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Tuesday, October 30, 2007


As you may have noticed this week, our posts have not been as frequent, and they have been rather quickly done.

We mentioned that we are currently conducting a NOIS leadership forum and conference. This endeavor will be complete on Thursday, and we shall return to our normal volume of postings.

We thank those that emailed to find out if everything at NOIS Media was in order.

We are fine.

Until we are back on schedule in the next few days: THIS seems like a wonderful conversation. Feel free to take part.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Monday Night Madness: The Pack Wins Thriller

Fantastic finish to MNF.

The Pack was led to victory by a stout defensive effort and tremendous big play explosions by their wide receivers.

In the first quarter WR James Jones bust out a 79 yard tremendous catch and run.

And after a hard fought game ended in a regulation tie, over time lasted all of one play.

An amazing 82 yard catch and run by Greg Jennings left the Denver crowd shocked and awed.

While Kornheiser, Jaws and Tirico babbled on and about whatever topic they were beating to death, it was clear: the Pack owes their win and tremendous first half of the season to the fearlessness and explosiveness of their wide receivers.

The Pack is back.

Peter King: Landmark Event

For those of you, like us, that habitually read Peter King columns so you can feel good about your own football knowledge, self worth, appearance, intelligence and just general existence...we wish to make known a landmark event that took place today.

Peter extended his recording breaking streak.

For what seems like the 1000th consecutive column or tv appearance, Peter mentioned he called a pro football player on his cell phone.

We aren't sure if it is Peter's way of bragging to us that he has their numbers. Or if he is still mystified with cell technology.

Or, maybe he is just as surprised as we are that he can operate a cell phone.

Congrats, Peter. We imagine that Carson Palmer couldn't be more thrilled that you have him on your contacts list.

And. For those that don't read Peter. You are missing things like this.

Fresh from his latest offering:

We, as a society, need to leave Britney Spears alone. It's pathetic the way the paparazzi chases her the way dogs chase cars. Let this woman have a prayer to have a life with her two children.

And the word out there is that Sports Illustrated is becoming irrelevant. Pshaw!

Quick Hit

Very quickly, as we are on a short break from a NOIS leadership forum we are holding at the convention facilities of a Best Western.....

We took heat not long ago for suggesting that Tom Osborne will look to the source of most of his past success to right the Nebraska football program: the Negro QB.

Corn-addled Nebraskans mocked us on their message boards. Belittled us in their emails. And, generally embodied the stereotype of the slovenly, ill mannered, uneducated graduates of a great plains agricultural university that we at NOIS have tried so hard to fight.

From John Henderson of the Denver Post.

Disregard my Friday comment that Buffalo coach Turner Gill isn't ready to return to his alma mater at Nebraska. His once laughable Bulls beat Akron 26-10 and now lead the Mid-American East Division at 4-1. Keep in mind that Nebraska's new athletic director, Tom Osborne, was a groomsman in Gill's wedding and in his book, "More Than Winning," Osborne wrote, "I was probably closer to Turner than to any other player I have coached." Gill also has only a $100,000 buyout. Hmm. -- Denver Post

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Unfounded Criticism

Just a note from your loyal editor:

We have, over the past several weeks, received many emails levying criticism and casting aspersions against us based on a few of our posts.

Not long ago, we presented a White Running Back of the Week award. We also paid tribute to the white running back with our epic, 'Ode to the White Running Back'.

Emails we received voiced concern, because the senders felt that there was no need to point out the instances (few and far between though they are) in which running backs were white. The senders felt there was some sort of bias on our part for pointing out that, despite the perception the mainstream media portrays, there are white athletes out there capable of being running backs.

Essentially, we were attempting to fight the stereotype of white men not being capable of being running backs.

Well, the emails told us that we were trying to make some sort of racist statement. Somehow, these readers construed our effort to righteously help the white running back gain the notoriety he deserves as being some sort of slight.

Clearly, these are our dimmer readers. Most everyone else understands the intent which we have carefully and thoughtfully explained here.

However, we feel the need to point something out.

These readers that have emailed us seem to live in a vacuum in which they believe that NOIS is responsible for pointing out that there are white running backs still existing in college and in the NFL.

One of the wonderful things about site tracking is that we can learn from where readers of our blog find us.

And, over the course of just the past 24 hours, 22 specific google searches with a very specific search parameter found our site.

That parameter: white running backs.

So, clearly, if just the past 24 hours are any indication, we at NOIS are meeting a glaring need in the internet searching community by providing a reasonable destination as they hungrily search for information on the white running back.

We feel it is our righteous calling to maintain the legacy.

Be assured, NOIS will do all we can to prevent the legend of the white running back from going the way of the dinosaur.

It's the least we can do.

So please remember, NOIS is simply answering the call of the google search in our mission to keep hope and the white running back alive, so stop your emails with the bitching about it.


The Editorial Staff of the righteous Nation of Islam Sportsblog

University of Florida: Is UF An Educational Institution?

Channing Crowder, a linebacker for the Miami Dolphins attended the University of Florida on a football scholarship.

Now, Crowder left early for the NFL, but did spend a few years on campus as a student.

As a scholarship athlete, the deal usually is that in return for his participation in athletics, Crowder would receive the very best education that UF has to offer.

The Dolphins will be playing in London this week.

“I couldn’t find London on a map if they didn’t have the names of the countries,” Crowder said. “I swear to God. I don’t know what nothing is. I know Italy looks like a boot. I learned that.

You read that correctly. Mr. Crowder, during the course of his studies at UF learned that Italy looks like a boot. But can't read a map.

“I know (Washington Redskins linebacker) London Fletcher. We did a football camp together. So I know him. That’s the closest thing I know to London. He’s black, so I’m sure he’s not from London. I’m sure that’s a coincidental name.”

Yes folks, again, you read that correctly.

Channing Crowder confessed today he didn’t know until Tuesday that people spoke English in London.

The University of Florida must be very proud of their connection to Crowder's development.

We reject the notion that Crowder was joking.

This is a clear indictment of UF's educational system and their practice of luring Negro athletes onto campus with the promise of a good education in return for their services. And then releasing them into the world without the tools to so much as read a map.

While Crowder may appear the fool for making these statements, we applaud him for speaking up and having the courage to expose this calculated system of userage employed by UF.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Yankees: Who Will Replace Torre?

So far, the Steinbrenner off spring have interviewed Joe Girardi and Don Mattingly as they search to find a replacement for, and repair the torn apart looker room left behind by Joe Torre.

We've all seen the rumor that part of the reason Torre was tendered an unacceptable return offer was because of the information that Gary Sheffield courageously brought to the media earlier this year. Information that would seem to be accurate. The post season is won by teams with strong and unified clubhouses. The Yankees lost. Again.

Clearly, the first order of business for the Yankees is to repair the damage and disunity left in the wake of the Torre Regime.

It would seem that the Yankees would need to make a break from the Torre 'family tree' if they hope to achieve the greatness they did in the earlier Torre years. The years before his systematic institution of clubhouse apartheid turned the Yankees into post season patsies.

