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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Roger Clemens: Congressional Probe

Initially, we were greatly surprised to read that Congress has decided that they are unsure of the veracity of Roger Clemens presentation before them a few weeks ago. In response, Congress has decided to look more deeply into the issue and has asked Justice to investigate Clemens for possibly lying under oath.

Certainly, we would have expected Congressional outrage and media vilification of Clemens; at least on the level that the Home Run King received.

To this point, it didn't seem forthcoming.

So, obviously, it was a bit surprising to see Congress attempting to pass out equal treatment to the pitcher (read: caucasoid).

Until sitting in front of the Congressional committee, Clemens flew relatively below the radar on the steroid screen. Sure, since day one his name had been mentioned. But, everyone wanted to wait for hard evidence and actual incriminating testimony from third parties/friends before 'indicting' him. Taking testimony from 'mistresses' with agendas and drug dealers facing charges were only satisfactory when 'indicting' the Home Run King.

How did this game change? How is Clemens now being held accountable? Why?

Is it because of the media spotlight outlets like NOIS have been shining on Clemens for long months now? Though most readers would certainly give some credence to that theory, we believe the change in direction by both the legislature and the media is attributable to another factor.

Half-Brother Barack Obama.

As Obama has captured the heart and soul of this nation, both the media and Congress realize that they are in a position to have to fall in line with what this country will stand for and what this country wants.

Congress realizes that Obama in the White House is an inevitable conclusion. The media realizes this. And America wants this.

Certainly, with a Half-Brother as the chief executor of the nation, a focus of both the legislative branch of government and the fourth estate will be on equality and fair treatment of all. It is in that interest that Congress has now decided that they can no longer allow Clemens to roam freely in the face of virtually indisputable evidence showing he sat in front of them and lied to their faces.

A tremendous Hispanic player did that to them, and he was run out of the game of baseball.

It is now time to send Roger Clemens to the gallows. To run him out of the sport and to further make an example out of him by incarcerating him for his perjurious utterings before elected and treasured leaders.

Fairness in treatment on this level would not be possible had not Barack Obama taken flight on his majestic journey to lead a shackled nation to freedom. The government and press had been content to devalue, dethrone and destroy the Home Run King. But Obama's presence and his inevitable role as guide in change has manifested a renewed understanding of what 'justice for all' truly means.

So, realize, as baseball (and all sports) seek to provide the nation with a clean and honest product of interest and diversion; realize that it would not be possible had not a young half-original man not had the spirit and faith to follow his dream to free his country through change.

Yes, we can change!

And getting the pitcher (see above for definition) out of baseball is the first major step.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Our Readers.....

Occasionally, we are in receipt of an email so gloriously informative that we must share it with all of you:


You and your African ape decedents keep on supporting Obama and getting those guilty feeling liberal whites to vote for him, too. You are playing into our hands.

True Americans and intelligent people that understand that the diminishing of white bloodlines is ruining America and the world are waiting anxiously hopin for Obama to win this election.

You people are too dense to see what is happening. Once Obama wins, he will most likely be assassinated. That will spark rioting from blacks. Essentially, it will bring about the race war this country needs to right itself and purge the welfare roles and prisons of your lazy, criminal brothers and sisters and resume our role as a world leader that can be respected. The curse our ancestors brought on us today by bringing the apes over as slaves will finally be eradicated.

A vote for Obama is a vote for a White America.

Keep supporting him!

There you have it. It's not often that we are speechless.....

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Caught In The Game

Again, indulge us, as this may not be sports related (but, politics certainly is a game of strategy); but is important nonetheless.

That's the picture that has caused a bit of a commotion. Fairly innocuous. Certainly less than unusual for a dignitary of one nation to engage in some hospitable interaction with the locals of another. Generally speaking: Nothing to see here. Move along.

But, the timing of the release of the photo is what is most interesting. And the brilliance of the timing is what is most illuminating.

