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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Rick Reilly is Right: Utah is National Champ

Generally, we perceive Rick Reilly's work since moving to to be lazy, boring, unfunny, ill-conceived, cliche, trite, uncreative, untimely, irrelevant and overall.....unnecessary.

We use his column as a barometer for what subjects to stay away from. A general rule: if Reilly is keying about it, it is either ancient news or not news.

How Reilly gets a 7 figure contract while none of our contributors can get so much as a corner in AOL's Fanhouse is beyond ponderance.

Anyway, sometimes storms catch us off guard, even though we tally the readings of the barometer.

Reilly's most recent cliche infested ramble anointed Utah as his national champion. Being of sound mind, we can generally pick apart any argument that Reilly makes and clearly show that siding with him is akin to believing we can invest a trillion dollars in the economy and do it while implementing a middle class tax cut. It's just plain foolish to take his point of view.

Well, we are fools.

Reilly is one hundred percent correct in believing that the BCS title game between Florida and Oklahoma is an affront to college football fans everywhere. That it is a fraud and a conspiracy. That it is a slap in the face to the competitive interests of the sport.

Reilly blames it on greed. On the unwillingness of BCS conferences to spread the wealth around a little.

Uh-oh. The barometer is showing a rising pressure.

While Reilly's conclusion is spot on; his arrival to correctness seems to be happenstance.

Yes, Utah deserves to be National Champion.

No, greed and conspiracy to exclude non-BCS teams from the pot of gold is NOT why they aren't in the title game.

Clearly, the painstakingly obvious reason must have been beyond the sleepy eyed view of the lethargic minded Reilly.

Utah has a Negro QB.

Since the installation of the BCS system, only two teams (1998 Tennessee and 2005 Texas) were generalled by Negro QB's to championships. Both of those teams were major players in major conferences, and undefeated. There was no possible way to exclude the teams from the title game.

Along comes a MWC team with a Negro QB. What better way to send a message to non-BCS schools that if you choose to align yourselves with Negro QB's, you will not be invited to the big party?

The effort is two fold. It will stop non-BCS schools from gaining the requisite competitive edge offered by having a Negro QB, which in turn will cement the dominance of BCS teams. And it also will cut down on the Negro QB pool of available draftees for the NFL. Saving jobs for white QB's.

Clearly, in Reilly's haste to crown Utah as his national champions, Reilly missed the crystal clear conspiracy that was right under his nose. Instead, Reilly went with money as the devil in this instance.

Haven't we all realized by now that green is not the color of evil?

Evil is the absence of color.


And Reilly's columns are the absence of relevance.

Also white.

Enough is Enough: When Will Negro Coaches Learn?

A few weeks ago, Brother Charles Barkley valiantly spoke out about the hiring practices of his troubled alma mater, Auburn.

Brother Charles, with full insider's knowledge, disclosed that Auburn had chosen not to pursue the employ of the up and coming savior of the University of Buffalo, Turner Gill. Gill, the possessor of a glorious resume that included a history of winning as a player, learning to coach under the tutelage of a Hall of Famer and taking a moribund corpse of a program to a conference title in the blink of a three year span; had been relegated to nothing more than a passing interest because of the baggage he carried with him: a white wife.

Certainly, Gill is not the first Negro male to stray from the fruits offered on the family tree of the Motherland. And certainly, Gill has to be upset that his choice of nuptial fulfillment has come back to cost him the chance to move up the ladder of coaching opportunity.

Lesson learned. And blame placed where it belongs. On the white woman.

Hopefully Brother Coaches will understand the error of Gill's ways and truly learn.

As more and more head coaching positions have come open with the end of the season, it's clear that college administrators have heard the demands levied by NOIS on behalf of the Negro Coach.

At one point, we were down to the venerable Kevin Sumlin at Houston and Miami's rule conscious Randy Shannon as the only D1 Negroes with corner offices. But, our hard line stance on behalf of qualified and determined Negroes with a whistle has opened the door for several openings to be darkened in.

However, Brother Coaches, NOIS can only do so much. We can only bring pointed and concentrated media attention to the issue. We can't work miracles. We can only witness them.

