous presence of Gus Frerotte in Minnesota.

5- Speaking of Frerotte's resurrection: Gus has already doubled the INT output of Tarvaris Jackson and his TD percentage is a full 20% less than Jackson's. Yet, no one is clamoring to bench him and his coach isn't blaming the team's loss this week on him.

4- Chunky, pale Sports Illustrated football hack, Peter King, is reporting that he thinks he is hearing that Vince Young is 'rebuffing' Kerry Collins offer to 'mentor' him. And King thinks it is a bad move on Young's part. We suppose that King would be equally indignant to hear that Obama politely turned down an offer to be tutored by McCain.

3- Brian Leonard, surprisingly is the leading rusher in the NFL. With 7 yards, the Ram leads all white running backs.

2- Ben Roethlisberger took a beating last week at the hands of the Iggles. If the Ravens are able to administer a similar physical assault, there is no way that Big Ben will be able to hold up. Look for Byron Leftwich to lead the Steelers to a comeback win tonight.

1- For all the media attention pointing out that the NFC East is the best division in football; no one is mentioning that 75% of the QB's in the division are not white.

NC&QB Rankings: A Wild Week At The Top

Another exciting week of college football and a few upsets certainly changed the landscape of the most accurate ranking system in the Nation.

The most exciting game of the week was North Carolina against Miami. In a back and forth battle that came down to the wire, the Tar Heels were able to hold on for the victory; upping their record to 3-1. Randy Shannon's squad played a good game, but Butch Davis has the 'Heels on the upward swing.

Dropping from the poll was ECU.

10 Oregon State: Talented and resilient non-caucasian QB Lyle Moevao provided the cool and calm to lead the Beavers in what is becoming and annual tradition: a home win over USC.

9 Arizona: Polynesian Sensation Willie Tuitama and his troops had the week to rest up for a big PAC 10 showdown with Ty Willingham.

8 Ohio State: Terrelle Pryor continues to impress, while the rest of Tressel's Bucks continue to look lackluster. Pryor ran for two scores and threw for two as well. Any hopes the Bucks have of winning the Big 10 rest squarely on the arm and legs of Pryor. A late October meeting with #2 Penn State will most likely settle the Big 10. Unless, Juice Williams can get Illinois going again.

7 Georgia Tech: A week off to rest up for resurgent Duke.

6- Illinois: Some will question this high ranking after a loss to Penn State. What can't be questioned is that Juice Williams has proven he is the prototype N-QB; and that alone makes Illinois a danger to win every time they step on the field.

5- Ball State: The Ballers continue their quest for perfection. With the meat of their schedule behind them (and having gone undefeated against the Big 10), look for the Cards to run roughshod over the slew of directional schools remaining on the schedule. The only thing standing between BSU and crashing the the possibility of the computer rankings robbing them of a shot. Hard to believe we live in a country that is on the verge of electing a Negro president; yet we generate computer rankings that won't reward a talented Negro QB. Yes, we can change!

4- USC: What can one say? Clearly, Pete Carroll lost his focus and didn't have his troops ready. Non-white QB Matt Sanchez did all he could; unfortunately Carroll's shortcomings cost the team a shot at the big prize

3- VA Tech: The Hokies have quietly climbed back towards the top after that opening loss to ECU. And, they have done it over near top-notch competition: GA Tech, UNC and Nebraska. UNC and Nebraska on the road. Frank Beamer has to be kicking himself for starting the year off with Tyrod Taylor as a redshirt. If only.....

2- Penn State: While Joe Paterno takes afternoon naps and subsists on Geritol; N-QB Darryl Clark has the Lions in the hunt for the glass football. We just hope no one wakes Paterno up at this point.