The Clintons have yet again been burned at their own device.

On Sunday, the all knowing and all enlightening Minister Louis Farrakhan graced his kind words and sharp oratory in a favorable description of the vision of Obama. Certainly, the 'endorsement' of a man seen as a threat by much of upper middle class and upper class America (read: white) would provide the conservative element of our nation the chance to ignite divisive and unfounded fears from sea to shining sea.

What is a candidate to do in such a situation? You don't want to reject the glorious words of the Minister. But at the same time, you do have to smooth out the fears that will be aroused by opposition as they play into the carefully crafted and tainted negative image the media has (for years) constructed of the Minister.

We'd suggest that releasing a photo that plays into other fears would do the trick. And it would allow the opportunity to blame your opponent and positively spin things for yourself. And, of course, it would bump the Minister's words from the headlines. Relegating the negative response to those words to the Rush Limbaugh's of the world who have no sway with the independent, middle ground voters.


That is the word that best characterises Half-Brother Obama, his advisors and their campaign.

Clinton was supposed to be the crafty, battle hardened veteran. Her advisors were supposed to be the brass knuckle wearing wrecking squad that would make minced meat out of the Half-Brother.

Seems someone walked unknowingly into a well set trap.

Monday, February 25, 2008

The Most Important Endorsement

As the make or break day for the Democratic Party's process of picking a presidential candidate approaches; Half-Brother Barack Obama may have gotten the endorsement that will cement the deal.

Conspicuously waiting until the most important point in the campaign, the wise and gracious Louis Farrakhan has finally allowed us his insight on the race for the 'White' House.

"This young man is the hope of the entire world that America will change and be made better," Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan said Sunday, per the AP's write-up. "This young man is capturing audiences of black and brown and red and yellow*. If you look at Barack Obama's audiences and look at the effect of his words, those people are being transformed."

(* notice, no mention of that colorless illusion that we, out of necessity, refer to as 'white')

And, perhaps the greatest complimentary analogy we have ever seen did follow:

Farrakhan compared Obama to the religion's founder, Fard Muhammad, who also had a white mother and black father.

"A black man with a white mother became a savior to us," he told the crowd of mostly followers. "A black man with a white mother could turn out to be one who can lift America from her fall."

Farrakhan clearly giving a nod to the Nation of Islam Sportsblog's comment to an argumentative and confused reader in a previous thread:

"Obama comes from the womb of a "white devil"...he is as black as christmas are a sucker, but what else is new. I would think Obama would scare you..he calls for change..and the last thing your people have demonstrated is the desire to change." - argumentative and confused commenter

Sir, there is a brutality in your language which is inspiring.As for growing in a white woman's womb...we find no fault in the Negro Elder Obama finding whatever fertile field could house his seed. Certainly, as is the case with most white woman...the chance to carry the off spring of a Negro was her deepest desire.Here, Here for the birther of Obama achieving her dream.And, Here, Here for Brother Obama achieving the lifetime dream of the African Diaspora.To be crowned king of the country which destroyed a continent....priceless. - NOIS

Certainly, this speech from Minister Farrakhan is the sort of endorsement that Half-Brother Obama has anxiously been awaiting to push his campaign beyond reproach. And, more certainly, his campaign organizers are atwitter at the prospect that the media will be highly publicising this.

We do believe we hear the fat lady warming her vocal chords.

Comedy of Fisticuffs: Heavyweight Boxing

How can this be? At one time, they were the bread and butter of the boxing world. The big money, the big draw. The media circus. Capturing our dollars and our imagination.


Now, we are relegated to watching marginally in shape ex-Soviets (ok, Klitschko is fit) lean on each other for 12 rounds of 'action' that is about as exciting and interesting as Soviet era heavy machinery production.

Names like Maskaev, Valuev, Liakhovich, and Chagaev. All loosely translated to mean marginally skilled and overly boring.

The days of thunder in the division are as long gone as the Cold War.