Therefore, after reading this, we can only ask that Negro coordinators with ambitions of receiving a head coach's pay check please be advised to resist the temptation of the most rotten apple in Eden. The white seductress.

Nothing good has ever come of a Negro man taking a white wife. Nothing. And, as clearly demonstrated by Brother Charles' summation of Gill's tribulations and Charlie Strong's trials detailed in the link we gave; nothing good can come of it.

If the temptation of the bleached na-na is too powerful, by all means, partake. But please don't feel compelled to take the dead man's walk down the aisle.

Look no further than the paternity of our Royal Potentate-elect. No marriage. No opportunities lost. And something good did come of it.


The white woman has already ruined the white man. Let's not let her destroy the opportunities of our Negro Coaches.

(edit- Soon after his remarks, Barkley was arrested on suspicion of DUI. Barkley has a white wife.)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Auburn Hire: Barkley Is Right

Much is being made about the hiring of football coach Gene Chizik by Auburn.

Chizik, who was a hot commodity a few years ago after helping Auburn to an undefeated season as their defensive coordinator and then helping Texas to the National Title in the same capacity, is not a choice that has the Auburn faithful enthralled. Certainly, this is due to his 5-19 record as the Head Coach of horrendous Iowa State.

Somehow, Chizik convinced the administration at Auburn that he is the right man for the job.

After interviewing a parade of candidates with head coaching credentials far superior to Chizik, Auburn chose 'the right man' for the job.

Perhaps most indignant were the supporters of Turner Gill. Gill took over a program even worse than Iowa State, and in three years turned Buffalo into conference champions. How could Auburn pass up a miracle worker for a guy who couldn't win in the Big 12 North?

Certainly, the color of Turner Gill's skin had to play a role.

This notion is substantiated by former Auburn basketball great, and Negro, Charles Barkley.

Barkley wasted no time in beating the righteous to the front of the line to point out that racism had to have been a deciding factor in the appointment of Chizik over Gill. How could it not be? The head coaching accomplishments of the men seemed to be diametrically oppositional.

Barkley took a step further. Reporting that in his personal conversation with Gill, Gill mentioned he believed that having a white wife would be a detriment to his getting the job.

Certainly, we couldn't agree more.

And, we are glad that both Barkley and Gill acknowledge that having a white wife could be a disqualifying proposition.

It makes it far easier to accept that Gill's choice of spouse was the determining factor in the job hunt.

Auburn fairly and justly interviewed Gill. They unbiasedly walked him through the process. And, based on perhaps the most important decision a man can make in his life; Auburn chose to go with someone else.

Rather than trust their historic football program to the judgment of a Negro who chose to yoke himself with the burden of the white devil's temptation; Auburn entrusted the program to a coach with one of the worst two year records in the country.

And we at NOIS couldn't agree more.

Gene Chizik is the right man for the job.

For, to trust the future of their program to a man who has thrown away his own future would be the real crime here.

While we believe that a much stronger Negro presence is necessary in the college head coaching ranks, we also believe a hearty thanks is due Auburn.

Thank you, Auburn, for giving a far inferior coach the chance to right your rapidly sinking ship. Even as while he is boarding your ship, his own is sinking.

Turner Gill must be held accountable for his choice of bride.

Hopefully Gill will take this as a learning experience and fully understand that such trivial things as winning conference titles after taking over teams which set record breaking losing streaks and beating 12-0 teams are simply the fluffy part of the resume/bio.

The part of the bio that matters most is the family picture.

Monday, December 8, 2008

The Conference Championships

This weekend past marked the culmination of conference play for those conferences bold enough to mandate a championship game.

The MAC championship proved to be a showdown between a fast rising Negro Head Coach (who happens to be one of the all time great Negro college QB's), Turner Gill, and the best all around QB in college football, Negro QB Nate Davis of previously undefeated Ball State.

Gill and Davis matched wits and tactics in a hard fought game that hinged on turnovers. Ball State's white center had great difficulty in getting Davis the ball on multiple occasions, and his poor snapping led to the end of BSU's undefeated season.