1- Oklahoma: After taking down a strong TCU squad, Sam Bradford and the Sooners can write their own destiny. If the Native QB can stay healthy and allow Mike Stoops to not have to resort to bringing in an Anglo QB....these Sooners can win the national title. If they go undefeated.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Miami Dolphins: Solve QB Problem, Beat Pats

Certainly, one of the biggest upsets of the weekend past in the NFL was the Miami Dolphins drubbing of the formerly title contending Patriots.

While most anticipated that eventually the New England offense would sputter under the direction of a caucasian promoted to first string having not started a football game since High School; few anticipated that the Dolphins would find the combination to unlock the Patriot defense.

First, we must give credit where credit is due. The Dolphins came in with a brilliant scheme. The coaching staff clearly realized that up to this point in the season they had been allowing their own philosophies and play drawing to get in the way. Therefore, they made two key adjustments.

One, they simplified the offense.

Two, they realized that shoulder-less Chad Pennington was simply a road bump in the way of getting the ball from center to someone who could make something happen. So, in the most proficient of maneuvers, they cut out the middle man, and got the ball directly to the most efficient passer on the team: Running Back-turned-Negro QB Ronnie Brown.

RB/Negro QB Brown devastated the Patriot defense with his slashing running out of the shotgun formation. We heard the announcers refer to it as the 'Arkansas single wing'. Clearly, this was an effort to mitigate Brown's ascension to the role of Negro QB, and to try to shackle him to running back.

Well, it won't work. It won't work because the numbers don't lie. Brown emerged from the game with a gaudy 158 QB rating. Clearly cementing himself as the best passer on the team.

As the mainstream media and NFL do their best to eradicate the emergence of young, Negro QBs (Vince, Tarvaris and JaMarcus); it will be interesting to see how they conspire to somehow confine Negro QB Ronnie Brown to the role of running back.

Clearly, the white owners and mainstream media understand that the Negro long ago usurped the role of chief rusher on the grid iron. Using superior speed, quickness, stamina, explosiveness, vision and desire to banish the white running back to the history books.

Now, in return, the white conspirators are using that same victory of ability to enslave the Negro to the position.

Brown clearly has beaten out Pennington for the starting QB job in Miami.

Unfortunately, we will now watch as he is imprisoned in the RB position. The QB position, dangled in front of him like freedom to a slave. Then, quickly denied. As success at RB drags him back like a chain tied to the bumper of a pick up truck.

And, this is the hand the Negro in the NFL is dealt.

There are 11 positions on each side of the ball. And, Brown can only play one at a time.

Unfortunately, the same is true for Chad Pennington.

And the team already has a field goal holder on the roster.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Notre Dame: Weis Leading Team To Destiny

We aren't big believers in karma. In 'what comes around goes around'. In the notion of what you put out is what you get back.

If we were, certainly Notre Dame's Football fortunes would be no surprise after what the Cult of College Football did to Coach Tyrone Willingham.

Having said that, we did want to point out something very interesting.

Charlie Weis, holder of an immense and long contract awarded after not even completing a full season, enjoyed two 9-3 seasons to start off his reign as the Pope of ND football. As has been pointed out over and over; he won with Ty Willingham's players. And, as has been pointed out over and over; he is having a hell of a time winning with his own players.

All this despite his offensive genius.

Last season, Notre Dame suffered through the worst season in school history. Despite this, Weis was able to add another class of highly touted recruits and able to somehow propagate a false hope for 2008.

After having Touchdown Jesus himself help secure the win over perennial powerless house San Diego State, Michigan presented ND with a gift wrapped victory.

And the Irish faithful believed! 2-0, and Charlie the Genius was going to make it allllll righhhht.

And then Michigan State steamrolled the Irish for the 9th time in 12 years. And suddenly, what on paper is a schedule about as challenging as a Special Olympics spelling bee, the season is in jeopardy.

Stanford and Syracuse look to be the only games the Irish should be favored to win.

Now, we don't believe in karma, and we don't believe that the Irish are being punished for past transgressions against an Original Coach. Certainly, Weis' poor coaching and inability to develop all this talent he has recruited easily explains the troubled times in which the Irish now find themselves.

