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Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Champ!

Ladies and Gentlemen, your 2007 Sony Ericsson Open Ladies Champion!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Zack Asack: Duke QB Ready for Action!

Duke's coach believes if he covers his eyes and can't see it, it never happened.

Zack Asack spent last year unable to play football for the Duke Blue Devils. Suspended for a year for lack of character and ethics. And possibly intelligence. For plagiarizing a paper at Duke.

Asack, perfectly named for a Duke signal caller lining up behind the requisite ineffective line that Duke will put together, spent the time off at his home in Massachusetts working and even getting some time in with the New England Patriots.

"I got to work with Tom Brady and the whole coaching staff and a lot of players, which really opened up my eyes," said Asack, who officially was a ballboy and assistant equipment manager during the NFL season -- with benefits. "

Seems like a perfect way for a Duke signal caller to begin preparing for the NFL experience. And we are glad that Asack is realistic in his hopes. Certainly, the thought of actually being a QB in the league is outlandish. Asack's goal of growing up to be a ball boy seems attainable.

"I just want to be out there in the worst way."

When Asack takes the field with the rest of the football Blue Devils, his goal will certainly be met.

Brandon Marshall: Give The Man His Cellie!

Denver Bronco's WR Brandon Marshall was arrested the other day for allegedly impeding his girlfriend's exit from his apartment complex by using his car to block the taxi she had called. She alleges he then beat on the windows and yelled at her.

Marshall claims that she was trying to leave with his cell phone and that he was trying to get it back before she departed on a flight to Georgia.

Sounds reasonable. Girlfriend takes cell phone while she is out of town to ensure that Marshall doesn't have access to his booty calls.

The court finds the defendant not guilty by reason of insanity.

Insanity, in this case, being a jealous girlfriend.

Michael Ray Richardson: Anti-Semitic Remarks?

Clearly, we have reached a point in our society that mandates a reevaluation of how we communicate.

Either we abandon the right for individuals to have opinions, or we understand the meanings of the prefix anti- and the suffix -phobia. Having an opinion or stating relative facts that might not be what members of certain groups want to hear is not anti-, and not supporting the lifestyle choices of other individuals is not -phobia. Can we be clear in this?

The latest victim of his own words is former NBAer and current CBA coach Michael Ray Richardson.

Richardson mentioned that he had big time Jew lawyers, that Jews were crafty because of their geopolitical situation and that Jews played a large role in sports management. He also said he thought it was great and there is not a thing wrong with it.

Of course, now he is labelled as anti-Semitic and is the recipient of a suspension by his team.

"Former NBA All-Star Micheal Ray Richardson appeared to be getting his life back on track after his league suspension in 1986 for drug use. "

What a wonderful implication! That, somehow, Richardson's statements are an indication that his life is now back untracked. Richardson seemed to be walking the straight and narrow, but now, after his remarks (and, what IS untrue about what he said???) he has reverted to being a crackhead again.

The double standard of the anti- and -phobia perpetuators is unmistakable. These are the same people that applaud loudly when columnists relate to us the horrible goings on at All Star weekend. The Black KKK. The misguided Negroes that value hip hop or lead their lives in a way that their detractors disapprove.

It's ok to attack facets of Negro culture. To demand change. To stereotype Negroes. Do that and you are labelled as starting a "new" civil rights movement. Do that and you are given even more media platforms to reach larger audiences. Make jokes about all the young Negroes in the NFL that have run into unfortunate misunderstandings with the law, and you are funny. Enact a dress code designed to change the image of Negro players in the NBA, and you are conscientious.

Tell the world that you feel like your crafty Jewish lawyer is going to do a good job representing you in your contract negotiations; get suspended and be labelled as anti-Semitic.

Sounds reasonable, right?

Having an opinion, whether negative or indifferent, about certain groups is hate. Simply because you say something that those groups would prefer not to hear, or doesn't cast them in the shining, perfectly illuminating positive light they see themselves.

Have a negative opinion about Negro issues, and you are working to get the poor ignorant Negroes to understand their flawed lives. You are helping them.

Somewhere along the way, these folks that have wrapped themselves in the anti- and -phobia banners have forgotten something.

The roots of their "movements" are directly traceable to the efforts of Negroes fighting for personal dignity and civil equality. Remember, Negroes were brought to this country against their will. They were owned by other people. They were denied basic human rights. They were "freed" and still denied basic rights. They wear their identity in their skin.

With all the anti- and -phobia perpetuators in our society mandating which opinions are acceptable and which are offensive or "hurtful", we have turned our back on the original instigators of the basis for these movements. The original human.

Someone mentions racism and people roll their eyes and say, "yea, right, the black guy is just mad he isn't getting his way."

And society and the anti's and the -phobias accept it.

Mention that you disapprove of a lifestyle choice or that you have a Jewish lawyer? Well, kiss your career and reputation good bye.

And use Negro lips to bring that opinion to an audible level? Well, you are done completely then.

If you can't see now that this country is against and hates Negroes, well there is no hope for you.

Besides, you are probably too busy castigating Richardson for being anti-Semitic to understand what racism is, anyway.

So, Michael Ray, head to the temple and shake hands with a rabbi. That will show that you love Jews and want to be rehabilitated. But don't mention that you might be the victim of racism.

Racism doesn't exist. It can't. It isn't prefixed with anti- or suffixed with -phobia.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Why Does Arkansas Hate Negro Coaches?

The University of Arkansas displayed their distaste for strong Negro role models in 2002 by firing legendary coach, Nolan Richardson.

Richardson had the unmitigated gaul to speak out about the abhorrent treatment rendered upon him by the administration and the fans. He was Arkansas' all-time winningest coach with a record that averaged over 22 wins a year and less than 10 defeats. Richardson brought the university glory on the court with 3 Final Four appearances and 1 NCAA title, yet was shown the door by plantation boss Frank Broyles; a curmudgeonly, drawling, mouth breather who (it is rumored) still refers to the south as the CSA and wears Stars and Bars patterned underoos.

As his replacement, the university hired another Negro coach. Stan Heath.

The devious plans of Broyles are now clear. At the time, it would have caused a maelstrom to have replaced Richardson with a white coach. So, Broyles and his klan came up with the idea to plug Coach Heath into the spot. Thereby diminishing the ability of Richardson's supporters to call them out for their racist firing of Coach Richardson.

But now, a few years later, the full details of the evil concoction are revealed.

Despite Heath's steady improvement, excellent recruiting and success on the court this season; Broyles and his brethren strung up the long rope of contract termination. The Hogs have gone from nine wins in 2003 to 12 in 2004 to 18 in 2005 to 22 wins and conference championship game and NCAA tourney appearances this season past.

That is resounding and steady progress. Normally, a coach that takes over a program in turmoil and delivers those kind of results receives a contract extension, not a public "lynching". Well, at least as long as the coach is white.