We believe that the interviews of Girardi and Mattingly are simply window dressing.

Next up on the interview carousel is Tony Pena. Now, certainly, the melanin rich Pena might bring the ability to unite the clubhouse. Unfortunately, his connection to the Torre system of rule greatly hinders his credibility with the players hoping for a manager that will treat them with equality.

Certainly, most of the Yankees in the clubhouse are rooting for the Steinbrenners to interview Met's manager Willie Randolph. Randolph is a remnant of the early, successful and unified Torre years. A reminder of how the clubhouse used to be unified. Before Torre erected those walls of division. Walls that only Gary Sheffield has had the courage to try to knock down.

The only troubling aspect of a Randolph hire would be that the Mets' collapse at the end of this season will be brought up by detractors who are against a Negro manager of MLB's flagship organization. Certainly, they won't mention that the on field leader of the team was David Wright, or that most of the blame should be sent his way.

While all these candidates certainly have the technical knowledge and skills to be the Yankee skipper; we believe that Yankee's ownership has no choice but to look outside the Yankee family for a new manager.

The only logical choice is Dusty Baker.

Baker managed organization with nowhere near the payrolls and resources the Yankees have. And he made them contenders.

Certainly, Baker's ability to make Barry Bonds feel special in San Francisco will resonate with the Negro players on the Yankees. We expect his first move will be to provide them with leather recliners and larger lockers and to let them institute their own schedules.

This would be a significant first step in healing the broken and dysfunctional locker room family that Torre has left behind.

Dusty Baker.

The reasonable solution to the problem. And the key to bringing a ticker tape parade back to NYC.

edit- [yes, we know that Dusty is 'in' Cincy right now. But, Frank Robinson is just too old for the Yankees job. So Dusty is the only reasonable choice left.]

Monday, October 22, 2007

US Women's Soccer Team Coach Fired

The U.S. Women's soccer team has announced that coach Greg Ryan's contract will not be renewed.

Ryan amassed an impressive 45-1-9 record as the national team coach. The only loss coming in this year's World Cup semi-finals.

US Soccer officials stated:

"I'm not going to point to any one factor or one individual decision," U.S. Soccer president Sunil Gulati said on a conference call Monday announcing the change. "Obviously, coaches' decisions impact games. All that was weighed in."

We wonder why the president would go out of his way to refute that the firing is based on one particular decision? Certainly, such a statement is unnecessary.

Well, truly is based on one decision that Ryan made.

With the Americans favored to win their third World Cup, Ryan decided before their match with Brazil to make a change in goal, replacing Hope Solo with veteran NEGRO [bold 'Negro' added by NOIS] goaltender Briana Scurry. Solo had allowed two goals in four World Cup starts and had a shutout string of nearly 300 minutes. Scurry, the goalie for the 1999 World Cup champs, had beaten Brazil two straight times.


Ryan chooses to replace the alabaster keeper with a woman of color. The team loses the game. And he is out of a job.

Even more interesting is this: The US team, full of high scoring stars, was shut out. Blanked. Unable (or unwilling?) to score a goal to support their Negro goaltenderette.

"Ryan was 45-1-9 since taking over in early 2005, but Gulati made clear that the lone loss weighed heavily in the decision..."

One loss in 55 games is a deal breaker?

Or, is benching the pale white girl in favor of her melanin rich back-up the true deal breaker?

Perhaps defender Cat Whitehill summed it up best:

"With the standards our team has set, if you don't win, it's hard to keep your job," Whitehill said Monday, a day after players and Ryan were informed of the move. "Nothing against the way Greg Ryan coached, but we didn't play as well as we should have."

All the starting players, who were shut out in the game, will be back with the team.

It wasn't difficult for them to keep their jobs, despite the loss.

But, then again, they weren't the ones that went with the Original Goal Keeper.

NOIS Rankings: Negro Coach and QB Poll

Losses suffered by Illinois, K-State and Maryland made it difficult to find 10 worthy teams for the rankings this week. So, in a move meant to demonstrate our allegiance to performance and our distaste for ranking teams just to rank them (do you HEAR us Coaches Poll and AP Poll???), the NC&QB will be a Top 8 this week.

8. USF: The Bulls are in the rankings this week as part of our honoring their banning use of the 'n-word'. Despite the loss to Rutgers, the Bulls can still win the Big East.

7. Kentucky: After last week's emotional win over LSU, the 'Cats faced a tough and desperate Florida team that just proved a little too much this week. Many 'analysts' claim that UF QB Tim Tebow 'outperformed' UK's top QB in the nation Andre' Woodson; however, the statistics and film show otherwise. Woodson is proving his value and cementing his position as the top QB in the upcoming draft.

6. UCLA: Karl Dorrell's squad leaps back into the rankings with a sharp win over Cal. The Bruins continue to play to the level of their opponent, and with Washington State and Arizona up next, they need to end that practice if they stand any chance of surviving their final three weeks against Arizona State, Oregon and USC. This may well be a short lived ranking.

5. Virginia Tech: An off week for the Hokies. Next weekend brings Boston College to town. A VA Tech victory sets up a possible show down for ACC supremacy in a few weeks with UVA.

4. Virginia: The Wahoos continue their steady climb up the rankings with a huge 18-17 win over Maryland. A test against tough Wake Forrest is really all that is left on the schedule before the finale against VA Tech.

3. West Virginia: With USF losing to Rutgers, the Mountaineers are back in the Big East title picture. A tough game with Rutgers is on the card, but after the emotional and draining USF game, Rutgers will be hard pressed to stop the Mountaineers.

2. LSU: The Bayou Bengals got all they wanted from Auburn. A touchdown with one second left on the clock gave LSU the duke. The SEC is a mess this year, with team after team knocking each other off. It will be a tall task for LSU to go the distance without another loss and meet Oregon in the BCS title game.

1. Oregon: The Ducks' offense overwhelmed Ty Willingham's charges; rushing for over 400 yards. Oregon's offense has looked virtually unstoppable the past few weeks. Next up for the Ducks is USC.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Indiana Pacers Preview

Thought some of our readers might like to read a preview of the Indiana Pacers we wrote for Slam On Line.


Former UL-Lafayette Football Coach Wins Suit Over Firing

Jerry Baldwin, who served as the Negro Head Football coach at the University of Louisiana-Lafayette from 1999-2001, was victorious in his law suit which asserted that he was fired over his race. Not his won-loss record.

Baldwin amassed a fairly dismal 6-27 record, and school attorneys say attendance was very low at home games.

Certainly, the won-loss record played a role, no one could argue that. But, the jury found that it wasn't the sole reason for his dismissal.

Jurors found that Jerry Baldwin's race wasn't the only reason he lost the job, but was among the reasons. University officials broke his contract and inflicted emotional distress through negligence, according to the jury of six whites and six blacks.

Apparently, there was unequal support shown to Baldwin's program when compared to white coaches that preceded and followed him.

