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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Gilbert Arenas: The Right Thing To Do

We've taken some heat for our post supporting Mark Ecko's affinity for balls.

Seems like we aren't the only ones who thinking branding the ball is a bad idea.

From 100%_Injury_Rate, looks like Gilbert Arenas is not thrilled with the idea either. And it looks like the Hibachi is trying to do something about it.

"But anyway, the gist of how Gil feels about the ball is simple. Here's some of what Agent Zero said:

"It's history," Gil began. "It's still history. I mean, the guy's a man before he's some big slugger. I mean, how you just going to take what this man's done for his career and, as another man, say 'Hey, you were accused of this, you allegedly did this, I want to take this away from you.' I mean, what if we took away your Ecko company? "

All this puts us in a conundrum.

We support Ecko's right to handle balls.

But we also think that Arenas makes a strong case for not permanently scarring the historic artifact.

Compromise is the solution.

Allow Ecko to make himself up with some nice red lipstick and kiss Bonds' ball, leaving a non-permanent mark.

Problem solved.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Mark It Down: Weekend CFB Predictions

Our staff consesus for the college games that matter this weekend.

Penn St. at Illinois: Look for Juice Williams to lead the Illini over the now exposed Nittany Lions.

Kansas St. at Texas: The Longhorns have been good enough, thus far. But, that won't be enough to stop Josh Freeman. And Ron Prince should be able to outperform that Texas coach in the X's and O's department. Look for an upset here.

USC at Washington: The Trojans look tough and are highly ranked. But Seattle can be a tough place to play and Ty Willingham finally has his team believing. A Husky victory will put Oregon in the driver's seat for the PAC-10 title.

Oregon at California: Dennis Dixon has shown he is one of the two top QB's in the land. Look for the Ducks to pull out a high scoring affair.

West Virginia at South Florida: The Bulls have put together a nice start to their season with a solid D and an 'athletic' QB. But, look for WVU's Pat White to show that the Original QB is the only QB.

Duke at Miami: The Hurricanes' Randy Shannon will have the OB rocking as the now free from the longest losing streak known to man, Blue Devils, bring their high hopes and low talent to town.

Maryland at Rutgers: Tough task for the Terps. QB Jordan Steffy just doesn't have the talent around him to expect the Terps to pull off the upset. But, expect the unexpected. Terps catch the Knights still in a slumber from their week off and weak schedule.

North Carolina at VA Tech: Tyrod Taylor continues his development as the Hokies will dominate the game, but the score will be closer than expected.

Virginia at Pitt: QB Jameel Sewell has the Wahoos on a 3 game win streak. Look for Pitt to play a tough game, but UVA will come out on top.

Florida Atlantic at Kentucky: Andre' Woodson gets a working vacation. A chance to play without performing a patented 4th quarter comeback.

Mississippi State at South Carolina: Sylvester Croom's squad is exceeding expectations and fared pretty much the same as the 'Cocks against LSU. This will be a tight game, but the Bulldogs should be ready.

UCLA at Oregon St.: Karl Dorrell seems to have been able to brainwash his team of that collapse at Utah. Look for the Bruins to continue to build.

Buffalo at Ball State: QB Nate Davis almost led the Cards to an upset of Nebraska last week. He's averaging 300 yds a game and has 11TD's and only 2 INT's. Cards big.

and finally, our lock of the week:

Cincinatti at San Diego St.: The Bearcats just announced that Demetrius Jones will be joining their program. Look for that knowledge to instill motivation and spirit in the team. And look for a win over the Aztecs.

Jason Sehorn: The Last White Corner

A few weeks ago, we initiated the Roger Wehrli Award. An initiative to recognize the best performance each week by a white cornerback.

We opened up the award to our readers, asking that nominations be submitted so we could truly make this an award representative of the citizenship of Blogfrica.

To our dismay we got no emails with nominations.

We assumed that for some reason, no one was interested in participating in crowning the weekly king of white CB's. So, we dropped the initiative.

Now, much to our surprise, we find that there is a different reason for our not receiving any input.

According to this in depth, investigative column; there are no white CB's in the NFL.

'Still, a single black quarterback would be one more than the number of starting white cornerbacks.'

Upon reading this, we realized that this column was going to be not only factually relevant, but -if it could maintain the momentum of this statement- it also had the potential to present the startlingly obvious in a completely relevant manner. Certainly, one is more than none.

'And one can't help but wonder why the very idea has become such an anomaly. How many white kids from junior high through college were down-shifted, as it were, from corner to safety and from safety to linebacker in anticipation of a career at the next level?'

We asked former college QB's Antoine Randel-El, Ronald Curry, Arnez Battle, and Brad Smith their thoughts on this. All said it must be terribly traumatic for those white kids to be considered too slow and under athletic to play corner. That it must be incredibly difficult to overcome being stereotyped into a position to chase your dreams.

'Like most questions involving race and sports, these may be impossible to answer, but nevertheless worth asking. White cornerbacks lack the same historical baggage black quarterbacks have to carry, but by the same token, is there not a presumption against them? Didn't Jason Sehorn have to do "a little extra" to prove himself?'

Certainly, Sehorn had to overcome incredible bias in his quest to be a top notch corner. Certainly, not only NFL scouts had concerns about white corners, but the public would be skeptical about a white man on the edge of the defense. Additionally, the overwhelmingly white season ticket holders might be loathe to accept a white man as the face of their defense. Might'nt they?

""No," says Sehorn.


Well, being the last white man playing a position that was once all white had to give him a perspective on what it is like for guys like McNabb -playing a position that was once all white.

"We played the Eagles twice a year and they never had a great wide receiver," says Sehorn. "But the one year they give him a great wide receiver — even if he was a malcontent — he gets them to the Super Bowl. And then what?"

Well, then the he is roasted by the media and fans. And then he starts to get a bit defensive after a few years of under performance due to injury.

"As a journalist," says Sehorn, "the first thing I thought was, 'It's not the color of your skin. It's the city you play in.'"

Maybe some day a Negro QB will get the chance to play in Boston. A city famous for accepting Negro athletes. Yes, clearly, it's not the color of your skin. Unless you are in a city that cares about the color of your skin.

And, what does Sehorn think about being the last white corner?

""Being the last doesn't mean anything," he says. "It's not like being the first. It's not like I was a pioneer."

Much as the author cleverly explained that one is more than none. Sehorn's provocative musing brings us full circle.

Last is not first.

To quote the great Ricky Bobby, "If you ain't first, you're last."

And last for a long time.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Bonds: Ball To Be Branded

As the Giants and Bonds sever their relationship, it has been announced that the buyer of Bonds' record breaking home run will brand the ball with an asterisk and send it to the Hall of Fame.

Certainly, on initially being informed, we found this to be a distasteful act. Regardless of one's personal feelings about Bonds' accomplishments, defacing what may well end up being one of the most important pieces of baseball memorabilia seemed like a selfish act.

But further reflection and investigation led us to understand that this is something that the renowned baseball fan and historian -fashionista Mark Ecko- feels compelled to do based on his legendary involvement as a fan and as an activist in campaigning for the integrity and sanctity of the game.

As with most male fashionistas, his self expression is best exemplified through artistic contribution. Therefore, it seems logical for him to handle a ball as the object and target of his passion. Of his passionate act.