In the Conference USA battle royal, high scoring Tulsa ran into the Negro QB Patrick Pinkney led East Carolina Pirates.

Pinkney threw a key touchdown pass early in the first quarter which proved to be the difference in the game as the Pirates relied on his game management and leadership to win the championship.

In the ACC, it was a rematch of last years game with Va Tech locking horns with Boston College.

In what proved to be the most exciting game of the weekend, Negro QB Tyrod Taylor out dueled Negro QB Dominique Davis. Davis had led BC on a hot streak to get to the game after he was inserted in the line-up to replace a less athletic caucasoid.

The final score was 30-12, in favor of Va Tech. However, the score does not do justice to the incredible skills of both Negro QB's.

Out in Kansas City, the Big 12 Title Game proved to be little more than a formality. Native American (and non-white) QB Sam Bradford continued his assault on the record books in leading the Sooners to yet another 60+ point performance in crushing Mizzou.

Next up for the Sooners will be a crack at the National Title in the BCS Championship game.

Florida beat Alabama to win the SEC.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Secret: The Real Info 'They' Don't Want You To Know

Been awhile since we visited the orbit of planet Jason Whitlock over on

His latest delivery to his readers was a piece detailing the great story of the success of his alma mater's football team. Ball State, led by Negro QB Nate Davis, put together an undefeated regular season; and yet the mainstream media (particularly ESPN) has been loathe to bathe the Cardinals in the BCS-buster glory that some of the teams out West have received in their quests to crash the party of the deep pockets. And, the MSM (ESPN) has been just as delinquent in allowing Nate Davis the opportunity to showcase his worthy inclusion in any and all Heisman discussions.

Whitlock goes on to outline the dubious intentions of a media controlled by the same company that has a vested interest in drumming up viewers for the games it carries on its own networks.

ESPN is so financially tied to the organizations it covers and so devoid of basic journalistic ethics that it cannot properly analyze the sports world. ESPN just bought the BCS television package. It has a vested interest in promoting all things BCS.

Certainly, a fair and honest assessment. It's business. And, mixing business and journalism categorically entails the probability of tainting the journalism. There is no possible way to argue that the accounting books don't hold sway over the reporters' note pads. No possible way to deny it.

Our only problem with Whitlock's interpretation of events is that he doesn't interject the clear racial undertones of the situation. For if he did, he might find that the MSM's (ESPN) handling of the situation really isn't all that big a deal. And, he might find the time to expose the dirtiest secret the MSM (ESPN) is hiding from you.

The BCS buster schools (Utah, Boise State, even TCU and BYU) this season --and recent seasons-- are from white America. They represent white America. They are milk toast. They are flour. They are eggshell. They are latte without the coffee.

Despite being a team led by a Negro QB, Ball State is Midwestern White as can be. Straight out of Hoosiers.

So, the notion that the MSM is short changing Ball State is a bit contrived. How can they be shortchanging Ball State when, in reality, there don't seem to be any inherent covert racial misdoings?

The fact of the matter, which is understandably lost on Ball State alums, is that no one cares.

Ball State plays the most inferior of competition that D-1 has to offer. Traditionally, it is the fourth best D-1 football program in a basketball state.

While we believe Nate Davis should at least get a passing mentioning in the Heisman debate, the reality of the situation is not one of a media actively aligning to dismiss the accomplishments of the Cardinals. But, rather, a media objectively shrugging its collective shoulders and saying: So what?

Unfortunately, while Whitlock was busy using his space on foxsports to complain about the world not caring about the outstanding accomplishment being carried out in Mediocre Land, he could have been telling you about something truly distressing being perpetrated by the MSM (ESPN) and their promotive interests in all things BCS.

Once the season reaches the point that the BCS poll kicks in, all we hear about are BCS rankings. As if the BCS is the only poll of substance in college football. Some will argue, that due to its inclusive nature, it is the only poll of substance.

We would argue that the BCS is not inclusive. That the BCS actively segregates certain polls from being part of their equation.

We would also argue that the BCS does this based on race. Thereby promoting a separate but equal ranking system.