In closing arguments for the eight-day trial, Bernard said white coaches before and after Baldwin got new equipment and had a greater ability to market the football program via a coach's television show and through the university's marketing department. Baldwin worked with used equipment, the marketing director was fired his second year on the job, and he never had a coach's show to promote the football program, Bernard said.

The jury ruled in favor of compensatory damages.

Jurors voted 10-2 to award Baldwin $500,000 for general damages, including emotional distress; $600,000 for past lost wages; $900,000 for future lost wages, and $2,676 for special damages.

The university offered a feeble defense.

The same administration officials now accused of racial discrimination are the same people who gave Baldwin the job as the first black head coach at a major Louisiana university, Oats argued.

Well, that's just wonderful. And, eerily similar to the types of things we heard seeping out of South Bend after running Ty Willingham out of town, 'we gave the Negro a chance...we didn't support him once he lost a few games...but we gave him a chance..."

The university's lawyers were also dismayed with other elements of the plaintiff's case.

He also said there are no signs that Baldwin's ability to get another job in coaching has been hampered by the firing, and Baldwin's attorneys did not present any evidence that he suffered extreme emotional distress.

It's a shame. Clearly, the neither the university nor their counsel are able to relate to the trials and tribulations their unsupportive environment caused their Negro coach.

Mr. Baldwin is no longer in coaching. That is evidence enough that his prospects for further employment have been hampered. And, Mr. Baldwin is now a minister at New Living Word Ministries, a clear demonstration of his quest to find peace and salvation after the emotional and mental torture he endured at the hands of the administration of UL-L.

Certainly, Ty Willingham is taking notes.

Joe Torre: Retribution

A while back, we informed you of Gary Sheffield's belief that Joe Torre treated certain players differently than others.

Sheffield believed that race entered into the equation as to how Torre showed respect for, and treated players.

Well, it seems that the Yankees brass listened hard to what Sheffield had to say.

Yesterday, it was reported that Joe Torre was done as the Yankees manager.

Torre had led the Yankees to the post season every year he managed. And 6 World Series appearances. Clearly, a record like that would warrant unparalleled job security.

But, the Yankees obviously had had enough of the type of behavior and disrespect in the clubhouse that Sheffield brought to light.

And, in a show of deference to Torre's tenure and record, the Yankees allowed Torre the face saving move of rejecting an 'offer'.

We applaud the Yankees on their stand and their show of support for Sheffield's accusations.

It's rare that we see a corporate sports conglomerate like the New York Yankees put justice and righteousness ahead of winning.

Maybe it is time to bring Willie Randolph back into the Yankee fold?

Thursday, October 18, 2007

South Florida: Ban Use Of N-Word

The University of South Florida has reached unforeseen heights on the football field this season.

However, the greatest heights reached by the team may be in the locker room.

From the Tampa Tribune, via The_Big_Lead:

"These days the only N-word being thrown around the University of South Florida is 'national championship.'

Last season that wasn't always the case. At least not until Walter Walker spoke up.

After reading a column about the use of the N-word in society, specifically in athletic locker rooms, by's LZ Granderson, Walker decided to do something about it.

He said he would no longer tolerate the use of the N-word by his USF teammates.

'I felt if I didn't do it, I would somehow be found derelict of my responsibilities as a citizen of humanity,' said Walker, a 6-foot-5, 333-pound senior right tackle for No. 2 ranked USF."

And, after instituting the righteous policy, the fortunes of the team speak for themselves.

In honor of Walker's stand, and his team's willingness to follow him, we announce that USF will be eligible for inclusion in our next Negro Coach and Quarterback Poll.

Congratulations to the Bulls for taking this strong social stand.

And congratulations on their new found eligibility in the NC&QB Poll.

Ya'll some righteous niggahs brothers.

Koren Robinson: Redemption Song

Koren Robinson was suspended a year ago for violations of the league's substance abuse policy. Robinson also suffers from alcoholism and as part of the treatment for his disease, he takes a pill every day which causes alcohol ingestion to make him ill.

Well, a year later, Commissioner Roger Goodell has reviewed the circumstances involved in Robinson's suspension.

And, in a decision that may very well bolster Odell Thurman's mandate to fight for the employment rights of the disabled which the NFL has trounced upon; Robinson has been reinstated by the league.

The reinstatement of Koren Robinson is a clear admission by the NFL that Robinson may or may not have been treated unfairly by the arbitrarily instituted policy.

Clearly, with the threat of Odell Thurman's possible suit on behalf of the disabled, the NFL finds itself in a corner and is trying to right some of the wrongs they have committed.

We applaud Roger Goodell's decision to reinstate Robinson. Albeit, the decision was clearly forced by the circumstances of Robinson's disability.

And, as Brett Favre said about his teammate, "...there's still a lot left for him to do on and off the field, but give the guy an opportunity."

Redemption is a sweet, sweet song.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

These Are Our Readers....

We noticed an unusual number of hits coming from a Nebraska football message board, so we clicked over to check it out. And there was a link to our prognostication about Nebraska's next move.

Nebraska fans are quite......well....quite Nebraskan.


Nebraska Football: What Next?

Everyone who follows college football is aware of the firing of Nebraska Athletic Director Steve Pederson. And aware that Nebraska has brought in the venerable Tom Osborne to act as interim AD and help right the program.

Osborne has said he won't be making any decisions on the future of coach Bill Callahan until he has evaluated his work for the entire season.

But, certainly, there is a good chance that Callahan won't be back.

So, who will Tom Osborne recommend as the person to bring Nebraska back to the top of the heap?

It will be tough to lure the coach of a big time program away for their current job to fill a Nebraska opening that has lost much of its luster. So, other options might be:

Bo Pellini: The LSU defensive coordinator will be a popular name for most openings after this season. He has put together very good defenses at LSU, effectively using all that talent that they have recruited. It wouldn't be a stretch to think that Nebraska would bring him in to return the Black Shirts to their old form.

Brian Kelly: The U of Cincinnati first year coach is having a big first year with the Bearcats.

Houston Nutt: A fairly big name coach who has had success at Arkansas. His programs implosion isn't of all his own doing, and a fresh start might be just what the Doctor ordered.

However, we believe that Osborne will look to his past.

Osborne has a history of relying on Negro QB's for the success of his program. Perhaps no coach of an elite D-1 school put more Negro QB's under center than Osborne over his tenure.

We believe that Osborne will continue to do so and look to one of the two that brought him the most success. Turner Gill or Tommie Frazier.

Both have head coaching experience. Gill at University of Buffalo and Frazier at Doane College. And, considering how far the 'Huskers have fallen under Callahan, their experience might over qualify them for the job.

It seems a safe bet that if Osborne has a major say in who will be the next coach of Nebraska, he will look to the source of most of his past glory.

The Negro QB.

ND Lineman Quits Team, Receives Scholarship Release Without Issue

Notre Dame offensive lineman, Matt Carufel, decided that his boy hood dream of playing football for Notre Dame was actually a real life nightmare and decided to quit in the middle of the season.

He is, at least, the second member of the Irish squad to choose to leave school and run as fast and far as he could from Charlie Weis since the season started.