Obviously, Broyles intentions were to bring in Heath, give him no support, and watch him fail.

But somewhere in the mix, Broyles overlooked Heath's work ethic, talent and righteous determination to achieve excellence in the name of the original human.

Broyles also recognized, that if he didn't act now, that Heath might be able to embed himself in the job. Another successful year, and it would have been near impossible for Arkansas to rid itself of the Negro coach.

Broyles is a man of advancing years. A man with one foot in an Ozark grave. A man that certainly would rid Arkansas of a Negro coach before he ends his own tenure at Arkansas; lest he spend eternity with it on his soul.

Yes, what we are seeing here is the final strike of Broyles against the original human. A man insuring that his legacy will, in no way, be tied to the success of a Negro coach.

We suggest to honorable Coach Stan Heath: Worry not. Look at this as an emancipation. In his confounding ignorance, the plantation boss that is Frank Broyles has unwittingly freed you. In Arkansas, a successful Negro breeds contempt. The frustrations and mistreatment of Nolan Richardson is what would await you.

As soon as your wins diminished and your post season glory faded. The support of the fans would be replaced by racist acts of intolerance.

But then, isn't that always the case? When things go well, the white master cheers you. When things go poorly, racism rears its ugly head.

It's an old story. And Frank Broyles is an old man. Let the youth of Stan Heath reign elsewhere.

And let it be unencumbered by the racism rought by on-court defeats.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Serena Williams Gets Some White Crowd Support

During a recent match, Serena Williams was the recipient of some unusual (for tennis) fan support.

"The guy said, 'Hit the net like any Negro would.' I was shocked," Williams said. "I couldn't believe it. I had to do a double take. I think I hit a double fault on that point."

Williams apparently was stunned that the predominantly white audience (her family was there, so there was some original human support) was so thoroughly behind her.

This is the sort of progress that we believe is important to open communication between the races.

We fully encourage other sports fans to follow suit in vocalizing their support for the Tribe of Shabazz.

Next time you are at a basketball game, show your fanhood by shouting "Steal that ball, like any Negro would!"

At a baseball game when a player gives a great effort and beats out an infield grounder, "You're a hustlah, any Negro is!"

During a football game, after a sack, "Beat that white any Negro would!"

Monday, March 26, 2007

Discovering Peter

After discovering the nuggets of knowledge that writer Peter King has been dropping on his readers, we feel compelled to continue to keep our readers updated.

Peter is well travelled, well read and well connected. Oh, and well fed, as well.

So, it seems only logical that NOISb would expose our readers to Peter's sense of his surroundings, his intuitive ability to latch on to the underlying moving and shaking happenings in pop culture and his biting wit.

Once you get past the pasty skin, cookie dough physique and brillo pad hair; you will understand that Peter is completely function over form. It's not how he says it, it's what he says.

And if you find anything of value in what he says, please let us know.

This weeks droppings:

"But when Goodell, a workout-aholic, walked into the gym at the Arizona Biltmore at 6 on Sunday morning, he heard right away what the tenor of the week would be.
Goodell walked over to say hello to Kansas City coach Herman Edwards, who was on the exercise bike..."

Peter exercises his literary skills here. Normally, Peter is a journalist and just sticks to the facts. But here, he tests our willingness to believe him. Some authors call it "historical fiction". The author uses real people and real events as part of his story, but also takes liberties. Like here. Peter implies that HE was in a gym at 6:AM. Historical fiction and comedy all rolled together. Genius!

"I think maybe we should have seen the Carr firing coming. Those close to Gary Kubiak say Carr did not progress much from the mechanical, non-instinctive player the coach inherited 14 months ago when he got the Texans' job. "

Well, in fairness, WHO saw it coming? It was pretty much out of the blue, right? And, it sure helps to have Peter's inside connection to find out what the folks close to Kubiak say. We'd never have guessed, just from watching him play, that Carr didn't progress this year.

"IPod Download of the Week (which could become a regular feature here if I keep finding ways to load this contraption): Went into download mode the other night. What a great invention, buying any song in history for 99 cents and playing it 99 times. You know what I can't get enough of? Johnny Cash. Listen to Folsom Prison Blues and you'll know why every convict in America loved the man."

A weekly feature! Peter turning us on to the fresh music he is just discovering? Don't play with our emotions!

Johnny Cash? We'll have to check him out! Any readers heard of him? What do you think of him?

"Did Rocky Balboa really have to get made? I think not."

Great. And timely. Next week Peter is going to let us know his thoughts on The Departed. Can't wait to hear about that movie.

What more could a reader ask for? Great literary work. Coupled with up to the minute football, music and movie insight.

Any chance we could hold one of those race drafts, like they had on Chapelle's Show?

We know who NofI would take.

JT III: Chokes Out UNC

John Thompson III took a page out of the UFC submissions book. Applying a strangle so tight, Roy Williams and his young Heels choked up; and tapped out.

UNC is unquestionably one of, if not THE, most talented assemblages of players in the nation. A group of high school all-americans and future lottery picks that, honestly, no other roster in the country can match. But the Georgetown Hoyas toed the line and showed that they unquestionably are the best TEAM in the country right now.

Brother JTIII led his troops into battle against royalty. The tradition rich Tarheels, boasting a history that can only be contested by the likes of Kentucky and Kansas. Some would argue UCLA. But, although the Bruins had that incredible 12 year run, they simply don't measure up in totality. Georgetown is a team that was at the top of the hoops world for a short period of time in the '80s, but certainly can't be considered royalty. More a working class program that has had some nice highs over the years. But the JTIII led lieges rolled up their sleeves and didn't let the blue blood and name brand roster prevent them from playing their style of ball.

While UNC was able to impose their will and tempo for the first half, they never could shake the Hoyas. And more importantly, the determined eyes set in the basset hound face of JTIII conveyed his confidence and assuredness to his team. The Negro coach knew that his team was absorbing all the power the Tar Heels had; yet, they were still standing toe to toe.

Belief and commitment in mission and ideals. Confidence in family (team). Pride in self. Unwavering leadership. Those are the things that lead one to a righteous existence. Those are the things JTIII provides and instills in his team. Those are the things mere talent can't defeat.

The Georgetown basketball team is back. Once again an HBCU. More than a sports team. A source of pride for Negroes that understand that, although the University itself is made up of a privileged white constituency, those same people rely on the team for their sense of self worth.

A group of alumni in prestigious jobs and institutions. A group of wealthy white people. A group that feels good about themselves and about Georgetown because of what these spirited and determined young Negroes, led now by JTIII, accomplish with one mind, one heart, one soul.

A group of people who will probably write a little heavier gift check to the University this year.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

To Florida, From Duke: Advice on Back to Back

Coming out can be exhilarating

SI ran a nice little piece on what it takes to win back to back NCdubA titles. Or at least what the guys who did it last feel it takes.