But, we ask you to think back.

After 2 straight 9-3 seasons behind the Devil's spawn of a gel-haired-QB, Weis named Demetrius Jones as his starter. He said he was his man.

Then, after one half of getting battered and abused thanks to his offensive line's matador blocking scheme; Jones was yanked. Benched. The recipient of the blame for Weis' failed schemes and failed player development.

Including that day, the Irish have gone 5-10. Three of those victories came against borderline high school competition (Duke, Stanford, SD State), and the other two came against big name schools in periods of utter disarray.
Now we aren't suggesting that ND is being punished for their treatment of the Negro QB. But we are saying that things sure were better before Charlie trampled the young man as if he were blocking the dessert table.
No, we don't believe in karma.
We just think Charlie has been exposed for what he is.
An NFL offensive coordinator.
Not a bad thing to be, for sure. But certainly not what you want heading a formerly important major college football program.
Karma's a bitch.
But reality...reality is the devil.
In this case, a white one.

NC&QB Rankings: Shake Up

In our bi-weekly rankings system, we saw some remarkable movement.

Indiana, West Virginia and Oregon fell out of the rankings.

Penn State, Ohio State and Virginia Tech moved in.

And Miami served notice (beating down free falling TAMU) that it is next in line should one of the top 10 falter.

10- Arizona (3-1): The 'Cats suffered an upset loss to New Mexico, but came back in true non-white QB fashion with a big win over UCLA this past weekend. Willie Tuitama, of non-Northern European descent, threw 2 TD's and no INT's against the Bruins.

9- East Carolina (3-1): The Pirates BCS hopes became tenuous after a close call with Tulane; and then shattered after falling to talent poor NC State. With Houston, Virginia, Memphis and UCF on the immediate schedule, the Pirates are poised to climb back up should the teams above them falter.

8- Ohio State (3-1): After the blowout loss to NCQB #1 USC, the Buckeyes made the only logical move they could to save their season: They turned to Negro QB Terrelle Pryor. Pryor threw 4 TD's and rushed for 66 yards as the Bucks began the long journey back down the road to respectability. Many say that Coach Tressel's conservative nature is a fault. But, in this case, returning his team to the lead of a Negro QB seems to be the only option to get back to the success his team previously enjoyed.

7- Illinois (2-1): The Fighting Zooks dropped a few spots during and idle week. Their previous unimpressive victory over one of the many doormat University of Louisiana teams did not help them. However, Juice Williams will have a chance to move his squad back up to the top 5 when Illinois travels to newly ranked Penn State next Saturday in the marquis match up of the weekend.

6- Ball State (4-0): The Ballers are the best team in the Big Ten region. Hands down. A three touchdown victory over previously #10 Indiana certainly shored up many of the questions about this squad. Heisman-eligible QB Nate Davis is throwing at over a 72% completion rate and over 10 yards per attempt. Add in his 10 TD completions, and you can clearly see why we are touting him as the Heisman front runner to this point.

5- Georgia Tech (3-1): The Wramblin' Wreck is slowly putting together a season to remember. Only a close loss to #4 VA Tech separates the Jackets from an undefeated record. Unfortunately, tremendous non-drop-back-passer QB Josh Nesbitt was injured in the victory over Mississippi State. Coach Paul Johnson's choice of Jaybo Shaw, rather than Calvin Booker, as his replacement could have future implications on Tech's rankings.

4- Virginia Tech (3-1): The Hokies continue to march on after the opening day loss to ECU. In perhaps the best coaching tactics we've seen from Frank Beamer, Tyrod Tayler was pulled back from what was to be a redshirt season, and now seems to be the go to player for the Hokies. Taylor engineered a stunning come from behind victory to knock off previous ACC Coastal Division front runner North Carolina.