The other player to do so was Negro QB Demetrius Jones.

The Irish made Jones wait for his release, even going so far as threatening not to release him from his scholarship before finally caving to pressure by concerned media outlets (like this one) to do the right thing.

Carufel, a white lineman, was granted his release without incident and with no problem.

Ty Willingham could not be reached for comment.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Ramadan: Fasting and Introspection the Key to Athletic Performance?

Muslim players in the NFL face a unique challenge during the holy month of Ramadan. The required dawn to dusk fast is something which greatly changes the normal routine of a professional athlete.

But, with the unique nutritional challenge, there are benefits.

The idea is to focus on their blessings and their spiritual awareness, which the athletes say carries over into their play. As with any change, they admit it is hard, like trying to get into shape after weeks of not working out. But eventually the body establishes a new tempo.

Denver Broncos' safety Hamza Abdullah feels that his performance over the years has been best during Ramadan.

“I have had some of my best games during Ramadan,” Abdullah, a 24-year-old safety, said in an interview. “I got my first and only interception while I was fasting.”

Perhaps the highest performing Muslim athlete of recent years was Hakeem Olajuwon.

“When your stomach is full, you get tired and lazy and too relaxed,” said Olajuwon, who retired from the Houston Rockets in 2002. “You get tremendous energy from fasting. Everything is crisp. When your stomach is empty, you get a lot of oxygen and you can breathe.”

Clearly, the benefit to athletes is measurable in both the physiological and psychological terms.

But, how do athletes that don't participate view those that do?

Teammates, he acknowledged, “think it is crazy,” particularly the idea of not drinking water all day. Devout Muslims avoid sex and eating or drinking from dawn until sunset during the month. Actually, they are not supposed to ingest anything, which rules out all manner of activity, including smoking.

Certainly, it is a departure from the normal and accepted notions of athletic nutrition. However, the empirical and anecdotal information seem to indicate that the practice might be something that would benefit all athletes.

Abdullah credits the whole idea of Ramadan with helping push into the background all the distractions from daily life that might interfere with his concentration while playing. “You are focused on the things that matter in your life,” he said. “You are not worried about extracurricular activities with the guys that you usually get caught up in. I don’t hang out at all hours of the night, I don’t listen to music and play video games.”

Abdullah makes clear that the benefits are not simply of the athletic variety. That, perhaps, this may be the answer to the problems many young professional athletes find themselves in due to their new employers not providing them with the means or tools to focus themselves when they are off the field.

One wonders if it is difficult to engage in the fast and the contemplation when surrounded by team mates who are busy eating and engaging in self gratifying behavior.

The hardest parts of the day come during lunch time, he said, when he heads to the locker room to hang out while everyone else is in the cafeteria eating, and between afternoon practice or a game and sunset. To help make the time pass, Abdullah sits in a cool tub in one of the therapy rooms or goes home early to play with his young daughter.

Two things are evident.

One, the fasting and accompanying introspective reflection allows the players to achieve a higher sense of focus and creates a better environment for them to not only be more productive football players; but to be better citizens.

Two, it seems unusual that while players like Abdullah are bettering themselves both physically and mentally, their team mates would be actively unsupportive by eating and playing games and such.

As the benefits of Ramadan become more evident. And as the team mates of those that observe it become more educated and supportive, it seems clear:

Ramadan is destined to become a mandatory undertaking in the NFL. It is the answer to both elevating the on field performance of the players and to alleviating the off field issues facing the young athletes today.

Many fans have complained that the big money the young players make has led them to making poor and selfish decisions off the field.

Following the lead of players like Hamza Abdullah certainly will allow the NFL to go a long way in providing their fans with a league in which they can be proud.

And, as the NFL follows the tenants of Ramadan observance, it wouldn't be far fetched to believe that the fans would want to support their teams by making it a part of their lives as well.


The righteous way for Roger Goodell to change the NFL for the positive.

Monday, October 15, 2007

NOIS Rankings: Negro Coach and QB Poll

With NC&QB #1 LSU and #2 Illinois both suffering upsets this week, the rankings reflect the shake up at the top of the college football world. (Although, the ESPNU All-State Fan Poll bumped Illinois to #1, despite their loss)

Additionally, clearly our voters bought into #7 Florida St.'s reemergence prematurely. The 'Noles loss to Wake Forrest dropped them out of the rankings this week.

#9 Indiana suffered the indignity of an upset loss to the inconsistent Michigan State Spartans, dropping the Hoosiers from the rankings.

The votes are in, and this weeks poll has a new consensus number one.

10. Illinois: The Illini lost to an underachieving and poorly coached Iowa team. Clearly, Ron Zook's team got caught up in the hype of their top 5 ranking last week. But, Zook's young charges certainly will learn from the experience.

9. Kansas St. : A win over Oklahoma killer Colorado has the 'Cats back in the Top 10. Up next: Okie State.

8. Maryland: The Terps bump up thanks to the upsets this week. And thanks to being inactive. Next up is a huge showdown with NC&QB top 10 Virginia.

7. Virginia Tech: A win over hapless Duke coupled with Virginia's huge victory this week ended up costing the Hokies in the polls. The chance to move up presents itself next week in the form of Boston College.

6. This week we honor the Jena 6 by holding this spot open in a symbolic and defiant demand that justice be served.

5. Virginia: The Wahoos get a lift this week thanks to a hard fought victory over former Big East leader and previously unbeaten Connecticut. UVA and Maryland are on a collision course for ACC supremacy.

4. West Virginia: The 'Eers got a week off and Pat White got a week to heal his tender body. With Sylvester Crooms hard hitting Bulldogs of Miss St on the agenda next, and the meat and potatoes of their Big East schedule to follow; White's health is the key to the remainder of the season.

3. Kentucky: Andre' Woodson came back from a mistake prone game against South Carolina to lead the 'Cats to a major victory. Next up is Florida.

2. LSU: Yes, they lost. But, they ran into the best QB in the nation on a special night. No other QB could have won that game. Chances are, we will still see LSU in the title game. A do or die game against Auburn is next.

1. Oregon: The Ducks, much like Ohio State in those other polls, benefited from #1 and #2 ahead of them being upset. However, unlike Ohio State, the Ducks weren't ranked highly to begin with by default. The Ducks better not be thinking about USC in two weeks and be ready Ty Willingham's Washington team next week.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

NC&QB #6 Kentucky Upsets NC&QB #1 LSU

Earlier this week we praised Jacob Hester of LSU with "Ode to the White Running Back".

This week, the game summary for Kentucky vs. LSU looks like this:

Negro QB > White Running Back

We apologize for jumping the gun and being premature in our poetic praise earlier this week.

And we thank Andre' Woodson for the reminder.

Friday, October 12, 2007

The Stephen A. Smith Interview

Next up in our ongoing interview series:

Stephen A. Smith.

We posed some questions for Mr. Smith, some of the answers may very well surprise you.