And, what is worse, is that the MSM (ESPN) makes no attempt to propagate the separate poll.

Right now, most of you don't realize this, but Alabama is NOT the number one team in the country.

No, the number one team in the Nation is the Grambling State Tigers.

But, ESPN and the BCS don't want you to know that. They have put all their eggs in one basket and, by blacking out the polls to only show you the ones they want you to accept, they have effectively relegated the debate over who is number one to the select group of teams that they televise and promote.

The SBN Sportsnetwork Poll ranks Grambling the number one team in the Nation. Alabama isn't even in the top 10, yet the MSM (ESPN) chooses not to make you aware of this because it might interfere with the carefully cultivated public perception that the teams in the BCS rankings are the ones that matter and are the ones in contention for the mythical National Title.

Certainly, Ball State not getting much coverage or interest from ESPN is distressing. It might be symptomatic of the overlapping interests of business and journalism in general.

But, so what?

It provides no real opportunity to cast the dark light of racial inquisition.

We wonder if Whitlock would be so quick to mention Ball State if it were not his alma mater.

And, more importantly, we wonder why there was no attempt to point out that Nate Davis is a Negro QB.

Which brings us full circle:

In this case, who really needs to have their journalistic credentials re-evaluated?

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Gene Wojciechowski: ESPN's Resident Spin Doctor

Certainly, this blog attracts more insightful and knowledge thirsty readers from around the Nation than, say, So, we fully expect that when we mention the name Gene Wojciechowski, most readers will ask, 'Wojawhatski ?'

As our readers will agree, the Nation can rarely be accused of judging a book by its cover; or in this case, a writer by his name. However, we must make an exception. Gene is a Gene. His first name perfectly captures his writing stylistics. Bland, uneventful, boring. And, his last name, with no discernible pronunciation, perfectly depicts his point of view.

Recent submissions from Gene include a combination romantic love letter to Brett Favre/bandwagon driving advertisement elevating the Jets to elite status after beating the Titans. Of course, everything crashed down a week later. But hey, what 'columnist' doesn't get caught up in the chance to hyperbolize a players performance and punch a teams Super Bowl tickets every now and again (with a whole lot of again)?

Last week Gene took a unique point of view regarding Notre Dame, Charlie Weis and Ty Willingham.

Gene was able to find a cozy spot aboard the ever expanding bandwagon that ND made a huge error in giving Weis that huge extension just roughly halfway into his first season. Nothing unique there.

What is unique is that Gene uses Tyrone's firing after just three seasons to try to argue for ND to retain Weis.

Willingham's tenure was the shortest of any non-interim Notre Dame football coach in the previous 70 years (George O'Leary never coached a game). It was a mistake to fire him then, just as it would be a mistake to fire Weis now.

He argued that ND's usual 5 year commitment to a coach was part of what made the Gold Dome different than other programs. That firing Willingham was something that made ND just like everywhere else.

Notre Dame lost its football DNA and its inner self when it dismissed Willingham four years ago. It compromised a belief. But it's not too late to go retro.

It's not too late to go 'retro'. No indeed.

Retro: short for retrospective. Meaning: involving, relating to, or reminiscent of things past.

You know, things past. Like firing a Negro for 'poor performance', and then letting a white guy who drops it even lower keep the job.

Clearly, Gene longs for the past.

If only ESPN would put him in theirs.

Update: Been Too Long

We have been focusing our efforts on monitoring and helping provide a smooth transition towards freedom for the masses of the Nation.

As the outgoing regime packs its bags and watches its coffers begin to deplete due to a mass exodus of upper class and big business backing; your humble servants at NOIS have been delighted with Potentate-elect Obama's movement towards re-establishing the prosperity of the Clinton administration. Not only have many (all?) of the key players of those days of high cotton and full plates been restored to their rightful roles inside the beltway, but an even more delicious prospect of change looms on the dark horizon.

Obama promised us change that we could believe in, and what better change than resurrecting the good fortunes of the Clinton Era? The appointment of Hillary to Secretary of State should certainly bring back the international good will and respect that Bush so predictably mismanaged. And, the appointment of Hillary could provide the most delicious aspect of the entire Obama administration:

The return of Bill.