"I believe that we were the best team ever," says Brian Davis, who was Duke's co-captain with Christian Laettner. "We felt like if we beat the best team ever in UNLV [in the 1991 national semifinals], then we were the best, and going back-to-back proved it.

It is always a debatable proposition to speculate on "best team ever". But there is no speculation on the fact that Davis and fellow co-captain Laettner formed a dynamic duo. The type of duo that would make Ace and Gary (of Saturday Night Live fame) quite jealous.

Hill remembers arriving at their hotel in Philadelphia for the '92 East Regional and being met by hundreds of teenage girls screaming for the team -- or at least its matinee idol. One woman was wearing a homemade sweatshirt that read LAETTNER LOVER.

Davis would later say that the Duke team felt most comfortable around teenage girls. Holding slumber parties, having pillow fights, painting each others nails and talking about boys. And he was quick to point out that the sweatshirt professing love for Laettner was his own. "I had another shirt I used to wear. It said: "There's a Christian deep inside me", said a giggling Davis.

"I felt like I was traveling with a rock star," Hill says, "and I was the bass player."

Davis chimed in, "Hill may have felt like the bass player; but, I played the organ. The male organ", as Laettner sheepishly shook his head.

"We still have that one thing that bonds us," says Hill. "I don't have a relationship with anyone else like I do with the guys on that team."

A truer statement, we can't imagine.

The Final Four

Well, looking back at our righteous bracket; we were 3 out of 4.


We missed Ohio St and had Texas A&M out of that region.

And we wanted to pat ourselves on the back. We said the reason G'town would beat UNC would be heart. Completely got that one.

Asalaam Alaikum, Brother Thompson!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Michael Vick: It Was Jewelry

Michael Vick has finally addressed what happened that day in January at the airport screening.

After all the speculation, by a prejudiced media, that Vick had marijuana or residue in the special bottle; Vick has finally divulged the real contents. He was using the bottle to mask some valuable earrings and jewelry.

One would think that a young man conscientious enough to protect his hard earned belongs would be applauded. Taking such precautions to deter unsavory individuals from the temptation to relieve him of their possession is something that should be encouraged.

But in this case, since it is the Negro QB Michael Vick, the desire to remove him from his position on the field allowed the chance for the authorities to enact a sinister plan.

"I had earrings in it, and I had jewelry in it," Vick said of the 20-ounce Aquafina bottle, which was red-flagged at the security checkpoint because liquid containers of that size can't be carried through. "They took the bottle. I don't know what they did with the bottle. I guess they were trying to, I don't want to say frame me, but at the same time look at what I had to go through."

We appreciate that Mr. Vick kept his composure, and, despite the evidence being overwhelming, chose not to make accusatory statements. We wish the media and authorities had exercised similar restraint at the time of the incident, rather than lambasting Mr. Vick and suggesting he was up to no good. Such action might have saved Mr. Vick from going through all that he went through.

After Mr. Vick cleared up the situation during his press conference, some made mention of the fact that the police report didn't account for the jewelry and wondered what happened to Mr. Vick's belongings.

"That's the first we've heard of that," Detective Nelda Fonticella, spokeswoman for the Miami-Dade Police Department, said when asked if Vick was carrying jewelry in the bottle. "If he has any kind of problem with the way things were handled, then he needs to talk to internal affairs."

One can't help but wonder about such a suggestion. Talk to the very people that constructed a report designed to provide the media fodder to convict him of marijuana possession? Talk to the folks who it seems now stole his earrings and jewelry?

"Nobody came out and said there were earrings inside the bottle, jewelry in the bottle. I was cordial. I gave the bottle to the [Transportation Security Agency lady and said, 'If you want to keep it you can keep it.' The only reason I went through all that was because there was water at the top of [the bottle]. It was a stash box for my jewelry. That's what I told everybody but that wasn't written.

The sinister intentions of this plot show that it reaches from the lowly TSA lady, all the way to the top of internal affairs. A well organized, well thought out operation.

We appreciate Mr. Vick's honesty.

Also, if someone sees any Miami-Dade cops flossing an unusual quantity of bling; let Michael know. We're sure he wants his ice back.

Josh McRoberts: The Time is Right for the white Blue Devil

While Kevin Durant is being courted by NBA execs, shoe companies and possibly Kobe Bryant; Josh McRoberts has already made up his mind about his future. His decision: The's fantastic!

Normally, the NBA and the shoe companies wave the dollar signs and put the hard sell on young Negro players. Essentially, paying them off to give up a chance for an education and the chance to mature. In this case, we applaud McRoberts for bucking the trend.

Not only is he a white player giving up his education (and, loathe as we are to say it, Duke provides one of the best), but he is doing it without the distractions of lottery talk, megabucks and shoe contracts. He is doing it without any accompanying season long speculation on what his choice will be. He is doing it despite the fact many are asking, "What is that slow, soft nitwit thinking?"

McRoberts is nothing, if not his own man. A man not afraid to heartily wail into a towel when he realizes he never lived up to expectations at Duke. Clearly, he supposes the fact that he was used and abused in a down year of ACC action will work to his advantage in the draft.

McRoberts feels that his being exposed as soft and slow, coupled with the application of the requisite Dukie characteristics of having "heart" and "desire", perfectly formulate the composite of the next white Blue Devil NBA failure.

The time is ripe. Another year of working on his game in college could possibly upset this perfect balance of a lack of ability, overrated potential, and a sore loser's attitude being misconstrued as having "heart". Josh has to go, and he has to go now.

On the record, evil Devil coach KKK says:

"We had great conversations, and we are 100 percent behind his decision," Krzyzewski said. "Josh has been a terrific player for us for the past two years, and he will be even better in the future as a professional. Based on our information, it is time for him to move on to the next level, and we are ready to help him in any and every way during this process."

We have it on good authority that after this quote, Krzyshevskilewsi turned to Johnny Sell-Out and said, "You think anyone bought that mess?".

Johnny's response was, "Well, the part about being 100% behind him leaving is true! So who cares."

Apparently, the basis of their "information" for McRoberts to move on was the film of this year's match-ups with Tyler Hansbrough.

We wish McRoberts success at the next level and will be posting and keeping fans updated about his exploits in Lithuania.

The media awaits word on Greg Paulus' next move.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Henry Bibby: Turned USC Into Basketball School

After the Florida Gators won the NCAA Football Title, a lot of folks gave some of the credit to Ron Zook. After all, Zook assembled much of the talent that Urban Meyer molded into a champion.

We think it only fair that Henry Bibby receive the same sort of accolades for turning USC into a basketball school.

"I am elated that these three guys that I brought in are doing so well," Bibby said yesterday after the Sixers went through some light shooting and film study at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. "I'm happy for USC. It's been a football school for so long, and I think I did a lot to bring basketball to SC."