1) You have a unique style and presence. The internet and critics are often unkind and harp on the your propensity for loud deliveries. It's ironic that one of the 'endearing' things people find about Dick Vitale is his loud, excited manner. Do you think there is a particular reason that yours might be received more critically?

Obviously, my being BLACK doesn't help when coupled with my demonstrative delivery, and I'll openly admit I need to tone the volume down a bit -- which is difficult because I've been loud my entire life. But I really don't concern myself with critics or their views because, by and large, I think their cynicism is an ingrained excuse to avoid the validity of the words coming out of my mouth.

The fact, why far from flawless, I usually know what I'm talking about while providing a perspective that's rarely heard, mainly because of the paucity of BLACKS in my chosen field. I consider it my responsibility to express a point of view -- even one I may admittedly not necessarily agree with -- that echoes that of the disenfranchised, the individuals who feel passionately about something yet go unheard. When you have that type of conscience, that little something extra in your soul, the haters will undoubtedly be right everywhere. I not only except it; I embrace it. Always have! Always will!

2) What still remains for you to do on TV? You have had an accomplished career in television. What goals still remain to be met?

I'm still aspiring to be a reporter for 60 minutes one day. Regardless of my opinions, it would still be a dream come true for me.....Ed Bradley is something I've idolized my entire adult life. That has not change, although he's departed from us now.

3) Travis Johnson has taken a lot of heat for his post game comments about Trent Green. Many sportswriters (ie, Peter King) have lambasted Johnson for his statements, essentially saying 'get over it, the hit wasn't illegal'. Some of these are the same people (ie, Peter King) that years ago wrote columns saying that Warren Sapp's hit on Chad Clifton may have been legal, but was unnecessary and cheap . Any thoughts on this?

No thoughts whatsoever. I really don't care about that at all.

4) When is the last time you watched a hockey game?

Last year...........Flyers vs. Rangers.

5) As basketball season begins, we'd be remiss not to ask a basketball related question. We've read that the Pacers are re-marketing themselves to their fan base. That, essentially, their studies show they have a 'conservative market' that doesn't identify with 'hip hop' culture. As part of the effort to regain profitability and sell tickets, they hope to field a team which exhibits the 'conservative market's' values of 'hard work, fundamentals and team work', and focus less on the individual player. Do you think a team can be successful on the court with a basketball/coaching philosophy built on marketing goals? And, clearly when you cut through the politically correct language, those goals are based on appealing to a white fan base.

I see no problem with what the Pacers are doing, for several reasons. First, marketing is what's things are all about these days and if the Pacers decide they want to focus on team, we all can certainly understand why that would be the safest direction to head in, in light of Ron Artest, Stephen Jackson and some of the other individuals that have managed to get themselves into troubling situations.

But more importantly, to answer your latter question directly regarding appealing to a white audience, if that's their audience, what's wrong with it? Just like politicians, no franchise is bigger than its constituency. If Indiana's fan base is majority white and you're asking them to pay their hard-earned dollars to patronize your product, then they have a right to want what they want and expect you to give them what they want. We all need to realize that and act accordingly. And if we have a problem with such a mantra or edict, then go work in a place or for an organization that mirrors you own individual belief system.

That's the way things are in America. We all need to get use to it.

Discussion of Our Poetic Righteousness

Sometimes, our righteous posts and commentary inspire and stimulate intellectual discourse, profound debate and burgeoning social consciousness.

Other times, they lead to Bayou-dwelling, inbred hysteria.

For a look at some reaction to our righteous "Ode to the White Running Back", please check out this link which irrefutably highlights the shortcomings of the state of Louisiana's public 'higher' education system.


and another.....LINK

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Odell Thurman: Fighting For the Employment Rights of the Disabled

We are all acutely aware of the mainstream media's relentless effort to undermine the public perception of the young Negro athlete. The constant barrage of negative press used as an offensive measure to cement the image of the troubled, wild and uncontrollable young Negro who disobeys laws and acts in a purely selfish and self gratifying manner. We read the formulaic 'stories' of young Negro X breaking law Y and being suspended for Z.

It's predictable, obvious...and old.

What we don't read about are the myriad of efforts and initiatives undertaken by young Negro athletes to not only better the lives of those in the communities from which they came, but to better the lives of the disenfranchised, mistreated and forgotten in all communities.

And, unfortunately, the few times we do read about them, they are cast in a speculative light with a nod towards the notion that the young Negro athlete is only trying to benefit himself.

That is where we are in society. We have been molded to believe that young Negroes can engage in nothing if it is not directly related to their own self interest.

The power of the media. It is unparalleled.

Former Cincinnati Bengals linebacker, Odell Thurman is currently leading a charge to fight for the employment rights of the disabled. He is calling attention to the application and following of the Americans with Disabilities Act by the NFL.

Thurman has hired legal counsel to investigate whether the NFL has been negligent in its hiring practice regarding employees that have disabilities.

Thurman’s lawyer, John J. Michels said. “You can hammer people for conduct that breaches your standards. But this is the functional equivalent of telling somebody that you believe has cancer, we’re not going to employ you.”

The NFL was fairly progressive in its racial integration of the league. The notion that NFL is now telling folks that have documented and accepted disabilities that they can not take part is disturbing. And saddening.

As part of Thurman's crusade for the employment rights of the disabled, Thurman has authorized his legal team to use himself as the case study.

Thurman's courage in allowing his disability to become public knowledge and to open his disability to public debate in an effort to advance the employment rights of the disabled can not be commended in high enough terms here.

“The crux of the complaint is that they have a disability and they are not being reinstated because of that disability,” said Paul M. Secunda, a labor and employment law expert.

Certainly, when an uninvolved law expert capsulizes the situation in such concise terms, we can understand clearly the baseness of the NFL's actions.

The realities of the situation seem clear:

He has filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, asserting that the N.F.L. declined to reinstate him because officials believe he is an alcoholic. That, his complaint says, violates the Americans with Disabilities Act, which categorizes people as disabled if they have a record of alcoholism and have received treatment.

Clearly, the NFL has some issues with its policies. And, a thorough legal review to ensure that they are not discriminatory or in violation of the individual rights granted by our government is necessary. This may be yet another case of the NFL deciding that their interests supersede the rights of their employees.

Those that would proffer the misguided and unfair supposition that Thurman's goal is simply to use the case and accusations of disability and employment violation to get back into the NFL certainly display no understanding of discrimination and clearly have allowed the media's unrelenting portrayal of young Negroes in a negative light to blind them to the humane and civically minded intentions of Thurman's campaign.

Secunda added: “Potentially, these situations are boundless as far as athletes getting in trouble with alcohol- and drug-related cases. It’s the larger debate in society. At what point do people have to take responsibility for their own actions?”

We couldn't agree more.

It's time the NFL is held responsible for their blatant discriminatory practices.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Marion Jones: The Media Wins

The mainstream sports media is a powerful entity. Molding stories to sway the opinion and the minds of the consumer.