How did this happen? How did it come to be that the one time show piece division of the sweet science was stripped down to a show that can be rivalled at a local Golden Gloves competition?

Lennox Lewis was the last great heavyweight. He also may be responsible for single-handedly destroying the division.

Lewis, in addition to his skills, changed the body of the division. At 6-4 and around 250ish pounds, Lewis was a new breed of heavyweight. No longer could 6-1 and 220ish pounds get you to the top of the division.

And with that change, the talent pool greatly changed as well.

It's no secret that the heavyweight division has been the Negro's possession for near 50 years. The occasional great white hype would step up. He'd get knocked out. And business would continue as usual in the heavies.

But Lewis changed the dimension of the division. And in doing so, he changed the talent pool.

In the USA, most young Negroes of Lewis' dimensions are not found in boxing gyms and clubs. They are found on gridirons and hardwood (or concrete, as the case may be).

As a result, we are left with stumbling, unorthodox and inconsequential heavies, a la Klitschko, who are grinding the division into veritable bankruptcy.

If Klitschko is able to rest the remaining belts from the waists of his fellow marginally able cohorts, we can officially write an obituary for heavyweight boxing:

This once proud division; forged in the image of Louis, Ali, Frazier, Norton, Holmes, Tyson, Holyfield and Lewis was smothered under the heavy feet, slow hands and boring minds of a Slavic invasion. Unfortunately, the division is survived by none.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Bush Prepares for Turnover

Not sports related, but we felt this was important.

President George Bush is taking an interesting cultural approach as he readies to abandon the White House in January of 2009.

The following picture clearly reveals that Bush believes that the candidate NOIS has been vociferously and feverishly campaigning for, Half-Brother Barack Obama, will be the next inhabitant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

While we applaud Bush for taking the steps to learn about African culture and protocol to ensure a seamless relinquishment of power as he readies to turn over the keys to the country to Obama; we wonder if he has gone too far?

'Go Barry, Go Barry, It's your birthday, Go Barry'

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Barry Bonds: Negro Balled

As spring training gets in full swing and teams sort through talent to fill their opening day rosters, the owner of the greatest swing the game of baseball has ever known works out. At home. With no team. No contract. No offers. 762 home runs. MVP's galore. Waiting by the phone for the chance to play the game that he loves.

How can this be?

Certainly, the man that holds the single season and career home run records is past his prime. But, not one team is interested in bringing in a left hand hitting DH? Not one?

We've seen players who are past their primes (and players who never really had a prime) offered outlandish contracts almost every year.

It's becomes clearer with each moment that passes that Barry Bonds has been 'blackballed' by the league. There is virtually no talk of interest or opportunity. None.

Yet, as Bonds works on keeping his body in shape and healthy, at least one team (the Astros) has said they would let another all time great who has run into trouble play on their team.

We won't be the ones to beat the mortally wounded equine that is Roger Clemens' PED use into further oblivion, but the double standard in MLB is hard to ignore. How can you ignore something that stands in plain sight and smacks you in the face?

Barry, you have set all the records that matter. You have won enough MVP awards to demonstrate your 'mastery' of the white man's game. It's time to hang up your glove. The owners who have aligned against you have proven that they are not worthy of your presence in their company. Let them be the ones that suffer your absence.

Hang up you jock strap and expose what has been covered up.


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

LSU's Ryan Perrilloux: Unspecified Suspension

The LSU Tigers. National College Football Champions.

Champions thanks to the outstanding SEC Title Game performance of talented Negro QB Ryan Perrilloux.

And, Perrilloux's reward? A suspension.

"LSU quarterback Ryan Perrilloux suspended indefinitely for unspecified team rules violation"

Perrilloux has had a few minor incidents of non-compliance to specified rules in his past. Youthful transgressions that are easily attributeable to being the most sought after high school QB recruit in the country and the window dressing and special treatment lavished upon him in the effort to bring him to LSU. Certainly, it's no surprise that the young man's judgment and perception of things might have been distorted by the process.