So, hats off to Mr. Bibby for putting together the talent that turned USC into a basketball school and has made them an annual contender in this year's Sweet Sixteen.

We'll try and forget the fact that they fired him and are letting a white guy reap all the benefits now.

Durant: Bryant Contacting Him for Nike?

A few days ago, we detailed the insidious effort to derail the higher education hopes of young Negroes. We mentioned that, not only were evil entities in the NBA at the root of the problem, but that clothing and apparel companies were in on the effort to keep Negroes uneducated as well.

This piece ran today in the LA Times.

It reports on Kobe Bryant's denials that he has contacted Kevin Durant in an effort to get him to sign with Nike.

The story is vague about the source of the claim, saying, "Word is Kobe Bryant has already called Kevin Durant on behalf of Nike and that a shoe deal ranging between $30 million and $50 million simply needs to be presented."

Kobe responded with a denial, of course. And maybe it was a story based on nothing.

Either way, it clearly demonstrates the substantial effort being made to keep young Kevin Durant from attaining his degree. And, it shows the lengths Nike is willing to go to get it done.

Clearly, Kobe was corrupted against education long ago, and may or may not have been trying to influence the young Durant to abandon his studies.

If the story is untrue, it would show even more the evil intentions of the shoe and apparel companies. Willing to float a rumor which hurts the reputation of one of their contracted Negro stars; and doing anything to attach their companies name to Kevin Durant. Using the media to effectively start the negotiation process with Durant by floating a contract numbers range; and at the same time setting it up so it looks like a fellow Negro basketball player was the one that initiated the overture. The depths of betrayal here are unfathomable.

We choose to believe that Kobe never made the call and is simply a pawn in this ill intentioned game to continue to keep Negroes out of the halls of higher education.

But we warn Kobe: You are playing with fire. Distance yourself, or forever be seen as the agent of the devils of deprivation. Lest you are held responsible for the abandoned educational needs of an entire generation of Negroes.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Interviews: Your Turn, Jason Whitlock

We did our first interview with deadspin's illustrious Will Leitch. This month, we bring you a short question and answer session with AOL Sport's and the Kansas City Star's Jason Whitlock.

We have given Mr. Whitlock some harsh criticism here in the past. But also have posted positively about him when his thoughts have been correct.

As part of our continuing series to learn more about some of the writers and bloggers that influence discourse and direction on the net; we submitted some questions to Jason in the hopes of learning more about his thought process and viewpoints. We learned he thinks a lot about barbecue.

1) You claim to have been good friends with and a teammate of Jeff George in high school. A real friend would not have let him appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated after he was drafted sporting a porn 'stache and what appears to be a mullet. Why didn't you stop him?

The porn stache was very popular in 1990. Along with a strategically placed, rolled sock, it was a clever way of suggesting you were packing heat.

2) You share some similarities with the great Negro writer James Baldwin. Mr. Baldwin became active in the original Civil Rights movements, and you are attempting to raise consciousness to instigate a follow-up movement. Do you see yourself further following in his footsteps and becoming frustrated with race relations in the US and moving to Paris?

Paris is not an option. But I could see myself going back to Tokyo and opening a barbecue joint. You can't get good burnt ends anywhere in Tokyo.

3)Which is the best 'cue: Memphis, Kansas City, Carolina or Mongolian?

This is an absolutely silly question. I've been to Memphis, Carolina and Mongolia and nothing compares to what Mr. Gates throws down in KC.

4) For a long time, white folks have referred to the Nation of Islam as a "black KKK". Do you think that attributing the term to a completely different group of Negroes (thug types) will further confuse white folks. Possibly leading to hating the different groups of Negroes for the wrong reasons?

I didn't know that the NOI was ever called that. What violence has that group been associated with? The Million Man March was the most peaceful, beautiful event I've ever attended.

5) You are clearly an intelligent man. One would think you bring home a nice paycheck. And you call yourself "Big Sexy". Our sources indicate that you are still single. How can this be?

The key phrase here is "you're an intelligent man." Women think men want a "challenge." My job is a "challenge," losing weight is a "challenge," dealing with idiots is a "challenge." I don't need another challenge. Once a relationship becomes a challenge, I bounce or she bounces. Marriage, the way we conduct it here in America, is the ultimate challenge. When I find one half my age plus 7 who doesn't want to make life a challenge, I'll buy a ring.


(caveat: the "Ladies...." is taken from an ongoing reference in the comments section at deadspin. We don't want to be further accused of biting other blogs.)

Tony Dungy: Hates Gays, But He's Classy About It.

Listen up, Timmy Hardaway. We know you got into trouble with that tirade on your opinion of gays. And we know that the media twisted your words to make you look like a homophobic lunatic and politicized your point of view in an effort to use you as a punching bag to further their agenda.

Well, Tony Dungy is out there setting an example for you to follow. The classy and much loved Dungy hates gays, too. But you won't find a media backlash against him. Why? Because Tony Dungy knows how to properly communicate his opinions, that's why.

The coach said his comments shouldn't be taken as gay bashing, but rather his views on the matter as he sees them from a perspective of faith. "We're not anti- anything else. We're not trying to downgrade anyone else. But we're trying to promote the family -- family values the Lord's way," Dungy said.

Timmy, it's all in how you frame your thoughts. If you project them in a family values kind of way promoting religious faith, and leave out derogatory and hurtful sentiment, you won't risk having to go on an apology crusade and reinvent your image.

Dungy told more than 700 people at the Indiana Family Institute's banquet that he agrees with that organization's position supporting a constitutional amendment that defines marriage as between one man and one woman.

See, Timmy? If, instead of saying, "I hate gays". You had said, "I love families consisting of a marriage between a man and a woman", well, you would probably have kept some of those endorsements you lost.

We encourage everyone to remember: Hating gays is wrong. Loving families is right.

Got it?

Duke Falls in Fan Poll

Due to our efforts to point out the evil intentions of Duke basketball, the latest Harris Poll reports that Duke has been overtaken as the most popular college basketball UNC.

The University of North Carolina, was named the nation's favorite basketball team according to the latest Harris Poll. The No. 1 team for the past four years, Duke, not only took an early exit from the tournament this year, but dropped to No. 2 in the Harris Poll as well.

Thank you to all who participated.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

We Just Discovered Peter King

We have just discovered a writer over on Sports Illustrated's website named Peter King. Peter writes about the NFL, and interjects fascinating events and discoveries he comes across in his life and travels. Mixing the football, life and advice into a column which one can use to essentially live by.

In his columns this week, the 50ish year old pop culture maven shared these unique discoveries:

"One of the best discoveries of midlife: St. Patrick's Day. Never thought I'd love Guinness, but it's pretty close to the perfect beer."