For years, we as a Nation and a people have been subjected to the purposeful psychological incarceration at the hands of those who set the agendas which fuel corporate America and the mainstream media. Bombarded by constant stories, ads, 'news', music, movies and all the other content driven avenues developed to aid our overlords in molding our thoughts, opinions and values. It's an oppressive process to ensure that we eventually see ourselves the way they want us to be seen. To ensure that we fit into the system the way they believe we should.

They not only market their products to us, they market ourselves to us. Consumers don't drive this market. The marketers drive the consumers.

If the concept didn't work, advertising wouldn't be a trillion dollar world wide industry. Media outlets wouldn't be owned by billionaires.

Our minds are conditioned to eventually believe what they tell us. To believe that we are what they say we are. To become the stereotypes that they demand we be.

Enter Marion Jones.

A graceful runner. An educated woman. A stunning athlete. And a wonderful person.

Representing her country proudly, she competed on the world stage for the glory of the American Republic. Her life spent training and sacrificing so that the day would come on which she would stand atop that platform and hear the notes of the anthem of the country for which she had been molded to live, breathe and die.

Then scandal. Accusations and insinuations.

Marion cried. She became angry. She lashed back. How dare they accuse her of foul play. How dare they say that she - who gave all she had for the Republic - had disgraced it by cheating. She denied these egregious insults and derogatory notions. Vehemently. Categorically. Believably.

The story left the front page, but never went away. The mainstream media, whenever steroid talk came up mentioned her. Always relating her achievements to the accusations.

Years go by. Her achievements and steroids become irreversibly intertwined. The mainstream media effectively, patiently and efficiently turned the name Marion Jones into a synonym for steroids.

The media is far reaching, omnipresent and reality distorting.

It also is almost always successful.

The media's reality, over time, has become Miss Jones' reality. Her past denials and truths a distant memory. Replaced by the media's version of reality. The never ending barrage similar to the ancient Chinese water torture used to drive a prisoner mad.

Finally, after virtually a decade of torture, Miss Jones has cracked. Her reality shattered. The stamina she once exercised to fight the media's relentless assault no longer able to alleviate the pressure.

Her reality succumbed to the media's manufactured definition of who Marion Jones is. The stereotype of the cheating athlete.

The cheating Negro athlete.

The desperate need to erase athletic achievement. The type of achievement that clearly defines the Negro as the superior physical human. Erase that, and the mainstream media can preserve the self worth of the white race they represent.

This is an old story. It is a common story.

It is a true story.

The same type of truth as Marion Jones' previous denials.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Jacob Hester: Ode to the White Running Back

In days of yore, you ran free in packs
All over the field, white running backs.

Fast Negro runners with amazing grace,
Slowly began to take your place.

Once there was Riggins and his mohawk,
Now you line up and mostly block.

Slow of foot and without much style,
We watch you try and it makes us smile.

You lower your shoulders and get three yards,
Moving less like backs, more like guards.

They talk of your motor and how hard you compete,
And try not to mention your clumsy feet.

But like the infrequent moon that's blue,
There are the times you still come through.

At the end of the game; it couldn't come later,
You drove through the line to defeat the Gator.

Jacob Hester, we will cut you some slack
You aren't too bad for a white running back.

NOIS Rankings: Negro Coach and QB Poll

Once again, we gave you the big upset of the week, Illinois knocking off top 5 Wisconsin. (yea, yea...we know USC losing to Stanford was THE big upset of the week...but NO ONE picked that one...)

On to the NC&QB Poll

10. Maryland: The Terps up it to 4-2 with a win over GA Tech.

9. Indiana: The Hoosiers, behind Negro QB Kellen Lewis make their NC&QB Poll debut this week with a big win over Minnesota. IU is now 5-1, with the blemish coming at the hands of No. 2 Illinois.

8. Virginia: The Wahoos improved to 5-1 and will get the chance to knock off unbeaten and unproven Connecticut next week.

7. Florida St.: The 'Noles crack the top 10 and seem to be finding their stride behind talented Negro QB Xavier Lee.

6. Kentucky: Tough loss to South Carolina knocked the 'Cats from the ranks of the unbeaten. Andre' Woodson didn't have his best game as turnovers proved to be UK's undoing.

5. Virginia Tech: The Hokies finally showed some scoring ability in blowing out Clemson. Will get the chance to take the big stage again in two weeks in an ACC showdown with Boston College.

4. West Virginia: Still righting the ship after the big loss to USF.

3. Oregon: A bye week to recover from the damaging loss to Cal.

2. Illinois: The Illini make their debut in the poll. Two straight wins over Top 25 teams for the Illini has their Nov. 10 showdown with Ohio St. looking like it will be for all the marbles in the Big Ten.

1. LSU: The Tigers reached deep down and found the intestinal fortitude to hold off Florida, further cementing their status as the top NC&QB team.

Notre Dame: Weis' Genius Leads to Victory

"We never had a better week of practice since I've been here. I said good things will happen, and it happened."


Coach Charlie Weis once again turning mere words into significant reality.

The Irish put a halt to an 0-5 start with a well game planned 20-6 victory over a UCLA team that has proven to be the model of consistency under coach Karl Dorrell.

The win over previously 4-1 UCLA (only other loss was to high powered Utah) will certainly put ND back in the BCS picture.

"It's been a while since we've been up in the second half," he said. "So I told my guys to act like they've been there before. Don't make me look an idiot."

Looking like an idiot should now be the least of offensive genius Weis' worries. The game plan he put together was brilliant.

All season long, the Irish had struggled to score. His offense has had difficulty blocking, passing, rushing, running pass routes, snapping the ball, lining up, getting in their stances and huddling up. But after 5 beatings, Weis developed a whole new offensive strategy.

Stealing a page from the early success of his predecessor, Ty Willingham, Weis mapped out an offensive package for UCLA that would effectively bypass that list of shortcomings.

Instead of putting pressure on his protege freshman QB to make things happen, Weis drew up a scoring play for his defense.

Using his defense to offensively generate 6 turnovers and cunningly coaxing the Bruins into 93 yards of penalties, Weis unveiled the Irish's new unconventional offensive strategy.

After taking heat for 5 weeks and having his coaching skills questioned, Weis served notice that his team is now ready to move up the rankings.

The Irish put together a solid 140 yards of total offense. But, Weis' game plan only called for 140 yards. And the 3-17 third down conversion rate was fueled by a game long run of 9 yards and a game long pass of 10 yards. Explosive doesn't begin to describe the newly found success of the Irish.

QB Jimmy Clausen continued his unprecedented progression, ending the day with a stunning 3.1 yards per attempt average. Lofty numbers for a young man just a season removed from the high school game.

Perhaps the most brilliant game time maneuver pulled off by Weis was ensuring that UCLA would be forced to use their 3rd string QB.

Such outside the box strategizing is the type of thing that won Weis multiple Super Bowls as an offensive coordinator.

"When you're 0-5, everyone in the country is laughing at you," Weis said. "The only thing you can do is do something about it on the field. I'm really happy for the kids.

Cheer, Cheer for Old Notre Dame!

Watch out service academies, here come the Irish!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Broken Hearted

We recently heard some wonderful news.