Certainly, what must be most troubling for a super fan and baseball guy like Ecko, is the media coverage of the event.

Ecko went the low key route of asking internet friends what they would like him to do with the ball. Somehow, through no effort or initiative of his own, it became a highly publicized event. Ecko simply wanted to get some opinions on how best to show his personal belief that Bonds' record was tainted. And, much to his chagrin, this turned into a media carnival which put Ecko in the news more than he probably ever had been. And brought him to sports media outlets probably for the very first time.

So, unfortunately, what was initiated as a passionate and individual statement about a fashionista's personal and intimate feelings for a ball, was turned into a cheap stunt by the every meddling media.

We feel compelled to stand up for Mark Ecko, baseball fan and guardian of the game.

This wasn't about publicity. This wasn't about the Ecko brand.

This was about a fashion designer's passion for balls.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Update: Fantasy Football

Awhile back, we mentioned that NOIS would have a team in a Yahoo! fantasy football league competing against the 'men' of KSK, Will Leitch and AJ Daulerio from Deadspin, Dan Shanoff, the Mighty MJD of The Debriefing, Matt Ufford from With Leather and Orson Swindle of Every Day Should Be Saturday.

Three weeks into the season, we felt it appropriate to point you to the standings. LINK

If you are particularly cleaver, you will be able to figure out our team name.

If you aren't, click on the first link (the word 'mentioned') in this post and it will tell you who's who.

If our performance faulters, we won't bother with anymore updates.

No need in spoiling our righteous impression.

Vick Town Hall Meeting: Follow Up

In an effort to gauge reaction to the watershed town meeting, moderated and broadcast by ESPN (on the topic of Michael Vick), we felt it important to seek out the analysis and reflection of others.

Certainly, an important and fundamentally necessary event such as this meeting would spark the attention of most sports fans and concerned citizens.

We looked to the outspoken voice of prolific sports writer/social commentator Jason Whitlock for interpretation of the proceedings. We anticipated that Whitlock would be addressing the happenings and revelations of the town hall meeting in his next Real Talk column, and wanted to get a preview of his interpretation of the effects that would certainly ruminate as a result of the long awaited discussion.

So, we put it to him:

What did you think of the town hall meeting?

His response, when pondered, will tell you all that needs to said about the event.

didn't see it..

Having watched a portion of the meeting, we find ourselves to be in total agreement with Whitlock's thoughts on the meeting.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Vick Town Hall Meeting: Consensus is That It's The Falcons' Fault

ESPN undertook the valiant and much needed task of discussing the culpability and circumstances of Michael Vick's unfortunate fall from grace.

Assembling a panel consisting of Neil Boortz, Terrence Moore, Selena Roberts, and Terrence Mathis, obviously, ESPN intended a panel of the brightest and most relevant personalities available to ensure that a productive discussion would take place, and that a reasonable outcome would result. This was no exercise in futulity, to be sure.

The crowd, not surprisingly since it is Atlanta, was full of Vick supporters. And, we would assume that the pro-Vick applause are reflective of the feelings around the nation.

The discussion was led by Bob Ley and was an informed, interesting and highly necessary endeavor. Necessary, because many still haven't, in their own minds, resolved exactly what transpired. Perhaps the most telling and most pertinant aspect of the meeting was the pro-Vick crowd's response to white panelist Neil Boortz and Selena Roberts.

Both Boortz and Roberts made comments to the effect that the Falcons enabled this. The Falcons never properly took Vick aside early on and laid down the necessary groundwork to ensure he was adapting to his situation properly. Certainly, the informed and reasonable Vick supporting crowd applauded this sentiment. And, more certainly, the white panelists weren't pandering to the melanin rich audience.

It was disturbing when Negro panelists Terrence Moore and Chuck Smith made insinuations that Vick should be held accountable, that he is a grown man and is responsible for his own actions and decisions. Such blatant bojangling was an insult to not only Vick, but every Negro in the crowd.

The crowd, rightfully, scoffed at this notion and found comfort and satisfaction in Roberts' accusation that Vick would not have been treated this way if he were not Negro.

Further showing their understanding of the situation, the crowd booed and mocked a director of the Humane Society who had been invited to speak. It was uplifting to see the crowd denounce the gestapo tactics employed by the Society in publicizing the Vick case.

Terrence Mathis spoke to the value of Michael Vick to the city of Atlanta. A Negro sports icon in the Negro capital city. The crowd agreed that it was inherently wrong and it was tantamount to a slap at the Negro citizens of the city to take him away.

At this point, we stopped watching.

During a commercial, we flipped to Judge Mathis.

He was busy admonishing a young Negro male who felt that he was not required to pay back his debt of borrowed money to his cousin.

The young Negro defendant argued that he had been disadvantaged and made some bad choices. And that he just didn't think it was reasonable that he should be held to his word and forced to pay back his debt.

Judge Mathis broke into some gobbly gook about personal responsibility and that when one makes bad decisions, the person who made the bad decisions is still accountable.

We believe Judge Mathis should watch ESPN's town hall meeting.

Clearly, his outlook needs to change and get in line with the sentiments held in the Negro capital city.

If judges currently seated hold the same notions as this former's no wonder Vick plead guilty.

NOIS Rankings: Negro Coach and QB Poll

Unlike the major polls, we feel it is prudent to wait at least until a portion of the season is played to gauge the abilities of college football teams.

This is our first ranking of the 2007 college football season.

This is truly the definitive ranking/polling system as there is no politics or politicking involved.

Some key elements of this poll:

-team must have a Negro Head coach; or
-team must be led by a Negro QB (or have one who gets significant playing time/makes significant contributions)

Please pause before you levy misplaced criticism in efforts to disparage or devalue our rankings. If you remember last season, there was great debate about #2 and who got to play Ohio St. for the title. While the other polls were in disarray and while coaches politicked for more votes; the NC&QB poll had it right from the start of the season!

Top Ten

10) Mississippi State (3-1) Sylvester Croom coached his Bulldogs to an upset of Auburn this season, and other than a defeat at the hands of a talented LSU team, the Bulldogs have exceeded expectations.

9) Washington (2-2) Ty Willingham has his team competing hard and showing a promising future. His tutelage of Jake Locker and imparting the ability to function as a virtual Negro QB has been the difference for the Huskies this season.

8) Virginia (3-1) After a tough opening loss, the Wahoos are on nice roll behind tremendous QB talent Jameel Sewell, who has used his Negro QBing ability to overcome the suspect coaching of Al Groh.

7) Miami (3-1) Sure, the 'Canes took one on the chin from OU, but Randy Shannon is quietly bringing the swagger back in Coral Gables. More victories -and arrests- are imminent.

6) UCLA (3-1) Karl Dorrell's squad rebounded nicely after not showing up for the Utah game. This team is threat to go undefeated in the PAC 10. They got their bad game out of their system and are ready to reclaim LA as their town.

5) VA Tech (3-1) Another team on the list that suffered at the hands of LSU. And losing to LSU is proving to be no disgrace this season. Tyrod Taylor is beginning to blossom.

4) Kentucky (4-0) Heisman Trophy front runner Andre' Woodson so far has been able to compensate for a weak defense and the general lack of talent brought in by coach Rich Brooks. Challenges abound for this team, but Woodson has shown that his indomitable will can win out.