We aren't Irish, so we don't know these things. Who would have thought: the world's most popular and well known Irish beer...on St. Patrick's Day! Thanks for letting us in on that before we hit midlife, Mr. King. You saved us years of missteps.

"Just discovering the iPod, one of the great inventions of all time, and my one recent find was Norah Jones. What an incredible voice. "

iPad? iPed? iPud? What is this thing of which Mr. King speaks? And we have heard of a Norah Jones that won a few grammies back in 2005. Obviously, THIS must be a different Norah Jones that Mr. King is sharing with the world.

The Real Michael Vick

The Michael Vick you read about in the press is not the Michael Vick that teammates, friends and community members know. The media, in its never ending desire to tarnish his image and derail his career, only presents negative occurrences mixed with half truths.

While Mr. Vick is normally not one to hype his community involvement and charitable acts, it is now in his best interest to at least let people know about some of the endeavors in which he has been involved. Unfortunately, although Mr. Vick would clearly prefer to allow his off the field work to remain behind the scenes, the media has forced his hand.

With that in mind, last week Vick launched his most recent effort to help the community.

"Maybe this will offset some of that attention I've been getting, whether positive or negative," Vick said while sitting in a crowded wine-tasting area at The Tasting Room, the restaurant of which he is the main shareholder of three investors. "It's good for people to see that I'm giving back to the community, where people can see me trying to do something that's positive. There's a lot of people speculating about things I do that are not so positive."

This is the type of thing that can exponentially make amends to Vick's image in respect to the community, which took a hit last year when Vick left the field after a loss, and in a fit of frustration thrust his middle fingers randomly in the air. Unfortunately, the media portrayed it as if Vick were intentionally flipping off the fans. Well, now Vick is giving something back.

"Opening this restaurant and an adjoining wine store with business partners Earnest Greer and Frank Jenkins, in an area Vick deemed as "underserved," is part of a plan to establish a better relationship with the local community. Four similar restaurants are planned in different parts of the metro area, as are a handful of more civic enterprises, Vick said."

We read "underserved" to generally mean a low income (and probably high minority) area. For establishing a business venture in such an area, we feel compelled to tip our derbies to Mr. Vick and his associates.

What better way to give back to the community than to establish a high-end restaurant/wine bar and an adjoining wine store in a low income section of town. This is something that the community needs and has clearly been demanding. And Mr. Vick, despite the attempts by the media to ruin him, is the one that came through for the community.

Many other athletes have opened taverns, restaurants and all sorts of businesses in an effort to capitalize on their names and secure revenue streams for after retirement.

Mr. Vick, on the other hand, chooses to create opportunities for lower income communities to partake in gourmet food and wine.

The next time you read the media attempt a character assassination on Mr. Vick remember: He is bringing some wonderful pinot grigios to the hood.

And flipping the bird, bringing secretly compartmented water bottles on planes and herpes can't undo all the good!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Ainge and Celts: 30K Not Enough!

Danny Ainge was reprimanded and the Boston Celtics received a pittance fine of $30K for excessive contact with the family of young phenom Kevin Durant.

Mr. Ainge and the Celtics should be the recipients of far greater punishment for their collective actions aimed at destroying the educational opportunities of a young Negro basketball player.

It is hard enough for a young Negro male to get the opportunity to attend an institute of higher education; and to get the chance to attend a top school like UT is one in a million. For Ainge to take it upon himself to try to influence Durant's family into coaxing the young man to bolt early is such an objectionable act that we believe Ainge's employment with the Celtics should be immediately terminated.

Why is Mr. Ainge not seen at college games seated next to the families of white players trying to seduce their parents with talk of a big contract and even more fame? There are no reports of him wooing the family of Chase Buddinger. He wasn't "coincidentally" turning up at Nick Fazekas' games and sitting next to his kin last year. No, indeed. Mr. Ainge allows young white players to contemplate their futures on their own. He doesn't egregiously attempt to cloud their thought process and unduly influence their families by painting pictures of fame and fortune in their minds.

Mr. Ainge is part of an insidious systematic attempt to ensure that Negroes remain deprived of higher learning. Young Kevin Durant has said on multiple occasions that he is enjoying the college experience and treasuring his time at UT. Why not let the young man continue to do so? Why not let the young man experience the exhilaration of walking across the podium and receiving his diploma? Is it too much to ask to treat the young Negro in a humane fashion and allow him to gain the knowledge that one can only be exposed to at a major university?

And if it isn't the Danny Ainges of the world trying to lure the young Negro out of the halls of knowledge; then it is the shoe and sports apparel companies. Grooming the young Negro to be the face of their products at an early age. Tempting them with prospects of money even beyond the NBA contract. But, of course, they have to forsake the education that they hold so dear.

When is the last time a white player was being groomed for a huge endorsement deal before making the NBA? We think never! These companies respect the white player's right and need for a college education and don't pollute their minds with such temptations.

It is time that the NBA sends a message to both teams and apparel companies. It is time the NBA affords the young Negro basketball player the opportunity to pursue a college education with dignity.

In this day and age, a college degree is as common as a high school diploma was 25 years ago. The only people who didn't have them were the dregs of society and slow of mind. By attempting to sabotage the young Negro in his quest for higher learning, the NBA (and sports apparel companies) are telling Negroes everywhere that they see them as the dregs of society and slow of mind. And that is a message that must be stopped.

The first step in rectifying this is to make an example out of Danny Ainge. His overt racism must not be tolerated. His attempts to rob young Negroes of their futures and educations must not be tolerated.

Kevin Durant's college degree is only worth $30K? We say it is worth Danny Ainge's career.

Fire him and send a message to America that Negroes have the right to a higher education!

Sweet 16: How Are We Doing?

Time to check our bracket and see how our picks are panning out. And see (in the rare instances) why we were wrong.

Mich St vs. Marquette: We used the relativity theory to come up with our pick of the Golden Eagles. Based on the fact that Al McGuire won a title there and he is the brother of illustrious coach and title winner at UNC, Frank McGuire. The relativity theory did not factor in that Al got lucky.

Texas vs. USC: The pick here was Texas, based solely on Kevin Durant. We fell into the trap of believing that a one trick pony team could overcome horrible coaching. We had misgivings when we made the pick, siting the fact that the only one trick pony teams of recent memories had great coaches.

Wash St. vs Vandy: We went with the Tony Bennett hype. When will we learn that only the young Negro coaches are worth buying into?

Virginia vs Tennessee: The SEC was simply better than we thought.

Butler vs Maryland: Seems clear after the ACC tourney and this, that MD played above themselves those last couple of weeks in the regular season.

UNLV vs Wisconsin: Wisconsin goes a long way towards proving that the Big Ten basketball season is mirroring the football season. The top two schools overhyped.

Duke vs VCU: Had the devil going out in the second round. But this was welcome.

Indiana vs Gonzaga: Figured that the weak Big 10 would get bounced here. Can you blame us?