JuicedSports accumulated a comprehensive listing of the Top 100 most influential blogs in Blogfrica.

Knowing full well that any list of such an undertaking would be amassed with the precision of a Six Sigma Black Belt project, using intensely scientific algorithms and formulaic measures and benchmarks to accurately reflect each blogs influence; we felt assured that this would be the end all and be all definitive listing for sports blogs.

Once and for all, a hierarchy of sports blog could be established. And there would be no argument.

So, with complete faith and trust in the waiting accurate portrait of Blogfrica, we ventured to the list.


Not bad, thought we, confident that the extensive research involved in the project was a completely accurate depiction of not only our spot, but all spots on the list.

Our trust was complete. As was our measurement of our self worth, based on the list.

And then....and then we were made aware of.....this... from We Rite Goode:

10/2 Update: After some readers cried foul that 28th most "influencial" blog--Nyjer Please--is inconveniently defunct, while the well-read Nation of Islam Sportsblog was excluded from the list, Juiced bowed to critics and updated the rankings. Well, updated the rankings is a bit of a stretch...more like swapped in NOIS and removed Nyjer Please at number 28 overall. Now, I know what you're thinking...but it makes perfect sense--as those of us around the blogosphere know, Nyjer Please and NOIS blog have exactly the same amount of influence! It really is amazing, given that the blogs are written in completely different styles and focus on different topics, but I totally trust the two equally.


Suddenly, our morning coffee lost its taste. A cloud blocked the sun. And our self worth was now at Britney Spears levels.

How could this be?

Swapped one for another with no controlled and documented process to assess the impact it would have on the entire listing?

And, what of swapping out a defunct blog for NOIS? It sends a message that NOIS has all the influence of a blog that doesn't exist!

Our self worth plummeted further.

And what of the 72 blogs ranked below NOIS?

Now, they are less influential than a blog that is as influential as a blog that doesn't exist.

And what of those blogs ranked ahead of NOIS?

They are now only more influential than a blog that is of less influence than a blog that no longer exist.

Suddenly, what seemed a brilliant, scientific and comprehensive undertaking has become a metaphorical pejorative aimed at Blogfrica in general.

According to Juiced Sports, blogs have no influence.

Perhaps the most disheartening aspect of the 'switch' is that NOIS was placed in a position held by a blog which, if the name is read quickly, could be mistaken for 'nigger, please!'.

The message to Blogfrica couldn't be louder.

Tony Joiner: Stripped of Team Captaincy

Florida Safety and team captain, Tony Joiner, made arrangements with the owner of a towing company to pay a $76 towing charge for his girlfriends vehicle and to pick up the vehicle.

The early to bed, early to rise Joiner arrived at the impound lot at the sprightly hour of 5AM to pick up the vehicle and start his day.

Unfortunately, the owner of the impound lot was not as conscientious about starting his work day as early as Joiner likes to get up. No one was present to release the vehicle to Joiner.

The enterprising young go getter and team leader saw no need to waste economy of motion by making another trip later in the morning to the impound lot, and released the vehicle to himself.

So far, nothing alarming or unduly objectionable about his actions.

However, a 'witness' intruded upon Joiner's effort to comply with the arrangements he made with the lot owner. The 'witness' called the police to report that Joiner was breaking into the lot and attempting to vacate the premises with a vehicle.

Joiner, aware that the witness had called the police, didn't attempt to leave and stayed. Surely, in an effort to clear the situation up and put the police in contact with the owner.

The police cuffed and stuffed Joiner and quickly charged him with a felony before the situation could even be brought to the owners attention.

Certainly, with the current climate as a result of 7 arrests in the last year previous to this 'arrest' of Joiner, coach Urban Meyer would have to respond with instant and definitive action.

Meyer stripped Joiner of his team captaincy. And his status for the huge LSU game this Saturday is unclear.

"Coach Urban Meyer stripped Joiner of his captain's status and said the senior starter has not been cleared to play Saturday at top-ranked LSU. "

Suspending a player for a felony charge seems reasonable.

One would hope that the district attorney will be willing to listen to the owner of the lot and understand that this was not a felony offense.

That may well happen, but the problem is that it may not happen before the game.

So, Joiner may well pay a price for being the type of person that rises before the sun to start his daily tasks.

Clearly, this 'witness' was shocked to see a young Negro ambitiously starting his day at such an early hour.

One wonders if Tim Tebow would have found himself genuflecting before the police if he awoke at 5AM.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

NFL: Super Tough on 'Juicers'

Ok, we don't know if this is official or not.

Yahoo has reported that Tim Couch is being suspended for 6 games for steroid use.

6 games.

Clearly, the NFL is serious about its PED policy.

After all, Couch isn't even on a roster and they suspended him 6 games.

Actually, this is baffling.

Coach Wade Wilson got 5 games.

And star players, like Shawn Merriman and Rodney Harrison, got 4 games.

Clearly, there is something wrong with either the policy or Roger Goodell's continued arbitrary application of policies.

Illinois: Zook A Genius?

Ron Zook has long been regarded as one of the premier recruiters in college football. But, he has also been labelled as a guy who can assemble talent, but not coach and develop it.

Well, with Illinois' fast start to this season and big win over Penn St. this Saturday past; Zook may be serving notice that all his detractors may well need to reevaluate their criticism of his coaching ability.

Certainly, the improved level of talent that Zook has brokered to Champaign-Urbana is in large part responsible for the on field improvement.

But, just as significant, has been Zook's game management strategy.

"The football was in the hands of Illinois backup quarterback Eddie McGee when the clock expired on the Illini's victory over Penn State. And it wasn't in a mop-up role for starter Juice Williams. McGee came off the bench to help seal the biggest win of the season in the fourth quarter Saturday and took a knee to end the game. Although coach Ron Zook said Williams remains the team's starter for Saturday's showdown with No. 5 Wisconsin, Zook said McGee could soon see more playing time.''

Certainly, Zook took notes on the two QB rotation used by Florida last year. And, he is probably watching closely what LSU is doing with their two talented QB's (although, admittedly, much of LSU's system is out of necessity because of injury).

But, while Zook certainly can't be given credit for coming up with the idea itself, he has taken it to the next level.

Florida and LSU both reached the top of the poll using one Negro QB in the rotation.

Zook, in his burgeoning genius, is using two Negro QB's.

There is no doubt that something special is brewing in Illini country. And, there is no doubt that Zook may finally have found the strategy to win with all that talent he is assembling.

#5 Wisconsin falls this week.

Mark it down.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Isiah Thomas: Jury Rules In Her Favor

After a few days of deliberation, it seems the jury has found in favor of the complainant in the case against Isiah Thomas and the New York Knicks.

Certainly, anyone subjected to unwelcome advances and abusive language is deserving of protection. And possibly even compensation for the unpleasantness and stress caused by the situation.

Madison Square Garden was also found to be responsible for punitive damages.

Despite the jury's seeming assuredness in their conclusion, one must wonder about the situation.