3) Oregon (4-0) The only legit challenger to Woodson in the Heisman race has led an explosive offense that very well could challenge UCLA (or, if things break right for them...USC) for PAC-10 supremacy.

2) West Virginia (4-0) Pat White has this well oiled offense looking unstoppable. But, like Kentucky, the defense is suspect. South Florida, and their imitation Negro QB, will provide a nice test this Friday.

1) LSU (4-0) The Bayou Bengals look unstoppable at this point. There are plenty of landmines in the mighty SEC, but the talent on both sides of the ball in Baton Rouge is tough to match. C0-starter, Negro QB Ryan Perrilloux will prove to be the difference for this team before the season is over.

UFC: Rampage Jackson Ends Career of Iceman

In all the excitement of the Donovan McNabb's aerial extravaganza and Andre' Woodson leading Kentucky to another thrilling comeback win, we were remiss in providing coverage of a wonderful UFC card this weekend.

The headline brawl featured former light heavyweight ruler, Chuck 'The Iceman' Liddell versus Keith 'The Dean of Mean' Jardine.

On paper, it should have been a tune up for the Iceman. Despite the appeal of Jardine's rhyming nickname, he had a middle of the road track record and is considered a tough guy, but a marginal talent.

The one variable that everyone -except our readers- forgot: Liddell is damaged goods.

Having suffered a humiliating and humbling beating at the hands of all time great light heavyweight, Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson; Liddell proved to be both a physically and psychologically beaten man.

Certainly, Jardine is a man of strong will. However, Liddell was a shadow of the man that garnered magazine covers and wide acclaim as perhaps being the best pound per pound fighter on the planet.

Jardine wasn't particularly crafty or well polished. He didn't employ any unique or technically impressive strategies. And, he took the once stone fisted right hand of Liddell without major difficulty. Throughout the fight Jardine hammered the legs of Liddell with potent leg kicks. While powerful,they were telegraphed and unsurprising. It was as if Liddell's spirit, life and will to fight had been left outside the Octagon.

Certainly, Jardine played a minimal role in this. His lumbering and slow style and marginal skills should have had a 'great' fighter like Liddell chomping at the bit. But Liddell was thoroughly unimpressive, unmotivated and unprepared. Even sporting a bit of paunch on his once trim abdominal region.

The only logical conclusion to this performance is that the thorough dismantling administered by Jackson shed the dark light of reality directly into the eyes of Liddell.

His time was over.

After essentially retiring Liddell, Jackson went on to 'unify' the light heavy title by defeating Dan Henderson while Liddell gave a passionless performance in an effort to score one more pay day before being turned out to pasture.

So, while Keith Jardine will get the W in his record, anyone who understands MMA agrees that he should really be splitting his purse with Rampage Jackson.

It doesn't take sunlight to melt Ice. Darkness melts Ice.

Monday, September 24, 2007

David Garrard: Oh...Nevermind...

We had written a wonderful post extolling the virtues and impressive development that Jax Jaguars' Negro QB David Garrard demonstrated Sunday in leading his team to a victory in the Mile High city.

But, then....we saw this:

"I'm starting to believe in David Garrard. "

It appeared in a column this Monday Morning.

A column written by...............Peter King.

Sorry, David, you were just victimized by the 'fecal touch'.

Kiss your progress goodbye.

A Sunday Of 'Comeuppance'

Last week Donovan McNabb was the target of heated criticism for his fair and reasonable answer to questions posed to him about race and football.

The media and public's response to his answers was clearly a confirmation that McNabb spoke the truth.

And, as a result of his righteous honesty and steadfast dedication to the noble cause of espousing the realities of Negroeness as it relates to quarterbacking; McNabb was rewarded with a game for the ages.

McNabb, who refused to avoid the questions or answer them in anything but an honest manner made a very symbolic and important move on Sunday.

In an effort to show the media and public that he would not remain 'shackled' by their expectations, he emancipated himself from the hindrance of a knee brace.

Perhaps, without the psychological weight of having his movement restricted by the white man's device, McNabb was able to free his body and mind and soar to new heights.

To altitudes where only true Eagles dare.

College Negro QB of the Week

This week saw some heated competition for the CNQBW honors.

Previous winner Dennis Dixon of Oregon lead the Ducks in turning a close game into a second half romp against up and coming Stanford.

Dixon threw for 367 yards and four TD's to bolster his claim as top QB in the PAC-10.

Statistically, that is tough to compete with. But our winner this week gets the nod based on his leadership in the face of adversity and his team's second straight impressive comeback victory.

At this point, Andre' Woodson HAS to be the Heisman front runner. HAS to be!

Woodson's numbers don't tell the full story; 265 yds and 2 TD's. The full story is one of superior field generalship and complete control of every situation.

Ater 1/3 of the season, it's become clear:

The battle for top QB in the nation is really only a two man race. There are a few QB's out west putting up big numbers. But they are system QB's. And the young man at USC is surrounded by so much talent that the notion of him being the top QB in the country can't even legitimately be considered.

We suspect, that at the end of the year, if you tally up who took home the CNQBW honor the most will have your Heisman winner.

Drugs In Sports: A Quick Primer

We are a bit bored this morning, and rather than enlighten you with righteous input on the world of sports, we thought we'd share some practical information that might help you understand some of the things that are coming to light as federal agencies more deeply investigate performance enhancement drugs in sports, and society in general.

First of all, what they are FINALLY discovering now is nothing new.

The DEA has connected China to its series of raids on longevity, revitalization, aging....or whatever you would like to call those clinics that are sources for human growth hormone and other hormonal therapies.

For years, steroids and hGH have been available on the internet. Prior to 9/11, ordering them took little to no effort. Ordering from foreign sources in countries that steroids were not a controlled substance was simple and easy. Customs was not as efficient or concerned about things prior to the terrorist attacks, and getting the drugs in was as simple as ordering from an online pharmacy located in a country like Romania.

The events of 9/11 had a major impact on the underground world of steroids and PED's. Now, customs was on the alert and ordering put you at greater risk.

Mexico has always been a source, as veterinary steroids are accessible at farmacias with little problem. Getting them back to the US is a risk, however.

One of the solutions has been to turn to China. 'Underground' labs in the US clandestinely work with China suppliers to import base powders which come to the US camouflaged and trickily packed to conceal what they are. Once they arrive here, the operators of the 'underground' labs follow the simple recipes to concoct home made deca, test and all the others. They slap a nice label on them, oft times counterfeit labels of legit pharmaceutical grade products. But, many underground labs which aren't really labs at all - more often than not they are just set ups in someones kitchen or garage - label their products as their own and gain followings on internet steroid and bodybuilding boards.

Places like are fertile fields for those wanting to find contacts, foreign and domestic, to purchase steroids. The game is one of patience. You bide your time and make friends on the board, and eventually you will build up the credibility to start asking board 'vets' who the 'sources' are. And in time, you have a line on getting what you desire.

The problem is this: You have no way of knowing what you are actually getting.

This is an underground game, all about making money. It's a fair estimate that 75% or more of steroids purchased on the black market are counterfeit. Now, counterfeit doesn't mean they aren't steroids. It just means that they aren't the pharmaceutical grade product one would generally want to inject or ingest in their bodies.