Our remaining teams still in the Sweet 16:

Ohio St
Texas A&M
Southern Illinois

Friday, March 16, 2007

Rapture: Humbled by the Power of Righteousness

It is too late to bow your head and repent. Your lot is caste. And your demise assured.

Brothers and sisters, we have been on a roller coaster of emotion and self reflection during this day. A day which will be known as the first day of the rest of our lives.

Some believers reference an epiphany. But that is not a strong enough word. The joy brought unto the world on 3/15 is a rapturous joy. Akin to paradise on earth. Proof of a power far greater than man thought possible. The most humbling of events to show how we truly are simple beings, kneeling at the feet of a power we can only pray to understand.

If, last night at the hour of judgment, you were not on your knees with your head to floor, begging for either forgiveness for doubting the will of the great almighty and renouncing your fellowship of the false basketball god that slithers through the halls of Dukedom ; or, you were not genuflecting in uproarious thanks and praise for the Almighty's willingness to grant you indelible proof of his righteous claim to spiritual piety: Your soul is lost. And you will burn with the crushed souls of the goblins in Dukeatory.

Tears. They flow strongly in times of extreme joy, abject horror, hideous pain and at the sight of coach KKK locked in embrace with any one of the myriad of goblins, gargoyles and fruitcakes who have followed his lead into the dark and empty hollows of the bowels of basketball.

Tears cleanse a soul and purge a body. Joy and pain. The line is a fine one. Often, they are only separated by a righteous and unshakable belief in a higher power that will help guide and protect against insidious attempts to shake faith and claim souls. And that power is concentrated and strong. Oft times demanding to test our faith by allowing evilishness to flourish for years at a time, seemingly unchecked. But, when righteousness and faith are finally rewarded by a demonstration of the power of good, the tears from the joy that follow cleanse to the core. And the pain and tears that follow for the non-believers and false idolaters cut to the bone. Even drawing blood.

Retribution from above can be swift and vicious. Two of coach KKK's evil agents tasted their own blood. And believe, the two goblins that were cut open were not coincidental. Gerald Henderson's veins flowed in retribution for his assault on Tyler Hansbrough. And John Scheyer felt the wrath of righteousness for his evil performance in the same game that Henderson chose to allow himself to be coach KKK's implement of brutality.

Tears and blood cleanse. Humble yourself before the righteous forces, presently; lest you are smote like the satan you follow!
As if victory and the blood of the soul-less was not enough to confirm our righteous faith, the wielder of the sword which severed the head of the rat only further lends credence to this being the ultimate demise of the devil. VCU Negro Head Coach Anthony Grant proudly and gloriously represented the Tribe of Shabazz by raising the head of the slain devil in a show of absolute triumph of good over evil.

And the final strike against satan on earth was the buzzer beater that cut out his wretched undead heart, so reminiscent of the many shots caste by satan's ghoulish underlings against the righteous over the years. A fitting demise!

We thank Anthony Grant. We thank Eric Maynor. We thank the VCU rams.

And most of all, we thank the righteous power above for choosing to grace us with this testament to our faith, goodness, righteousness and soulful prosperity.

Allāhu Akbar! The heart of the satan on earth beats no more!

A Victory Song for the Righteous

You may have already seen this. But it will still get you bouncing and smiling. Especially after yesterday.

Our fortidude and steadfast prayer begging for the smiting of satan on earth has been answered.

Our pleas to above to shine a light of righteousness and show the power of good to the evil depths of hell on earth, Dukeatory, has been answered.

And we can't stop smiling, knowing coach KKK, Johnny Sellout, Woho and Chrissy Collins are curled up together in the fetal position crying. Desparately trying to console each other as they listen to Helen Reddy songs as they spoon.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Evander Holyfield Develops New Steroid Test

As you are more than likely aware, Evander Holyfield's name was on a list of clients of a steroid/human growth hormone supplier.

Clearly, a muscular Negro with a pea-brain is an easy target for the powers that be to target as a steroid user. But the important part of the story is something you aren't being made aware of: Evander has come up with a reliable and cheap method to test for steroids.

Holyfield revealed: of his former trainers used steroids. "His personality went back and forth. Sometimes he was normal. Sometimes he was aggressive. Another thing I noticed is that he smelled bad. A lot of times people who take steroids have this odor."

So, before we go convicting Evander in the media of wrong doing, let's stop for a moment. We've heard Evander accused of many things and we've read of many characteristics attributed to him. But, never has Evander ever been accused of anything but pleasant emmissions. You think Tyson would bite off the ears of a man that smelled like a hobo?

If Evander can pass his own olfactory steroid test, that's good enough for us.

So, armed with that knowledge, Bud Selig should be able to clear up this steroid business in baseball. And next year, if Shawne Merriman is smelling odd halfway through the season, we'll know he is back on the juice.

The Righteous Bracket: Part II (South and East)

black- round one
red- round two
green- sweet sixteen
blue- elite eight
purple- final four


1 UNC16 E Kentucky

-Eastern Kentucky was originally founded as Central University. We think that UNC will be able to capitalize on the disoriented Colonels and pull this one out.

8 Marquette9 Mich St

-Probably the best first round match-up. We don't like the Big Ten this year, so it's the Golden Eagles.

-Frank McGuire won a title at UNC and his brother Al McGuire won one at MU. UNC started the trend of young Negroes leaving school early for an NBA paycheck (Bob McAdoo), so we'll take the 'Heels.

5 USC12 Arkansas
-Arkansas is forever cursed by their treatment of Brother Nolan Richardson. A man who brought decency and championships to the program, and in turn was cast away because of the color of his skin. Ask him! It's USC here.

4 Texas13 N Mexico St
-Despite the presence of the photogenic Negro head coach Reggie Theus, the Aggies have no answer for Kevin Durant.

-USC's basketball savior is due to arrive next year. Texas' is already on campus. Hook 'em.

-The last two teams that won championships and were basically one trick ponies in the NCAA's were led by Carmello Anthony and Danny Manning. Two exceptionally versatile players. They were also coached by legends. UNC has got to eventually hit its stride and play some tough D, right? Right!? We'll write this pick in the sand: 'Heels.

6 Vanderbilt11 Geo Wash
Vanderbilt was the first SEC school to recruit a Negro athlete. George Washington owned slaves. Vandy.

3 Wash St14 O Roberts
The ancient Oral Roberts hasn't yet been recalled by Jesus, but his team certainly will be.

-Tony Bennett won't leave his heart in Sacramento. Cougars.

7 BC10 Texas Tech
Bobby Knight, in large part, is responsible for giving us coach KKK. Brother Al Skinner's team gets the nod.

2 G'town15 Belmont
We'd like to pick Belmont, as one of their alumns used to be the head of KFC. The Thompson lineage is too much, though. Hoyas.