Hillary's vacated seat will allow for an appointee to serve the remainder of her term. Who better to represent the good people of New York than William Jefferson Clinton?

Imagine! Hillary in full control of the Nation's foreign affairs, while at the same time Bill becomes a heavy hitter in the Senate...leading the domestic agenda!

Ahhh....change. How glorious!

In keeping with the theme of change, we were caught off guard by the abrupt resignation of Mississippi State's Negro Head Football Coach, Sylvester Croom.

Croom was a virtual miracle worker in Starkville. Given the reigns to a public university in a state in which the education system is measured on the Richter Scale, to be able to field a team at all was an accomplishment. And, to be able to recruit student-athletes from outside the borders of the traditional slave state was a coup as well.

Croom's critics will point to his won-loss record and decry the altitude of the number in the won column. Certainly, if Mississippi State were a 'normalized' university in a 'normalized' state, referencing Croom's winning percentage when evaluating the performance of his program would be fair. But, as the descriptive name of the university tells us, Mississippi State is the land grant university of the State of Mississippi.

The prospects of a Negro Head Coach, who runs a clean program in the State of Mississippi, certainly cannot be compared fairly to....say, a former MSU white head coach who trampled NCAA rules as if they were a Negro at the white folks drinking fountain.

So, so much for the experiment of change in the State of Mississippi. So much for giving the Negro Coach the leeway necessary to make the changes needed to win. So much for understanding that it takes time to change. That winning is a culture, and culture can't be changed in....oh, let's say 4 years.

It's back to the status quo.

Maybe if Croom understood that from day one, maybe he would have surrounded himself with the old guard. Maybe he would have protected himself.

And maybe we could have called that change.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Rick Reilly: Corniest Columnist of All Time?

We've never been a fan of EPSN's (previously SI's) Rick Reilly.

His columns are routinely formulaic. His wit is bread knife sharp. His observations are apparent.

He's average. But was shoved down our throats on the back page of SI. And now ESPN spent big dollars to lure him away and provide an alternative to the frat boy drivel and stale beer stench wafting from The Sports Guy.

All this, while Whitlock is allowed to walk and Scoop and Jemele get barely a shove, let alone a push.

He's bored us with human interest stories about his father, sailors, soldiers and other stuff, that, if written by a passionate author, might have been of interest. Pontificated on a few righteous topics. And chapped his lips on a behind here and there.

Not once has he tackled a controversy. He pointed out that it was wrong of a high school pitching battery to conspire to bean an umpire and he demonstrated the greed of some athletes. Certainly, limbs that could bear any weight.

And, most disappointingly, rather than using his high profile spot on the WWL to fill the walrus shaped void left by Whitlock; he has not taken the opportunity to point out the compelling racial injustice embedded in the Nation's sporting industries.

His only foray near this area was to encourage his readers to root against Negroish golfer Tiger Woods.

His most recent piece was a jock-sniffing effort portraying the job stealing Kerry Collins as a stand up guy who does nothing but 'tell it like it is' and own up to his shortcomings.

Hidden within the cliche filled ramble, jam packed with enough corn to feed 100 head of livestock, was a carefully measured dig at the abandoned Vince Young. The Vince Young who spent the off season providing the cohesion heavy leadership needed to bring together this history seeking Titans team. The Vince Young who had his legs cut out from under him just as the season began. The Vince Young who lost his starting job to an injury. The Vince Young used and betrayed by management. That Vince Young.

Reilly chronologies some of the more difficult moments in Collins career (you know, the moments where he didn't come in and QB a team that an up and coming Negro QB had worked so hard to bring together to make a run at an undefeated season). He points out that Collins admits that early on, the pressure got to him. That he didn't know how to handle it.

Here's the irony: Collins is the Titans' starter—and an unlikely MVP candidate, at 35—because the kid he replaced doesn't know how to handle it yet. Vince Young melted down in the second week of the season. There was talk of guns, confusion and suicide. Even his mother said her boy was "hurting inside and out." And yet sitting at the next locker was a man who once made Britney Spears look Amish. Still, Young has never asked Collins to help him.