3- Penn State (4-0): Despite being trapped in the petrified forest that is Joe Paterno's offense, NQB Daryll Clark continues to shine as the Lions have steam rolled through the first third of their schedule. A showdown with Heisman hopeful Juice Williams in Happy Valley next weekend looms as a make or break game for both teams.

2- Oklahoma (3-0): After hanging half a hundred for the third time this season, the Sooners enjoyed an off week to prep for TCU. Sam Bradford has been the model of efficiency. His work is single-handedly making most question the notion that drop back passing is the realm of the white QB.

1- USC (2-0) The Trojans hit the field this week with revenge on their minds against Oregon State. With no legit contenders left on their schedule, look for Mark Sanchez and the Men of Troy to put up some big numbers week after week as they defend their ranking and work to win the BCS formula battle.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Blame Game: It's Your Fault, Tarvaris!

A man who owes his current employment in the NFL as a head coach to the success of a Negro QB has taken the first chance to throw the blame of his team's current slow start directly at his young, developing Negro QB.

In an act of pure selfishness and political motive, Brad Childress has sent the message that the 0-2 start of the Vikings is QB Tarvaris Jackson's fault. Childress has relieved Jackson of his command of the offense and resuscitated the continually failed corpse of Gus Frerotte.

The move of going to Frerotte alone should absolve Jackson of culpability in this horrible start.

Childress, who wouldn't have a head coaching job if it weren't for riding the coat tails of Donovan McNabb in Philly, didn't hesitate to throw Jackson as a sacrifice to quell the grumbling masses.

“I know there’s many other plays, there’s a lot of other people that have to step up,” Childress said. “But then when you go back through and look at the tape, and most importantly to be able to sit across from the young man and want to be able to verify what you’re feeling—it’s kind of like looking in your kids’ eyes and saying one (thing) and feeling another.”

Clearly, he must not be seeing the tape that exposes the dropped passes. That makes it clear that the conservative play calling and predictable offense are making it difficult for the talented Jackson to flourish.

“I was very surprised,” receiver Bobby Wade said. “I didn’t anticipate that. Obviously it’s the coach’s decision and the administration’s decision and we have to run with that.”

Wade's remarks assuredly echo the feelings of the rest of the team. One of veiled disillusionment and burgeoning internal strife over the choice of the coach to interject the corpse of Gus Frerotte into what started off as a promising season of high expectations.

The reality of this is microcosmic of what is going on in the rest of the NFL right now.

As we reported all season last year, it was becoming quite apparent that the Negro QB was well on his way to position domination. The white QB was going the way of the white running back. A sideshow act of fun and enjoyment when the novelty got his hands on the ball.

But now, the exhumation of Frerotte can be seen as symbolic of the collective attempt to bring the white QB back from the dead.

No one said it would be easy. From the still to be fully explained incarceration of Michael Vick to the recent debacle in the handling of Vince Young's desire to eat his wings in peace to horrendous coaching and mentoring provided to JaMarcus Russell; it's clear......the serpent's head has been cut off, but the body is still moving.

Certainly, Gus Frerotte's longevity and willingness to wear a different uniform every year are admirable. Though, the reality is that the longevity is more a testament to a stubborn league desperate to fight change, rather than to Frerotte's stamina.

But, NFL owners and plantation bosses, be warned: change is in the November rain.

Change we can believe in.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hurricane Ike: Done Beat Us Down

Well, we are having technical difficulties here at NOIS Central.

We are casualties of Allah's hatred of the white man.

In His effort to vanquish the greedy oil barons and price gougers amassed in the Purgatory that is Houston, we suffered the unfortunate consequences of proximity to the Devil (the white sort).

We applaud the sentiment and display of wrath towards these greedy, bleached refinery landlords and petrol pushers; but, we aren't thrilled by the effect on NOIS.

Sitting in the dark subsisting on beef jerky has renewed our anger.

It has renewed or mission.

The self reflection has been bountiful and inspirational.