So, this is a game of risk. You have no confirmation that what you are taking is in fact sterile. No confirmation that it is the efficacy indicated on the label. No confirmation that it is even what is on the label.

We've heard stories of people ordering winstol tablets. Winstrol is a steroid usually used for lean gains, or cutting up the physique. Well, one would not expect to put on a bunch of weight and strength or to get the puffy, water-logged face associated with heavy androgens like dianabol when taking winstrol. However, we've heard stories of just that happening. So, clearly, you don't really know what you are getting.

And that is the huge problem in all this.

It's one thing for athletes who make money hand over fist to gain connections to sources that provide real, pharmaceutical grade products. It's their risk to take the drugs.

The problem arises when high school, college and minor league athletes feel like the only way they can get their chance at the show is to get on drugs also. And they don't have access to doctors that will prescribe them real pharmaceuticals. So they hit the underground market.

Basically, what the Feds are discovering now is nothing new. China (and Thailand) have long been the go to countries for black market performance enhancing drugs. Trying to stop it is a difficult proposition.

The smugglers have been able, over the years, to hide their powders and products quite effectively.

There used to be a source in Thailand that shipped oral steroids in powdered form. The powder was spread on a thick sheet of paper, in a very thin layer. Then covered with another thick sheet of paper. Some sort of adhesive was used to keep them together and the paper was printed on and folded to look like a greeting card. The recipient unfolded the paper, and cut it into squares to make up the proper doses.

But, again, the user can't be sure exactly what and how much he is ingesting.

PED's are part of sports. Have been for a long time. The risk is one assumed by the athlete. The reward can be the payoff of making it to the big leagues.

But the reality is that younger athletes trying to emulate professionals are taking a huge chance with the black market and underground products.

And THAT is why the government cracking down on PED's is so important.

It isn't about the sanctity of the game. Or preserving records.

It's about mitigating the risks that younger athletes feel like they need to take to make it.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Another word of advice for Sunday Night Football

Keith Olbermann is smarmy, not edgy.

Just so you know.

And thanks for limiting the Peter King presence this week. If we want to view such an eye sore as King, we'll watch re-runs of Cheers and check out Norm. At least, even tho he looks like King, he is entertaining and knowledgeable. 'Women, can't live with 'em............................pass the beer nuts.'

A word of advice to Sunday Night Football and the NFL...

While we understand that your attempts to expand your market and fatten your pockets with even more $ are the impetus behind your Futbol Americano halftime show and the Vaqueros and Osos tags on the score screen.....but....

Don't forget over 90% of your audience speaks English, and we guarantee you didn't give most of them a warm fuzzy. And if the on hand crowd in the stadiums response to the Futbol Americano halftime show is any indicator. It was less than well received.

Hey, we're just saying........

A word of advice to Donovan McNabb

Donovan, while you had a spectacular game this week and led your team to a convincing win....BE CAREFUL!

Games like that will lead to people expecting more from you, as a Negro QB.

Just some friendly advice.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Baseball: Player Credits McGwire For Home Run Increase

Matt Holliday of the Colorado Rockies hit his 11th homer in 12 games, helping his run towards MVP.

Holliday believes his rise can be attributed to help he received from a former home run hero.

The left fielder who hit his 100th career homer this week and who credits batting tips from former St. Louis slugger Mark McGwire for helping transform him into an MVP candidate has to be among the most modest mashers in the game.

We demand that MLB drug test Holliday right now!

NFL: It's Time To Step Up And Take Care Of Former Players

Initially, when the debate first gained headlines, we were against the NFLPA being responsible for standing up for more inclusive pensions for former players.

We felt that it was a bunch of old guys who were essentially a bit miffed that they weren't getting a piece of what had become a multi-billion dollar pie.

But, recent events have changed our mind.

Players that suffer from residual debilitating effects of their NFL careers must be supplied with proper care and must be provided for.

Between Aug. 1, 2006, and Sept. 13, Ahanotu repeatedly sent text messages to her cell phone threatening her life, a Sheriff's affidavit said. Also, records say, he repeatedly went to her home and maliciously damaged her property.

Sounds like something we have grown accustomed to reading about. Athlete acting socially irresponsibly, making bad decisions and ending up on the wrong side of the law.

But is there more to the story?

On July 30, Tampa Fire Rescue officers involuntarily committed Ahanotu for mental evaluation under the Baker Act after Hector Nieves, Magellan Entertainment's director of operations, called police, records show. Nieves, who had received suicidal text messages from Ahanotu, told paramedics his friend was depressed because his children's mother was suing him for full custody. Emergency workers forced their way into Ahanotu's home and found him leaning on the kitchen counter, surrounded by an empty vodka bottle and boxes of over-the counter medicines. Ahanotu, who last played for the Bucs in 2004, grew verbally belligerent, and officers handcuffed him to a stretcher for his safety, according to police records. He told police he swallowed some pills and drank because he was depressed.

Again, sounds like personal problems and bad decisions.

However,the reality to this unfortunate situation is that the NFL is to blame.

In text messages, Ahanotu indicated he suffered from "post NFL aggression," which he was taking out on his ex-fiance, sheriff's officials said.

Mr. Ahanotu's self diagnosis is something that we believe must be explored.

If in fact his behavior has been impacted by this newly registered syndrome, we believe that Tank Johnson, Pacman Jones , Chris Henry and Michael Vick deserve to be evaluated using the same criteria that was used in locating this syndrome in Mr. Ahanotu.

Certainly, the off season would present an opportune time for such a malady to manifest itself.

While this twist in the life and well being of Mr. Ahanotu is most unfortunate, it seems to have happened for a reason.

Clearly, Roger Goodell's liberal application of his 'conduct policy' would have to be reviewed, if in fact it is in violation of accepted disability laws.

It would seem, now that it has been established that 'NFL aggression syndrome' is at fault for unusual behavior of players off the field, that the NFL may not only be the cause of the problems...but also may be violating disability employment practices by suspending afflicted players.

Race and Small College Football

Indulge us for a moment.

This is an interesting column written by Jeff Pearlman over at, please take just a moment to check it out.

If you don't have a moment, here's our quick summary:

-Division 1-AA football program (U of Delaware) finds itself to be very self important and self impressed with its success in 1-AA.

-In state 1-AA HBCU (Del. State) would love the opportunity to get on Delaware's schedule. They have been begging for at least 30 years to travel the 50 miles down the road to play them.

-Delaware has an unwritten institutional policy to the effect that they will never schedule Del. State.

-Del. State reps and officials have been willing to talk about it. Delaware folks won't respond to the questions. Their athletic department simply says that their hands are tied.

-Pearlman, a Delaware grad, believes that the old, wealthy white folk behind the University don't want to play Del. State for two primary reasons:

1) They look down on Del. State as being for folks who can't get into Delaware and believe the school and the football program are beneath them. They consider the students hoodlums. And it is based on the racial make up of the universities.

2) They fear the fact that they might lose (both programs are ranked in the top 25 of whatever they are calling 1-AA these days).

That should get you up to speed.

Now, as our readership knows, we are the last entity to throw out unfounded racist accusations.

But Pearlman makes a strong case.