-In a battle of Negro coaches, the Hoyas talent is too much. The token white guys at the end of the bench will be very excited.

-The basset hound looking Thompson will lead his team over Washington St.

-You can't coach heart. Or maybe you can. The 'Hoyas just have more of it, regardless. GU out of the East.


1 Ohio St16 C Conn St
-Any Blue Devil is worth rooting against. 'Bucks.

8 BYU9 Xavier
-We'll take athleticism over hustle and teamwork. Musketeers (happy, anonymous?).

-And we'll take obscene young talent over Xavier.

5 Tennessee12 L Beach St
-The 49ers are heading back to the LBC. As long as Bruce Pearl keeps his shirt on.

4 Virginia13 Albany
-Thomas Jefferson founded UVA, and we KNOW how he felt about Negroes. Wahoos.

-With Pat Summitt off coaching the Lady Vols, the men just won't have the necessary support in the stands. UVA.

-The Big Ten is weak this year, but UVA got an easy rotation through the ACC. Bucks are too much.

6 Louisville11 Stanford
We all know Stanford doesn't deserve to be seeded this high. THEY should have been in the play-in game. Cards.

3 Texas A&M14 Penn
-An old white guy with knickers and buckled shoes as your mascot? Gig 'em.

-Billy Gillespie coaches TAMU. Mike Gillespie coaches FAMU (an HBCU). We don't know if they are related or not, but we like the continuity and connection to the HBCU. A&M.

7 Nevada10 Creighton
-This game just sounds like a white-wash. We'll take the Pack.

2 Memphis15 N Texas
-As long as John Chaney is not around to choke Coach Cal, it's the Tigers.

-The athletic Tigers against the Fazekis lead Wolfpack. The athletes win (still happy, anonymous?)

-Chaney might not be around to choke Caliperi, but A&M's defense will. Aggies.

-A&M is a team that plays tough D and can win without scoring in the paint. To the Final Four for Ags.

-Two teams that have solid athleticism and solid D. But Brother Thompson truly has his Negro players' hearts and love. Hoyas to face the Gators.

-Big East vs. SEC. Defending champs with explosive team vs. rekindled fire with Princeton based O and tough D. Roy Hibbert will expose the high yellow Noah as a pretender.

The Georgetown Hoyas, led by Negro coach John Thompson III are your champs.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Righteous Bracket: Our Picks (Midwest and West)

black- round one
red- round two
green- sweet sixteen
blue- elite eight
purple- final four


1 Florida16 Jackson St
-Mississippi, the home of Jackson St. is still one of the most segregated states in the country. UF will segregate Jackson St. from the tourney.

8 Arizona9 Purdue
-'Zona's most athletic leaper is a white dude. No thanks. It's Purdue.

-Fried Gator tastes like chicken. We love fried chicken. It's Florida.

5 Butler12 ODU

-One of our favorite Negro TV characters was Benson, a Butler.

4 Maryland13 Davidson
-Dell Curry's son plays for the Wildcats. But, that isn't enough of a genetic advantage to overcome the Terps and Gary William's sweaty suit.

-Maryland got their crappy game out of their system against Miami. Butler got their upsets out of their system early on. Fear the Turtle.

-Despite an epileptic fit thrown by Gary Williams, Billy Donovan will be around wearing Gordon Gecko's hair for at least one more round.

6 Notre Dame11 Winthrop

-Winthrop was integrated in 1964. Other than the football and basketball teams, we aren't sure ND is. Winthrop.

3 Oregon14 Miami (OH)

-Miami is due some karmic payback.

-After battling Notre Dame and Jesus, Winthrop won't have enough left for the Ducks.

7 UNLV10 Ga Tech

-It pains us to pick against Brother Paul Hewitt, but this team really is a Wreck.

2 Wisconsin15 TAMU-CC

-Wisconsin hasn't been the same since they lost Butch, but the Islanders aren't the ones to send Wisconsin home.

-Wisconsin is good for one more game before they really miss Butch's elbow.

-In a battle of schools from states in which the only Negroes are either in shoulder pads or on the hardwood, Brother Ernie Kent and the Ducks get the nod.

-Joakim Noah looks like he should be wearing a hijab, so we'll take Florida over Oregon out of the Midwest.


1 Kansas16 Niagara

-Niagra Falls.......thank you, thank you very much.

8 Kentucky9 Villanova

-As long as they call their home Rupp Arena, we will always root against them. Villanova.

-Kansas' disappointment is reserved for a later round this year.

5 Va Tech12 Illinois

-VA Tech is in Blacksburg. You know our pick in this one.

4 S Illinois13 Holy Cross

-Brother Chris Lowery and his Salukis send home another Catholic contingent.

-Blacksburg vs. Negro coach. Tough choice. But our gut tells us that SIU takes this.

-This is the traditional type of Kansas team that has their fans hopes bursting at their inflated seams. But those seams will hold fast here.

6 Duke11 VCU

-The devil won't go down this early. He'll taunt us for at least another round.

3 Pittsburgh14 Wright St

-Pitt has been tough against inferior competition. Panthers.

-In a battle for the ages, McRoberts and Gray will bore viewers into a coma and Pitt will grind out the victory. Coach KKK will blame the refs, his players, his wife, his daughters (who have nice personalities) and Mike Nifong for the loss.

7 Indiana10 Gonzaga

-Playing in the WCC has completely prepared the 'Zags for a first round game against an average Big 10 team this year. Zags.

2 UCLA15 Weber St

-Last time Weber St. was in the tourney, they sent UNC packing. No upset this time.

-Bruins are too much. Gone-zaga.

-Ben Howland coaches agains his former team. And thanks God he didn't bring those slow white dudes to LA. UCLA moves on.

-The bubble bursts on Kansas, as the school that gave us Jackie Robinson advances to the Final Four.

-Billy Donovan matches his mentor, Rick Pitino by taking his team to a second straight final.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Isiah Gets Extension; Coach of the Year next?

The Ultra-talented Isiah takes a break from GMing and coaching to perform a duet with Janet

James Dolan, the CEO of Madison Square Garden and the calculating shot caller for the Knicks, made the announcement that Isiah Thomas would be rewarded for the enormous improvements this season with a contract extension.

Larry Brown seemingly attempted to burn the Garden to the ground last season by refusing to develop a style of play for his team that effectively utilized the highly paid superstars that Isiah was able to somehow procure in a hugely competitive market for their services. Dolan took a unique approach to challenge Isiah to bring out the best in the high octane, high payroll Knicks.

Some say Brown could not handle playing the second fiddle to a second former Negro Detroit Bad Boy guard for consecutive coaching stints and felt that based on his sharing a race with Dolan, he'd be able to sabotage the season and force Thomas out.