Was Anucha Browne Saunders granted considerable benefit by the jury in their interpretation of her responsibility in the interactions?

Certainly, Browne Saunders convinced the jury that she was harassed. But, in the arena and business of male sports: what is harassment?

We are talking about a culture of male interaction, relationships, expectations and behavior. Certainly, if a female chooses to enter that world, she should have a thorough indoctrination into the culture. A complete understanding of the world she is entering. The notion that the established culture must change to accommodate the sensibilities of someone entering it is unfair. It's a tyranny of the minority to suggest that now, because Anucha Browne Saunders was unable to adjust to a world that existed in good condition before her association with it, that that world must change.

The fallacious reaction is that the individuals that are already a part of the culture at The Garden should take harassment training and sensitivity training. All in an effort for their successful and happy organization to change to accommodate one individual.

Certainly, the more reasonable course of action would be for Browne Saunders to undergo some sort of counselling or course to help ease her into the culture. To help change her sensibilities, perceptions and attitude. To help her understand that the onus is on her to fit in with the culture.

What efforts did Browne Saunders make to adapt to the Knicks culture? Did she exhaust every opportunity to fit in?

There are accounts that she was the frequent vocalizer of less than civil word choices. So, clearly, at some point she did attempt to fit in to the culture.

Why did she stop trying? Because she realized that this job and culture simply wasn't for her?

There is no shame in that. Sometimes, when one assumes a responsibility that is not suitable in a cultural environment in which fitting in is something they simply can't do, the best course of action is to find one that is suitable. Not damage the already existing culture by trying to force a reconstruction of the already established and well functioning working environment.

Obviously, if Browne Saunders had simply explained herself and left, Thomas and MSG couldn't have had any less respect for her.

By giving up, Browne Saunders may have made herself a lot of money. But, everyday when she looks at her bank account, she will have to live with the fact that she simply quit. She gave up on herself.

And she gave up on being a female and fitting into the culture of the business of male sports.

Because of this, we predict that opportunities for women in male sports front offices will be in even less availability.

Anucha Browne Saunders gave up on women.

And at NOIS, unlike some, we think women are worth more than a $10M settlement.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Notre Dame: Still Fooling Recruits

Much has been made about the way Charlie Weis has supposedly elevated the caliber of recruit brought into Notre Dame. The insinuation is that under-supported coach Ty Willingham was not bringing in good recruiting classes. Of course, little is made of the fact that almost to a man, every contributor on the roster the two years previous to the current debacle of a season was brought in guessed it...Ty Willingham.

But, no sense in making an issue of it; it wouldn't be the first time a chubby white guy with an unflattering hair cut and gynocomastia that makes Pamela Anderson jealous brazenly assumed the credit for the hard work of a Negro. Or that somehow, now that this season has turned catastrophic for the Golden Boys of college football, that Willingham is accused of 'leaving the cupboard bare'. Although no one complained much about what he left while ND received -what were later revealed to be undeserved- BCS bowl bids. But, yes, clearly, the success of those teams is all Weis' offensive genius. And the demise of this team is clearly that Willingham left no talent. No talent, three years removed from doing the recruiting. Makes sense.

Certainly, it's not surprising that those indoctrinated in the religion of ND football would sip the sacrificial wine that Weis has consecrated. True believers of the religion would be expected to believe in what would seem ridiculous at a time of disarray. Trying times test faith. And, when faith is tested, the clergy must resort to desperate measures to rally the congregation. Hence, turn Willingham into the dark demon who ruined the program. And propagate the image of the flaccid Weis stuffed into khaki's with his below his belt belly jiggling as he walks on water.

Unfortunately, it seems the missionaries sent by the Weis to convert high school football players to the religion of ND football are making in-roads.

Notre Dame is off to the worst start in school history at 0-5. But Tucker’s Jamoris Slaughter says he’s not wavering on this summer’s decision to commit to the Irish. “[Notre Dame coaches] told me at the beginning of the season that they have a young team and this year was going to be one of the years where they don’t have a lot of experience,” Slaughter said.

The serpent tongued Weis has clearly seduced young Brother Jamoris with promises of future riches. And blamed the woeful season of now on 'inexperience'.

We would agree that inexperience and a young team certainly can lead to heavy losses. However, so can a dearth of talent and inadequate coaching.

How can one decipher which is the cause?

Effort. And potential. Notre Dame has generally been beaten quickly, soundly and convincingly this season. Beaten by teams that have proven themselves to be moderately talented, at best. If Charlie Weis had talent standing on the sideline next to him; his team would be 'competing'. And they aren't.

In contrast, North Carolina has a poor record this season. They have played 23 freshmen and redshirt freshmen. That's inexperience. However, they have lost two games by 3 or less and one by 7. The only loss over 20 points was at the hands of South Florida. A team that has proven to be amongst the better teams in the country thus far.

Despite the inexperience, North Carolina is competing.

Notre Dame isn't.

Lack of effort and lack of talent is not related to lack of experience. Despite what the missionaries from Notre Dame are promising impressionable recruits looking for college salvation. And scholarships.

“Just because they’re having a bad year, it really doesn’t affect me.”

Brother Jamoris! It does effect you. Not directly. But it tells you all you need to know about them.

As soon as things got tough, they pointed the finger at the Negro they had run off the plantation, and blamed him. The moment things got tough in the first game, Weis abandoned his Negro QB.

Why on earth would you want to set yourself up for possibly being the next scape goat for a man that couldn't even keep his stomach stapled and blames his doctor for his gourd like physique?

Which, based on Weis' recent blame laying history, makes us wonder if his doctor was Negro.

The false prophet of Notre Dame football must be silenced.

We look at Navy to lead the jihad and end the lies perpetuated by Weis and his underachieving and under talented crusaders.


In an unusual occurrence (hadn't happened since '02), the #2 team in the AP poll jumped the #1 team after victories for both.

Clearly, if you checked this season's inaugural NC&QB Poll, you would have noticed that we had LSU ranked #1.

We congratulate the AP for aligning themselves (albeit a week late) with the NC&QB Poll and encourage voters of the USA Today poll to open their minds and understand that voting a team #1 does not lock them into retaining that team at #1 if they are being clearly outperformed.

USA Today voters are invited to check back here for Tuesday's release of the NC&QB poll and use it as a reference for their own voting.

College Negro QB of the Week

Kansas State lived up to our expectations, and Ron Prince put together a brilliant game plan that left that Texas head coach guessing on the sideline.

As a result of the K-State effort and victory, our CNQBW this week is Josh Freeman.

Freeman didn't put up overwhelming stats, but his game management and leadership were essential in leading the Wildcats to a convincing victory over the overrated 'Horns.

Freeman posted a 22/38 177 and 1 TD day.

Runner up this week was Juice Williams of Illinois.

Williams also was not statistically dominant. But, like Freeman, managed the game and provided the field generalship that has become the hallmark of CNQBW winners.

Williams is shaping up to be a solid qb. And clearly, the dominance of the Negro QB at the top of the draft will continue for the next several years (read: eternity).