As we watch the honkies on the power trucks drive by without so much as stopping in our 'hood to fix a loose wire...we realize how truly difficult it will be for Obama to win this election.

And, even harder, for Vince Young to get his job back.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Vince Young: Victim of Character Assassination

We've all had bad days. We've all wanted to find a moment's peace. Alone.

Some call it reflection. Some meditation. Others, 'me time'.

But, if you are a Negro NFL QB, people call the police. (Although, it seems, no matter what you do...if you are a Negro QB, people call the police.)

Vince Young had a lousy day. He got hurt. And he wanted to be alone to eat some wings and chill out. Unfortunately, his beneficiary Mother became worried when she was not apprised of his intentions or whereabouts. Possibly, rightfully so. Mom called the team to see if they knew where the star-crossed QB was located.

What happened next is one of the most insidious and malignant plots of subversion that we can remember ever being perpetrated against a Negro QB. And, as readers of this blog, you know that is saying something!

Coach Jeff Fisher, seeing the opportunity to entrench the melanin free Kerry Collins in the QB spot, called the police to apparently report Young as depressed and missing. The clear insinuation is that the QB was despondent and possibly suicidal. Crisis negotiators were put on alert.

The stage was now set, and the mission of performing the character assassination was handed to the mainstream media. Reports that he told his Mom he wanted to quit football were floated.

Now, we have a picture being presented of an emotionally unstable man who is doubting his desire to be in the NFL. What's a team to do? Clearly, hand the steering wheel to the 'stable' white guy. How convenient!

Knowing the public would never accept the demotion of the high energy and exciting Negro QB who led the team to a surprisingly successful season last year; the Titans' brain trust turned a harmless phone call from Mom into a full fledged coup de tet to over throw their field general.

We wonder, would the police have been called (along with crisis intervention teams) if Matt Hasselbeck was seen pounding some shots at a local bar after his abysmal performance this past weekend? After an effort that screamed, 'I don't want to be in the NFL', did the media report that Carson Palmer wanted to abandon his career?

Fortunately, the sporting public will have none of this and isn't buying it.

After all, if Chad Pennington can find gainful NFL employment these days, a QB would have to really be crazy to think he couldn't make it in the NFL.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Return of the Mack: McNabb regains old form

The stat line read 361 yards, three touchdowns and a 131.0 passer rating.


More impressive, the confidence. Not only the self-confidence, but the confidence the troops had in their leader.

The field General is back.

Since losing the Super Bowl, Donovan McNabb has suffered through numerous injuries. Knee. Abdominal. Back (at the hands of the knife inserting Terrell Owens).

He has also suffered through a malicious media assault on his ability and his character. Rarely given the benefit of the doubt that he could return to the form that lead to multiple Pro Bowls and 4 straight NFC title games. The media seemed t0 rejoice as McNabb slid down the slope of the NFL quarterback mountain.

Now he is healthy.

Now he is at peace.

Now he is the most dangerous QB in the NFL.

Clearly, reports of his demise were greatly exaggerated. And, probably purposely.

Unlike the great Daunte Culpepper, who bought into the media's psychological warfare, McNabb never believed that he could not return to top form. Try as the media might to sabotage McNabb's confidence and swagger, he fought through.

And, now, he is reaping the benefits of his own personal stamina.

The thorough dismantling of the Rams --who might not be Super Bowl contenders, but most certainly are the #2 football team in the state of Missouri-- showed just how far McNabb has come.

Despite having his top 2 receivers out of action, he was able to mount an aerial assault that McNabb fans will be talking about all week.

With the fall of Tom Brady, the only thing standing between McNabb and the MVP award are 15 more games.

Many of which will be against NFL caliber teams.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Negro Coach and QB Poll: Expanded

We have been on a European sabbatical, priming the alabaster enclaves of Northern Europe for eventual take over by the soon to be new Leader of the Free World (using the term 'free' in the most loose fitting manner possible).