But certainly, it doesn't seem fair to now hold him accountable to unspecified rules.

If Young Perrilloux was on some sort of double secret probation, then LSU should announce to us now that that was the case. To simply decide that Perrilloux is now suspended for breaking unspecified rules is an unfair and misguided undertaking.

Certainly, Perilloux showed through his past infractions that he needs to work on his maturity level and learn personal responsibility. No one can question this. But to tell the Young QB that he is now suspended, that he broke 'unspecified' rules?

How can this help Young Perrilloux gain maturity and learn accountability? How can he understand what he has done wrong if it is 'unspecified'?

All this can do is foster the same resentment towards the establishment in Perrilloux that has already been cultivated in an entire generation of Young Negro Males.

Holding Young Perrilloux to 'unspecified' standards is symptomatic of the treatment of Young Negro Males in this society we are imprisoned in today.

Let's specify the 'unspecified' standard America is symbolically forcing on Young Negro Males through LSU's actions against Perrilloux:

Act more like white folk.

It couldn't be more specified.

Andy Pettitte: Serpent Tongued He-Devil

As the mainstream media continues the kid gloved handling of the assumed chemically enhanced career of Roger Clemens; Andy Pettitte (Clemens co-cheater and best friend) assaults us with an attempt to distract us from the reality of the situation.

In a steroid/hGH induced version of 'good cop, bad cop', Clemens continues his denials and offensive defense of his 'innocense'. At the same time, Pettite crawls out before the media to provide a self gratifying and distractory mea culpa in which he apologizes for breaking the law and cheating. Begging forgiveness for disgracing the game and his team, offending his fans, and dragging his father (who helped him obtain a scheduled drug) into the sordid affair. Pettitte comes across as contrite and honest.

Someone nominate this man for an Oscar.

Pettitte's attempt to distract us and take the headlines from Clemens is possibly the most transparent ploy we have witnessed. As Pettitte throws himself under the bus and somehow backs it up over and over again across his own hGH laden carcass; the media is letting Clemens get away with the sports equivalent of murder. The intentional and pre-planned assassination of a generation of fans' memories and thrills of the national past time.

The media did it's job in the case of the home run record setter. The posse gathered and strung their rope. Lynching him on circumstantial evidence and heresay. But now, when the culprit is a pitcher (read: white), the tactics have changed.

When the home run hitter's friend wouldn't actively implicate him, the friend was tossed in jail. The media implied that he must be getting some sort of financial reward to keep his mouth shut. That the home run hitter's accomplishments should be expunged from the record books.

Now, the pitcher's friend stands before us, humbled and remorseful. Wanting to cleanse his soul so that he can "sleep better at night" by detailing his sins and clearing his conscience. Open and honest. Even asking reporters, "did I answer your question", numerous times.

But let the line of questioning cross the threshold of the conspiracy's inner most evil, and suddenly the open and honest penance seeker is loathe to continue. Yes, ask him that question that truly matters, and the response and tenor of the conversation change on a dime, "I am not going there."

Mr. Pettitte, despite your carefully crafted plea for forgiveness and imitation of honest undressing of your inner demons, we as a sports Nation cannot (and will not) allow you the comfort of a restful night's sleep. We pray that your conscience continue to provide you with a heavy, heavy burden. That each time you close your eyes, or so much as blink, they burn. By the Great Power may your eyes roast in the fires of infidelity.

Until the time you can find it within your soul to embark on the righteous course, you shall be a pariah of the sports Nation.

Only on that day in which you confide in the sporting public the righteous truth; that YES, your friend Roger Clemens injected into the body our maker did provide him synthetic hormones in an effort to extend his talent, career and legacy. Only on that day shall you be free of the loathesome weight you carry around your neck. Only on that day shall the eyes of the sports Nation gaze upon you again.