Give Dolan credit for recognizing that not only did he possess GM gold in Isiah, but coaching gold as well. Dolan gave an ultimatum: Improve or get up and get out. The slickest part of the motivation process was that Dolan never explained what constituted significant and measurable progress. A brilliant strategy, because it allowed Dolan to effectively define Isiah's progress after the fact. We know owners and CEOs don't like to admit error or wrong, and this was a brilliant way for Dolan to mitigate the chance of having to do so. Well done, sir!

It was a brilliant manuever. Isiah rallied his team and has developed his young troops at an incredible pace. He has fostered a trust and familial attitude on these Knicks that Larry Brown's bitterness at being outranked by Isiah precluded from developing. Isiah understands how to effectively manage egos and gel playing styles to maximize performance and continuity. This was something that Brown just couldn't do in NY. Again, his desire to unseat Isiah from the GM chair overwhelmed his sense of responsibility to his players.

We are witnessing the renaissance of the Garden and the Knickerbockers, right before our eyes. Dolan's unquestionable business acumen, coupled with Isiah's unparallelled coaching and GM deal making has transformed the Knicks from league laughingstock to playoff bound. The Knicks have already won 6 more games than they won during Larry Brown's entire term as head coach. And, playing in the life and death competition provided by the Eastern Conference, the team is on pace to hold onto the 8th playoff spot.

This is the type of turnaround that lays the groundwork for a dynasty. What Isiah has accomplished should, in most reasonable minds, result in the dual awards of Executive of the Year and Coach of the Year.

You can make arguments for other GM's and Coaches, but no other coach who is also a GM out there has turned his team from a last place joke into the 8th best team; AND done it in the Eastern Conference. No one.

Isiah earned his extension. But he has some more hardware coming his way after the season.

Some Props to Whitlock

Since Jason Whitlock's column after All Star Weekend, we have been very critical (here, here and here) of him. However, after reading his most recent column, we have found a common ground.

Now, we must preface this post by pointing out that Whitlock did include the caveat "Hey, I'm no Duke hater." But, he did write a very honest and constructively critical column about the Duke handling of the Hansbrough nose bludgeoning.

Whitlock observes "how little losing it takes to bring out the spoiled, whiny, rich (itch) in the Duke basketball program". Clearly, this should come as no surprise to anyone. Duke is an institution of privilege and entitlement. Looking down their collective nose at other universities and lower economic income levels. Snickering at people that drive economy cars or punch time clocks.

Over the years, success on the basketball court has mixed in with all the other things that folks connected with the University feel is their expectation and right. Part of the problem is that the rest of us, and the NCAA, feed this egomanical existence. Look at this year: BC was the 4th seed in the ACC tourney (and played in the semi's with the eventual champ), and a 7 seed in the NCAA. Duke garnered the 7th seed in the ACC's (and got bumped in the first round), yet somehow rested a 6 seed in the NCAA. Go figure!

And in typical Duke and Coach K snottiness, Henderson, his coach and the Blue Devils are pretending as though Henderson did nothing wrong. Coach K even slyly insinuated that Roy Williams was foolish for leaving Hansbrough on the floor that late in the game.

Hard to argue with Whitlock's word choice here: snottiness. Coach K is the very personification of snottiness. That nasal voice, the thin lipped grin. The air of infallibility every time he emits pompous or patronizing words from his cock-holster mouth. And of course the hypocrisy.

Oh the hypocrisy! Doesn't Coach K purport himself to be a teacher. A man who shows men how to be leaders and teaches responsibility? Now, many would make the argument that, no, he is just a basketball coach. But you can't have it both ways. You can't put him on a pedestal and deify him and his program as being MORE than a basketball program; and then say it's just basketball when the snottiness and duplicity of intention manifest themselves. None of us here have won a national championship, but we do know: When you do something stupid (even if it was an accident), if you are a leader, YOU take responsibility. And if you choose not to offer an apology, you don't blame the other person for crossing the street at the corner in a cross walk when you hit them with your car. That isn't leadership or responsibility. But it IS Coach K and it is Duke basketball.

Duke athletes are despised because of the holier-than-thou, do-no-wrong attitude of Coach K. He's the symbol, the tone-setter.

Preach on, Brother Jason, preach on. And that holier-than-thou attitude is based in Coach K's hypocrisy in action versus (or, as Scoop Jackson would say: verses) word. It's one thing to tell us it's raining, and piss on us. It's another to shit on us and tell us it's a mudslide. And Coach K and Dukies sure enjoy a good dump.

With that blessing comes a higher responsibility. He needs to humble himself and his players. He needs to admit when he's wrong and when his players have erred. Gerald Henderson foolishly initiated contact with a bitter rival in a game that had already been decided. He injured that player. Why not take the high road and apologize?

The devil can do no wrong. So in his mind, no apology is necessary.

By choosing the path of denial, Coach K is now drawing comparisons to his mentor Bobby Knight, another man reluctant to admit a mistake. Coach K doesn't have Knight's (public) temper. They share a self-righteousness and a terrible, immature reaction to losing. That can be a lethal combination, especially when Greg Paulus is your best point guard.

We think that Jason hits on some important points and truths.

Self-righteousness should lead to peaceful introspection. It should be exemplified by resolute, yet humble actions. And it should never waiver. There is no room for verifiable hypocrisy for the truly righteous.

We commend Whitlock for bringing to light the false righteousness exhibited by Coach K. This is further evidence, undeniable evidence, Coach K is the devil. False righteousness is the devil's means of deceiving weak souls into following him.

Be stout of heart and strong of soul. And for the first round of the NCAA tourney, be a VCU fan.

Go Rams!

Friday, March 9, 2007

USC Football: White Players Getting Heat

A white supremacy group on face book was founded by some USC Trojan football players.

The online group, called "White Nation" apparently was founded by junior linebacker Clay Matthews and included fellow white teammates David Buehler, Brian Cushing, Dan Deckas and Dallas Sartz.

The response to the accompanying uproar was that it was a joke in poor taste, and that the name actually originated through a Negro teammate referring to the clique as the "White Nation".

Well, this is no joke.

We normally would not lend advocacy to a group which espouses white power or supremacy. However, logic in this case, dictates that we support these young men in their quest to create "White Nation". Particularly as it relates to sports.

If USC were to follow these players lead and allow them to branch off into "White Nation" and start their own team, the following positive scenarios would evolve:

i) USC would not have to waste football scholarships on marginal white players to satisfy alumns and could have a roster of all Negro players. Thereby increasing the teams talent enormously.

ii) Other teams would be forced to follow suit in order to maintain a competitive balance with USC.

iii) The white players could start their own programs (the NWCAA) and compete against each other at the new, less competitive level that would be established.

iv) fans would benefit from the higher level of play generated by the new all Negro rosters throughout the NCAA.

v) white players would benefit by playing down to their own level

vi) the races in general would benefit from the inherent segregation.

So, we support this vanguard movement by USC's "White Nation" footballers.

Everyone benefits.