Our return coincides with two completed weeks of college football. Which, in turn, requires the first edition of our vaunted Negro Coach and QB Poll (NCQB). Certainly, those who followed the rankings last year saw us spot on with LSU riding the top of the wave for most of the season.

In an effort to be more inclusive and more diverse, we have decided that it is in the best interest of everyone to expand the teams eligible for the rankings.

In that light, we will now include the full constituency of our soon to be President (Halfrican-American Barry Obama).

The poll will still be called the Negro Coach and QB Poll, in honor of all those who fought so valiantly for the right to be included in our rankings last season. Only this time, all NCCA D1 teams will be eligible to receive votes.

All teams, that is, that have either a Negro Coach or QB, Latino coach or QB or a non-white coach or QB.

Change you can believe in!

10 Ball State -The Ballers are 2-0 with convincing wins over Northeastern and Navy. Tremendously gifted QB, Nate Davis, has completed 80% of his passes for 7 TDs and is averaging over 300 yards per game. If the Cardinals can get past Akron in their next game, that will set up a showdown with #9 Indiana in two weekends.

9 Indiana - The Hoosiers are sitting pretty at the top of the Big Ten with blowouts over Murray State and Western Kentucky. Dual threat QB Kellen Lewis has thrown for 2 TDs and rushed for 2 TDs. He is also averaging over 18 yards per rush. Tim who? Next up for IU will be the chance to be fully vetted in a showdown with #10 Ball State...and then on to the Big Ten schedule!

8 Arizona - Willie Tuitama has completed 77% of his passes for almost 500 yards and 0 interceptions. A 70-0 victory of Idaho proves that these Wildcats are back in full force! Next up, a border state showdown with New Mexico.

7 Georgia Tech - QB Josh Nesbitt has rushed for 3 TDs and his leadership has lead to an undefeated start and sole possession of first in the ACC's hotly contested Coastal Division. Up next is a vulnerable looking Virginia Tech.

6 West Virginia - After a sharp performance against always stout Villanova, WVU ran into possibly the best defensive squad in the country. And came out the worse for the wear. Despite the loss, Pat White has completed 70% of his passes for 5 TDs. He is also averaging 80 yards rushing per game. We believe the 'Eers are better than they showed against a supremely motivated and confident ECU squad, and will give them the chance to prove it against Colorado before we significantly drop them in the rankings.

5 Illinois - Another one loss squad in the top 10. But, the barn burner against Missouri could have gone either way and this early in the season should not weigh heavily against Juice Williams and his Illini. Williams has thrown for 6 TDs and has a lofty 152.4 QB rating. Add to that over 90 rushing yards per game and 2 rushing TDs....and you have to ask yourself: Why is anyone paying attention to Tim Tebow?

4 Oregon - Projected started Nate Costa is out for the season. But, in the newer, inclusiver NCQB Poll, that still qualifies the Ducks to be ranked. Wins over Washington and Utah State have eased the learning curve for the QB who is replacing all time great Dennis Dixon. We will learn more about the Ducks in the next two weeks in games against Purdue and Boise State.

3 East Carolina - Patrick Pinkney has completed 80% of his passes and accumulated an ultra-impressive 167 QB rating after two huge victories. Non-conference games against ACC regional powers NC State and Virginia are still to come. Victories in those tilts coupled with a manageable C-USA schedule could set the Pirates up for some BCS action.

2 Oklahoma - Sam Bradford continues to lead one of the most potent attacks in the Nation. The Sooners have the defense to be in this thing to the end. With the Texas game being at a neutral site, the Sooners get all the rest of their big games at home.

1 USC - The Trojans seem fully re-loaded with Mark Sanchez at QB. With a 178 QB rating, Sanchez seems primed to continue the USC QB tradition. The prizefight with Ohio State this weekend will certainly be a test, but if the Trojans can get through, the rest of the schedule is manageable.