Your attempts to shine the spotlight on your own sins so as to allow your pitcher friend to scurry in the shadows like a rat in a dark alley shall be your ticket to damnation.

And may all the accusers of the home run hitter be there with you should they not demand the placement of an asterisk next to those 300+ wins.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Brady Quinn: Jilted?

News out of Columbus, OH:

"Brady Quinn was part of a group of men shouting insults at gay passers-by outside a Columbus bar early on New Year's Day, according to a 9-1-1 call made to police. "

"The Mexican restaurant is next door to the Union Cafe Bar + Food, one of Columbus' most popular gay bars in the gay-friendly Short North neighborhood."

It wasn't clear in the article if the Browns' benchwarming first round pick was angry at being denied entry into the gay bar, or was just trolling the neighborhood looking for dates.

Of Roger Clemens and John Rocker...

Just a quick note:

As the Roger Clemens debacle plays out before Congress, and the media gently handles the overwhelming evidence and testimony demonstrating that the pride of white America's baseball has synthetic hormones running through his blood...John Rocker screams for attention.

While it becomes clearer and clearer that Clemens is a cheater of the most heinous nature, John Rocker stands on a chair demanding that you listen to him.

While white 'columnist' are loathe to demand asterisks next to his accomplishments, despite the evidence being far more damning than that of other record setters the lynch mob has demonized....John Rocker has a confession to make.

Feeling left out. Rocker, despite denying it in the past, is now confessing to being a cheat.

While we doubt Rocker ever used any drugs of this nature (let's face it, the man can not be accused of ever having played with an enhanced performance), we admire his PR effort.

Any press is good press. And Rocker is on the radio and in print.

This whole steroid thing could lead to an entire generation of irrelevent and unnecessary 'confessions'.

Who will be next in the quest to be a lead story on SportsCenter?

And, why is anyone even pretending that there is a chance Clemens isn't a juice monkey?

Barry got no benefit of the doubt, with far less evidence against him.

It's time for the columnist to demand that the Cy Youngs be turned back in. That an asterisk be placed next to the wins and the strikeouts.

Fair is fair.

Unless it's foul.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Dearest Blogfrica....

We take a moment from our non-stop, never ending Jihad to spread political freedom and righteousness throughout this African rooted nation called America.

The long while we have not posted, we have not been absent.

Rather, we have been the Mujihadeen in the effort to combat the evil white female devil trying to destroy the annointed ambitions and callings of Brother Obama.

The campaign trail has wreaked havoc on our blogging righteousness, but trust that we have not been so far removed that we still don't fully have our collective dark finger on the pulse (dead tho it might be) of the sports world.

Righteousness is omniscient. And, skeptics tho some might be, who is more righteous?

As we have travelled this expansive land of African roots, enlightening the disenfranchised and securing the following necessary to blockade the November polls from the dubious intentions of the skirt wearing white devil that would pretend to possess the abilities and rightousness to better lead us than Brother Obama; we take delight in relaying that the majority of this nation is supportive.

The majority of this country has seen the devil in a dress and says, "Caste ye to the bowels of antiquity, Devil (white), we as a people have had enough of your poison tears and sickle like tongue."

Be assured, we heard that voiced from the mouths of Negroes, Latinos and crackers (even the female sort) alike!

So, while Blogfrica suffers from our absence:

America rejoices at our presence.

The mission is almost complete. Our faith in righteous calling fully realized.

Dear Brothers and Sisters of Blogfrica, your righteous voice here at NOIS is fully creating a new America as you read this.

Rest well tonight.

And know that while the Deadspins and KSK's of the world are entertaining you with their take on the sports world.....

The NOIS of the world is making the World (and the sports world) a better place.


If it is to the poll that you go, be sure to vote Negro.

You owe us that, whitey.

(ed. Duke fans, rejoice in your evil 'victory'. Coach KKK prepared his troops thoroughly and certainly his defensive tactics were sound......against UNC's third and fourth string PGs.)