Pehaps what is most disheartening about this situation is that it is Delaware. Sure, alumns of the school will tell you about the famed Delaware Wing-T and their wonderful college football history. The 6 national titles. The fair amount of former players that have made it on to the NFL. But it's Delaware. It's small potatoes.

Who cares?

We believe that Del. State is the one in the wrong here. The U. of Delaware has every right to make their own schedule. Sure, it would be fun to develop a rivalry with an in-state University. But, at this point in their histories, both schools have developed their 'traditional' rivals. Trying to force this is counter productive.

Usually, it is the school that has been shunned that is the one that takes the rivalry seriously. The bigger time school that has pushed them aside usually just winces when the game comes up. We experienced it during our college days. UNC rarely played East Carolina. East Carolina wanted so badly to be on the Tar Heels schedule to prove they were just as good a school and all that. But UNC had nothing to gain from putting together a rivalry. They beat ECU, and no one cares. They lose, and it looks bad. Add to it that UNC already had three major in-state rivals, and adding another to the schedule precluded them from the chance of going to (or bringing in) a bigger school from another region for better national exposure. So, sure, it's understandable that a program would not be interested in long term scheduling with a small (or less high profile, in ECU's case) in state rival.

But, again, Delaware is small potatoes.

Which brings us back to Del. State being the ones making the mistake here.

They should be setting their sights higher. If competing with Delaware is the benchmark for the program, then why bother fielding a team?

Del. State is a school with a small budget and lacking facilities.

If they want to improve their lot, they need to forget trying to cultivate a relationship/rivalry which looks competitive on paper and is geographically conducive to easy access for both fan bases and would be beneficial to state by giving Del. State better exposure within the state.

Del. State should be following the model that has been set for HBCU's in college sports.

Schedule away games with big schools that you have no chance against. And get a bigger paycheck.

The notion that it makes sense to take what they have and make the best of it, and try to compete with schools that are closer to their own level of competition is just silly.

The barnstorming, cannon fodder approach is the best way to take their program and school to the next level. And Delaware knows this and is helping out by shunning their in state sister school.

This isn't racism.

It's tough love.

(ed. Maybe this is the reason that Delaware won't play Del. State?)

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Notre Dame: Hateful to the End

From Spring practice right on up to the season opener, Charlie Weis claimed he wasn't sure who was going to be his QB.

We all knew it was just clever posturing. Ok, not clever. But posturing, none the less.

We all knew that there was no way that the greatest QB guru ever to produce pretty boy QB's could possible not have an inkling as to who would be under center when the Irish began the season.

Weis is simply too sly, smart and inherently genius not have had the season mapped out and not have been beginning to mold his next great creation at QB, right?

Not just right, but righteous!

And, when the season opened, out trotted Demetrius Jones! To quote the great Marine, 'Surprise, surprise, surprise!'

Certainly no one believed that it was a game day decision. That the greatest offensive mind in all of football woke up that morning and said to himself, 'hey fat ass, if I step on the scale and I break 300's Jones. If I step on the scale and I'm under 3 bills, it's not.'

Nope. The greatest offensive mind in all of football prepared Jones to start. He built his game plan around Jones starting. And he outlined his season with Jones as the QB in mind.

Second quarter of the first game, the greatest offensive mind in football changed itself.

Jones to the bench. Season re-gamed. Next Saturday, new starter.

Disrespected, embarrassed and mistreated; Jones left school. Hoping to continue his career elsewhere. Quickly.

One problem.

Notre Dame now refuses to release Jones from his scholarship. That means it will cost Jones cash to go to Northern Illinois this year.

You stay classy, South Bend!

"We don't believe his departure was handled appropriately," Notre Dame athletic director Kevin White said in a statement.

In contrast, the university seems to think giving him a quarter and half then yanking him from being the starter is appropriate.

Jones, who lost his starting job after the Irish struggled and he fumbled twice, told reporters that he enrolled at Northern Illinois on Sept. 12, practiced with the Irish the next day and didn't tell the coaches what he had done.

But, can we really scold Jones for being surreptitious in his actions? He spent two years being tutored by the greatest mind in football. A mind that would not divulge who would be the starter to supposedly anyone (even the QB's) until the season started. Jones simply followed the model of communication provided to him by the great offensive genius. Don't tell anyone anything until you absolutely have to. Jones clearly is a good student and should be commended for his steadfast and accurate application of the silent communication model deftly passed on to him by his coach/instructor/offensive genius.

So, why would Notre Dame, which clearly had no future plans for Jones after his quarter and half of play, not just bid him farewell and let him get on with his life? Why the vitriol?

Clearly, it relates to Ty Willingham.

Notre Dame decided when and how the Negro coach would be deposed. Notre Dame decided exactly how they would try to manipulate and control the information as to his exile.

Jones upstaged them. He rejected them! The Negro QB didn't simply pick up a clip board and stand silently on the sidelines allowing the university to control the situation.

And now he has to pay.

He has to pay tuition at Northern Illinois this year.

A modern reminder that the release from indentured servitude comes with a price.

McNabb: He Was RIGHT, More Proof

Maybe Donovan McNabb was just trying to make a point with his remarks. Maybe Donovan McNabb knew that if he partook in the racial dalliances dangled in front of him by HBO Real Sports, that he could effectively prove his point.

Or maybe McNabb had no idea.

Regardless, the talking heads in mainstream sports media are either proving McNabb a genius, or -at worst- an idiot savant.

Mike Celizic (of ridiculous fedora in his byline pic on has it all figured out.

Donovan McNabb is in hot water again, and it’s for all the wrong reasons. He’s done a sit-down with HBO’s Real Sports in which he says that because he’s black, he’s been put under a microscope and subjected to criticism that white quarterbacks don’t have to put up with.

Right now, McNabb is being singled out in Philadelphia for one reason only: he’s 0-2 on the season and he’s never won a Super Bowl. That’s not based on his ethnicity but on his results, and it’s the same for everyone.

Celizic goes on to insinuate that McNabb's comments were based on the booing he has received this year for his poor performance. That the comments were made as some sort of deflection from his lackluster on field showing this year.

Celizic's point could be prescient.

Maybe McNabb did make those statements because he feels like he is being singled out for the Eagles rotten offense thus far this season. Maybe McNabb is defensive over the criticism he is receiving from fans and media alike for his start this year.

From McNabb's blog:

First, the interview took place in August before the season started so for those who think I "played the race card" because we are 0-2 are dead wrong.


McNabb is asked leading questions in an interview. The questions have to do with race. He answers truthfully and honestly about how he feels.

The media's response is to criticise him and say that he feels that way in large part because he is being held accountable for the poor start of the season and is looking to deflect criticism from his on field shortcomings thus far this year by dropping a race card on the table.

But, the interview took place before the season.

You guys in the mainstream media sure are doing your best to make McNabb look like he knew what he was talking about, aren't you?

And, as an aside and further proof of Celizic's complete disconnect in his column, he wrote:

And if African-American quarterbacks are held to different standards, why is Atlanta bringing in Byron Leftwich to replace their white starter?


Clearly, some one woke Mr. Celizic up from a long, long nap and asked him to make commentary on issues he hasn't been spending any time paying attention to.

Although, we encourage Mr. Celizic to continue to excrete his literary droppings.