Never does Reilly mention that the talk of guns, confusion and suicide was not so much talk as it was media propaganda perpetuated by his coach and management.

Reilly makes it seem as if this is Young's fault. As if Young should be sitting at Collin's feet begging for advice.

Perhaps Reilly forgets that Young was a highly drafted Negro QB, who was projected to be the franchise player who would lead the Titans to the Super Bowl.

Perhaps Reilly forgets that Collins was a washed up back-up, lucky to even have a roster spot.

Wouldn't it make more sense for the washed-up clip board carrier to be the one to ask the highly paid, highly drafted Negro QB if he might like some advice? Or, have we really gotten to the point that it is a fair expectation of a young, highly drafted and paid QB to be the one to take action?

Clearly, Reilly believes that since Young is a Negro, it is up to Young to beg for Collins mentorship.

If you look at Collins' face this week, you'll see a big cut on his nose. He was deer hunting, saw a six-pointer loping by, didn't have time to get a good rifle rest on his shoulder, fired anyway and the recoil nailed him. But he got the deer.

Figures. He never did like to pass the buck.

Unless there was a Negro QB involved.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Vindication: A Truly Righteous Mandate

Since the righteous, holy and necessary initiation of this blog, we have received countless emails of abuse. Emails demanding that we not point out the racial injustice inherent in sports. Emails subversively and unintelligently pretending that we were the source of racism in sports. Emails haplessly and helplessly constructed in impotent attempts to refute our truths.

Well, kind readers and voracious sports fans...this evening fully establishes the necessity,usefulness and secure future of the movement that established this blog.

This evening also is vindication of, and mandate for, the truths we have unveiled and revealed.

Today, with the election of President Barack Obama, the states of this Union almost unanimously (we can't be bothered to count those backward Red states south of the Mason Dixon) united in a simultaneous and spontaneous pronouncement that:

America believes race is the most pressing issue in our lives.

The election of a Negro Potentate is confirmation from and by the citizens of this Nation that they demand that racial issues be the center of all that we discuss and all that we do. That ending racism and elevating the status of each and every Negro victim of the African Diaspora is the issue held most dear to every voting American in this Nation.

You want proof? Ask any Negro why they voted for Obama. Next, assume that anyone who didn't vote for Obama did not vote for him because he is Negro. There. There is your proof that race is the center point of every vote. That this was not so much a presidential election, but rather a referendum on race.

Additionally, the free voting populace of this Nation affirmed their approval of the Righteous moral mentor of the newly coronated Potentate, the good Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

The Nation voted overwhelming in support of Wright's 20 years of influence over the thought and moral compass of the Potentate. Most sensible political analysts would continue this to mean that the Nation has justly voiced their collective approval for Wright's teachings. That the Nation hopes to move collectively along the moral and spiritual path set by Wright.

The referendum on race confirmed that not only do Negroes hate rich white people, but that most rich white people hate rich white people as well.

Further agreed upon through the voting process was that that Nation fully supports reparations. The potentate calls it 'spreading the wealth', redistribution of wealth and (years ago) he called it reparative economics. It's reparations. And it's long overdue.

To quote the sister who became famous on YouTube after an Obama rally, 'If I have trouble putting gas in my car or paying my mortgage, He is going to help me.'

From your mouth to Allah's ears, Sister.

Finally, we at NOIS believe this election was a mandate.

A mandate for NOIS. A confirmation that the Nation supports Negro leadership, the views of Rev. Wright and reparations. A mandate cast through the power of vote. Mostly through the power of white voters. Voters who, when they pulled that lever to admit that the needed a Negro leader, vindicated every word ever written on NOIS.

Therefore, good readers, the real winner of the 2008 Presidential Election is.............NOIS.

This election was about NOIS from the first debate during the primaries right up to the NOIS surrounding McCain's concession speech.

Now, if the Titans would just give the team back to Vince Young, we'd be on our way to a better, more Negro America.