His thoughts are like so many kernels of corn in your morning bowel exercise.

Proof of what you consumed the previous day. Easily flushed away.

McNabb: Did His Truth Hurt Your Feelings?

Donovan McNabb was interviewed by HBO's Real Sports, and the focus of the parts of the interview shown on the show were questions relating to Negro QB's.

Mr. McNabb is catching a great deal of blow back for his comments stating that Negro QB's have to do more than QB's and are subject to far greater criticism.

Apparently, the consumers of the mainstream media have become so accustomed to the sugar coated pat answers spewed from the mouths of many sports figures, that when someone comes along and honestly answers the prescribed questions; the consumers choke on the reality of things.

Before we get started explaining the realities of the situation, let us say that those casting aspersions and negative feedback towards the answers provided by Mr. McNabb perpetuate the typical misguided criticism that runs hand in hand through the tall grass with the typical, cynical prejudices of racism.

HBO's Real Sports filmed a long interview with Mr. McNabb. An interview which he characterized thusly:

"This interview was supposed to be about how my career has been surrounded by controversy and how my upbringing has shaped the way I have dealt with it. "

Yet, somehow, the edited version of the interview seemed to put the race questions front and center.

The broadcast provided the mainstream media with ample fodder to fan the flames of the consuming public.

The entire process, a microcosmic manifestation of the realities found in the truthful answers provided by McNabb.

More is expected of Negro QB's, said McNabb.

Don't think so?

Well, what other QB's are asked the types of questions McNabb was asked? What other QB's are expected to answer them?

Negro QB's receive greater criticism, according to McNabb.

Don't think so?

What other QB's are asked racial questions by the media? What other QB's have figurative crosses burned on their figurative front lawns for answering them truthfully?

McNabb says that he didn't ask the questions. He simply answered them. Honestly.

If you don't want the truth about race in sports....don't ask.

More pointedly...don't ask a Negro QB.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Cheating in Football: Where's the Outrage?

Let us tell you a story.

A commissioner comes into a new job running a large organization. He declares he is going to clean up the image of the sport and is going to demand that those fortunate enough to gain the opportunity to be a part of the league respect the game with their off the field action. He says that if they don't, he is going to exercise new powers to suspend them.

And he does.

A scandal comes along. It involves game day conduct. It involves an organization willfully acting to operate in direct conflict with a reminder the commissioner issued to all teams in the weeks or days before the season started. It involved a coach deciding to demonstrate his complete disregard for the rules and his complete lack of concern about being caught. He did it against an opposing coach that flat out new his modis operandi. He did it with not one eye toward possible consequences. His explanation was ridiculous. He didn't understand the rule?!

He was caught.

The suspension happy commissioner was given an opportunity to exemplify his commitment to the integrity of the game as it relates to on the field incidents. He was given the chance to drop the hammer and show that the NFL will not tolerate such callous disregard for all the NFL stands for.

Instead, he fined a billion dollar organization less than a million bucks. And took away a few draft picks.

Message received commissioner, loud and clear.

Suspensions are reserved for those that hurt the marketing of NFL with bad press for being jerks off the field. Those that thumb their noses directly at you on the field and tell you ridiculous lies as their excuse are safe. Gotchya!

Perhaps even more outrageous than Goodell's complete lack of spine in standing up to the league's flagship franchise is the media's handling of the aftermath.

We aren't going to pretend that this is the most horrible form of cheating ever documented. But it is cheating. It is bad for the game.

Remember when Michael Vick was initially accused of the dog fighting and abuse? Do you remember Donovan McNabb saying it would be prudent to wait for things to run their course before we cast judgment? Do you remember the media lambasting him and accusing him of supporting dog abuse? Do you remember McNabb having to come out with another statement explaining that -surprise - no, he didn't support dog abuse?

Any words of support for Vick were demonized in by the media. Anyone asking the public and media to reserve judgment was labelled as horrible and evil.

"I thought the fan support was terrific. You could really feel them behind us in this game. I was touched by some of the support that they gave. It was a good feeling. I think that this team has a lot of confidence in our fans and I kind of feel like the fans have confidence in us. That's a good situation."

That is what Bill Belichik had to say after the Pat's game.

"No one supported Belichick with more passion than linebacker Tedy Bruschi, who stood at his locker after the game and defended his coach and his franchise.

It meant a lot," said Belichick. "Nobody has more heart on this team than Tedy Bruschi and I mean that figuratively.

The team was very supportive, the entire organization, starting with Mr. [Robert] Kraft going all the way down to the players and everybody else. Tedy, he's one of our emotional leaders. He's one of our best players. We have players who are well-respected. I don't think there's anybody who has any more respect on this team than Tedy does."

Why is the media not roasting Bruschi for such unconscionable defense of cheating? Why is Kraft not being chastised for coddling a cheating culture? Where is the outrage for this support and lack of condemnation? Why is the media not devouring this chance to beat down anyone with a positive word for Belichik? Why are the fans of the Patriots being portrayed as wonderful for showing support for this misconduct?

We watched anyone asking for the observance of due process in the Vick case receive a lashing from the press.

Now, we are watching those that are rallying around a man who essentially has admitted to wrong doing (and used possibly the most mundane and ridiculous excuse he could think up) portrayed as heroes.

Rally round the cheater. The world's against us. Win it for Belichik.

Where's the outrage at the support for the cheater and the cheating?

Oh, that's right.

There's none left now that the Negro QB is being fitted for his prison orange.

Monday, September 17, 2007

College Negro QB Of The Week

This week saw the meeting of two of college footballs most storied programs, on the rare occasion that both teams were 0-2.

Notre Dame took on Michigan. And, despite ND's crushing defeat, this week's CNQBW is the Fighting Irish's Demetrius Jones.

Jones had no statistics.

In fact, Jones is no longer on the team. Nonetheless, he garners this week's honor based on his decision to transfer away from ND.

After watching Charlie Weis conduct two mostly successful campaigns with rosters laden with holdovers from the Ty Willingham era, Jones understood that any success the Irish had encountered during those seasons was due to the groundwork laid by the forthright, honest and hardworking Negro head coach Willingham.

Now, with the bulk of Willingham's player gone, Weis is left exposed for the genius he is not. A paper tiger. A coach who was handed his unearned contract extension based on the talent brought in and developed by the very man that was unceremoniously run out of South Bend to make room for Weis' expansive hips and rotund belly.

Notre Dame is supposedly a school steeped in and based in tradition. Wake the echos. Win one for the Gipper. Touchdown Jesus. The Golden Dome. Legends abound.

But, for a school that seems to live in past, they certainly have a poor memory.

Tony Rice.

Wake up that echo, Coach Weis.

Two teams with Negro QB's destroy Michigan, but the 'genius' Weis essentially shows his Negro QB the quickest route off the plantation.

Runner up this week was Andre' Woodson of Kentucky.

Woodson threw for 275 yards, 4TD's and 0 INT's in leading the Wildcats to victory against over hyped and over rated Louisville.

More importantly, Woodson completely out shined and outperformed the supposed shoe in for 'first QB taken' in the 2008 draft, the over hyped and over rated Brian Brohm.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Falcons: Time to Sign Leftwich

Came across a column in the AJC today which highlighted the need for the Atlanta Falcons to sign cut QB Byron Leftwich.

Joey Harrington is 23-44 as an NFL starter. There's a quarterback available who's 24-20. If I'm the Falcons, I sign Byron Leftwich today. So: Why not Leftwich? He has been a starter. He has thrown more NFL touchdown passes (51) than interceptions (36). He can deliver the deep ball. He can't run, but neither can Harrington. At worst, he'd be a more viable backup than Redman. At best, he might be able to win a couple of games for a team that won't win many.

Certainly, it would seem that of the available QB's on the Falcons' roster, Leftwich would provide an improvement. Even if just nominal.

More importantly and beyond the possible on field upgrade Leftwich might provide, giving him the reigns to the offense and making him the face of the franchise would be the right thing to do.

The Falcons abandonment of Michael Vick, though understandable due to the poor publicity attached to the type of charges brought against Vick, sent a negative message to the Negro community in Atlanta. And that message resonated throughout America.

Once it became clear that Vick was more than likely involved in the sordid mess, owner Arthur Blank seemed to distance himself from Vick. Sending a clear message that the Falcons could not be counted on for support.

The organization's choice to use words like "disappointed in" or "despicable acts" sent a message to the Negro community that the team was not willing to support the QB in the face of adversity. It sent a message to the Negro community that, despite the incredible return the team had made thus far on their investment in Vick, they were not on his side.

Never once did we hear Blank mention race. Never once did we hear Blank bring up Vick's upbringing.

And, in possibly the most overt sign of ill will, the team sent a clear message of rejection to the Negro community:

Not once did Blank consider calling Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton to Atlanta to weigh in on the situation. Not once.

So, for weeks and weeks negative shrapnel from the media cut at Vick's veins. And no voices of dissension came from the organization or were invited by the organization to speak on Vick's behalf.

The notion that Vick's eventually guilty plea absolves the team from having not stood by him or having not brought in the esteemed protectors of civil rights is a fallacy. The outcome is of little importance. The knowledge of the facts at the time are of little importance. Protection of civil rights, at least the type provided by Jackson and Sharpton, does not require an agreeable outcome. So, let's put the notion that Vick's guilt is any sort of indicator that the Falcons acted fairly or correctly to rest

The Atlanta Falcons owe the Negro community of Atlanta another Negro QB. That is the only fair and correct outcome of this situation.

Byron Leftwich was mistreated and cut by Jacksonville.

Now, it's time for the Falcons to make amends.

Any decision short of signing and quickly starting Leftwich is an open indicator that the Falcons hold nothing but contempt for the Negro community of Atlanta.

The Falcons had the chance months ago to play the race card and at least attempt to divert the outcome in the Vick fiasco.

They chose not to do so.

Now, we demand the race card play them!

Heisman Watch

A look at the current crop of front runners in the Heisman race. In no particular order.

Andre' Woodson, QB, Kentucky

Woodson has an outstanding 178 QB rating and has completed over 68 % of his passes in leading the 'Cats to a 2-0 start, scoring over 50 points in each game. This week sets up a chance for Woodson to outshine the probably highly over rated Brian Brohm of Louisville head to head.

Dennis Dixon, QB, Oregon

Dixon sports an excellent 10.7 yards per attempt average and a 193 QB rating. He has also rushed for over 200 yards in his first two games. Despite the hype for Booty of USC, Dixon has certainly proven to be the premier QB in the PAC Ten.

Malcolm Kelly, WR, Oklahoma

Over 27 yards per catch. 8 catches. 5 TD's. Hell of a ratio.

Ray Rice, RB, Rutgers

359 yards in two games and 5 TD's. And tied for leader nationally in scoring.

These are the consensus early leaders.

Obviously, the season is young and things will change. Guys like Steve Slayton and Pat White of WVU will certainly factor into the picture. Darren McFadden of Arkansas also is poised for a productive season.

Certainly, odds are we will see the Heisman handed to one of the folks named in the post at the end of the year.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Isiah Thomas: Accuser Drops Race Card?

The sexual harassment suit brought by a former marketing VP of the Knicks against Isiah Thomas is underway.

And, perhaps the most telling allegation made by the accuser thus far has been to seemingly paint the ever affable Thomas as a 'racist'.

Sanders said that when she asked Thomas at one point to hand-sign letters to season-ticket holders, he spat, "I don't give a f- - - about these white people."

So, the case is that Thomas made abusive statements and sexual advances towards this Anucha Browne Sanders. Yet, the effort is to turn the court against Thomas by attempting to characterize him as an angry Negro male that hated white folk?

Now, let's entertain this notion that the lips that form Mr. Thomas infectious smile could ever so much as utter the negative statement about those that hold the majority of seats in the arena he was trying to fill. Let's pretend it really happened. He really said it.

What does this have to do with her contentions of verbal abuse and unwanted sexual advances? What does Mr. Thomas' fictitious, though possibly well founded, contempt for white folks have to do with sexual harassment?


Not a thing.

It's only place in this opening assault on Mr. Thomas' character is to attempt to turn the court against him. Paint him as an angry 'racist' Negro male. Watch the court rule in your favor.

Oh, Sister Anucha! Has the white man's temptation of riches caused you to sacrifice the dignity of yourself and the reputation of your Brother?

Are we to believe that in a moment of frustration, Sister Anucha, you have never had a less than flattering word for the white man?

Is it so heinous for someone to have a bad day and make an off the cuff statement that might possibly be construed (if taken out of context) as derogatory to another race?

Of course it isn't.

We would hope that those involved in the adjudication process would certainly not be swayed by this horrid attempt to sully relations between Mr. Thomas and the white race and would not hold it against him.

After all, it isn't as if Mr. Thomas has a radio show and made outlandishly offensive comments for on air effect.

His alleged comments were just made in everyday life.

Belichick: Is Long Suspension in Order?

By now, all football followers have been alerted to the shady undertakings performed at the direction of New England 'genius' Bill Belichick.

The three time Super Bowl winner is accused of deploying one of the teams camera men to record the signals initiated by the NY Jets sideline. This is a clear and heinous violation of the rules of the NFL. And a completely immoral undertaking which flippantly mocks the spirit of good sportsmanship and fair play.

Additionally, undertaking such flaunting and out right rules breaking has to make the rest of the league wonder what other shenanigans are going on or have gone on in New England. This may well just be the tip of the iceberg.

Throw in the recent revelation that at least (and quite possibly more than) one Patriot has been connected to PED usage; and we may well have a situation which is set to tarnish NE's status as the NFL's model franchise.

It's most interesting that all this has come to light after an off season which saw NE stock their roster with an unmatched accumulation of free agent talent. All that money spent. All that talent amassed. What could provoke this need to cheat in more than one phase of the game?

It should be clear.

Belichick's genius, while documented and revered, took a back seat to others last season. And, after the opening Thursday game it was clear that it might take a back seat again this season. Belichick, armed with easily the most stocked roster in the league is terribly insecure.

And jealous.

Tony Dungy.

No more needs to be said on this matter.

What does need to be explored and discussed is commissioner Roger Goodell's reaction. Goodell has ruled with an iron fist. Arbitrarily smiting players for both off field convictions and accusations.

But now, we enter an entirely different aspect of personnel conduct. This is beyond a late hit or a punch thrown in the heat of an emotional combative sport. This is a calculated and planned out effort to sabotage the balance of a game.

Goodell has banned players from participation for their conduct off the field. Using the logic that it portrays the league in a negative light with fans. Fair enough.

He has banned players and a coach for alleged connections to a PED and controlled substance investigation. The notion being that the league can not allow its personnel to be involved in such undertakings. Again, fair enough.

But now, he has a smoking gun connecting the flagship coach of the flagship franchise to a clear action intended to impede the fair and reasonable progress and participation of another team. An action deviously and brazenly carried out in plain site.

If players getting DUI's or disorderly conduct charges levied against them is bad for the game and punishable by multiple game suspensions, what of this conspiracy to cheat on the field? How can this not require a long term suspension?

If Wade Wilson loses 5 games due to his connection to the HGH distributor, because it is bad for the game to have a coach who influences players involved; how can Belichick get anything less? This is beyond a connection. This is beyond simply tarnishing the leagues image through appearances.

Roger Goodell claims he is cleaning up the league's image. He is protecting the game. He is cleaning up the NFL.

Well, if that's the case, it's time to sweep up the dirtiest 'player' out there.

And, it's also time for the rest of us to jump on the Dungy bandwagon and elevate his status straight to the top.

For doing it the right and fair way.

And for doing it under the intense scrutiny being a Negro coach carries with it.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Michigan Wolverines: Everybody Wants A Piece, and Norfolk States Great White Hope

The results of the first two games of the season for the once mighty Wolverines of Michigan have led to many teams around the country wishing they had Michigan on the schedule.

And the success of Negro QB's in leading their teams to epic and crushing victories over the deposed Big Ten royalty has allowed some smaller schools led by Negro QB's to realize that adding Michigan to their schedule might just pad their own W columns.

Some schools, like HBCU Norfolk State University, aren't bashful about it.

How upside down has the world of college football become? For the answer, look no further than Norfolk State coach Pete Adrian's opening comment during a conference call with Rutgers' beat writers yesterday. "After watching Rutgers on film and watching Michigan play [Oregon], I think I'd rather be playing Michigan," said Adrian, whose Football Championship Subdivision (formerly Division I-AA) team will be the Knights' homecoming opponent Saturday.

Rutgers was beaten by 1-AA New Hampshire as recently as 2004.

Now, those teams like their chances better against Michigan.

While recent years have proven that Michigan coach Lloyd Carr is ill-equipped to contend against the Negro QB (see Troy Smith, Armanti Edwards and Dennis Dixon), we wonder if Norfolk St.'s coach is simply hoping to get some press with his words of bravado.

The HBCU is led by their "great white hope", QB Casey Hansen.

"Sometimes I feel a little awkward, but that's just like a black player who went to an all-white school," Hansen said. "There aren't any bad feelings, but I've just never been a minority."

College football is definitely turned upside down.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Another New Weekly Feature: The Weekly Roger Wehrli Award

As you are aware by now, with the dawn of Football Season, we have introduced a few weekly College Football Awards.

We received an email from a thoughtful fan who is more NFL oriented, asking if we had plans to initiate any NFL weekly awards.

We didn't. At least prior to receiving the email.

But, we realized that it would be appropriate each week to recognize a player or players who excel but normally don't get headlines.

In that light, we have founded the NFL Weekly Roger Wehrli Award, in recognition of Wehrli's 2007 enshrinement into the Hall of Fame.

The award will, on a weekly basis, recognize the most outstanding White Cornerback in the NFL.

Wehrli is the only white CB in the Hall of Fame, and may very well be the only white CB to have played in the modern era.

We will hold off on announcing the winner until after tonight's Monday double header.

The competition thus far has been fierce.

And, the best part:

We want to hear from YOU, our valued reader.

This award will be strictly based on reader voting. Either leave a comment, or send us an email.

We'll tally the votes and then release the winner of the Roger Wehrli NFL White CB of the Week award some time tomorrow!

Thank you in advance for your participation.

Harold Reynolds: The Truth Comes Out

There has been all kinds of speculation as to the specifics of former ESPN Baseball analyst Harold Reynolds' firing.

Misconduct had been sited as the impetus, but details of the alleged infraction had not been conclusive.

Well, it seems that finally, the dark reasons for Reynolds losing his position are coming to light as he seeks wrongful termination proceedings against ESPN.

Harold Reynolds, the former "Baseball Tonight" analyst who is suing ESPN for wrongful termination, said in a court filing yesterday that the network treated him more harshly over a sexual harassment complaint than it treated white employees who engaged in similar types of misbehavior. ESPN and Reynolds, who is black, had been in settlement discussions that did not work out, said Daniel Alterman, a lawyer for Reynolds. Reynolds's filing in state court in Hartford described instances of sexual harassment and lewd and drunken acts by white employees in which the punishment fell far short of termination. Reynolds has said that he only gave a hug to a female intern, who later complained. "ESPN's rush to its decision to terminate Mr. Reynolds was affected by racial bias," the filing said.

Reynolds' lawyers had initially attempted to settle the case in an effort to allow ESPN the chance to avoid the embarrassment of having their racially biased termination history exposed. However, to the dismay of Reynolds and his lawyers, ESPN chose not to meet team Reynolds requests.

In June, a makeup artist for “Cold Pizza,” a defunct talk show, sued ESPN, saying she was fired after complaining about sexual harassment by the host, Jay Crawford, and an analyst, Woody Paige.

It would seem that, when the involved parties are white males, ESPN's course of action is to fire the accuser. For some reason, Reynolds' Negroeness elicited the complete reverse response from the employer.

The incidents listed included one in which an analyst showed a cellphone photograph of his genitals to male and female employees and received a one-week suspension.

Again, interesting. Reynolds imparts an unwelcome hug on a female, and he is canned. And Sean Salisbury reveals his meager pants filler to anyone of any sex with eyes and he is given a weeks vacation.

Most deplorable in all this is ESPN's 'response':

In a statement, ESPN said “Mr. Reynolds’s new claims represent a litigation strategy designed to deflect attention from his own conduct.”

Yes, clearly, referencing the precedents set by ESPN is aimed at deflecting from the fact that Mr. Reynolds upset someone with a hug. It has nothing to do with demonstrating the institutional bias housed within the campus at Bristol. It has nothing to do with clearly and unequivocally showing the world that if you are white and work for ESPN, you can essentially walk around with your pale and shrivelled little sack struggling to poke through the fly of your trousers. If you are white and work for ESPN, you can sexually harass the 'help' and, if they get uppity and complain, you can count on management terminating their existence at the WWL.

It seems ESPN would have us believe Mr. Reynolds is simply trying to cast the dark light of righteousness on the deplorable actions by both the white male 'talent' that harasses and the white male 'management' that covers up for them in an effort to make us forget that as a Negro, he deserves to be fired for hugging a white female.

That is what this is all about.

This is simply a modern edition of the revered American practice of lynching the Negro male that becomes familiar with the white woman.

We applaud Mr. Reynolds and his team of litigators for not simply allowing his body to sway silently in the wind as it hangs from the tree on which ESPN chose to hang him.

The generally accepted corporate separation principle is: you pay for silence.