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Monday, October 1, 2007

Notre Dame: Still Fooling Recruits

Much has been made about the way Charlie Weis has supposedly elevated the caliber of recruit brought into Notre Dame. The insinuation is that under-supported coach Ty Willingham was not bringing in good recruiting classes. Of course, little is made of the fact that almost to a man, every contributor on the roster the two years previous to the current debacle of a season was brought in guessed it...Ty Willingham.

But, no sense in making an issue of it; it wouldn't be the first time a chubby white guy with an unflattering hair cut and gynocomastia that makes Pamela Anderson jealous brazenly assumed the credit for the hard work of a Negro. Or that somehow, now that this season has turned catastrophic for the Golden Boys of college football, that Willingham is accused of 'leaving the cupboard bare'. Although no one complained much about what he left while ND received -what were later revealed to be undeserved- BCS bowl bids. But, yes, clearly, the success of those teams is all Weis' offensive genius. And the demise of this team is clearly that Willingham left no talent. No talent, three years removed from doing the recruiting. Makes sense.

Certainly, it's not surprising that those indoctrinated in the religion of ND football would sip the sacrificial wine that Weis has consecrated. True believers of the religion would be expected to believe in what would seem ridiculous at a time of disarray. Trying times test faith. And, when faith is tested, the clergy must resort to desperate measures to rally the congregation. Hence, turn Willingham into the dark demon who ruined the program. And propagate the image of the flaccid Weis stuffed into khaki's with his below his belt belly jiggling as he walks on water.

Unfortunately, it seems the missionaries sent by the Weis to convert high school football players to the religion of ND football are making in-roads.

Notre Dame is off to the worst start in school history at 0-5. But Tucker’s Jamoris Slaughter says he’s not wavering on this summer’s decision to commit to the Irish. “[Notre Dame coaches] told me at the beginning of the season that they have a young team and this year was going to be one of the years where they don’t have a lot of experience,” Slaughter said.

The serpent tongued Weis has clearly seduced young Brother Jamoris with promises of future riches. And blamed the woeful season of now on 'inexperience'.

We would agree that inexperience and a young team certainly can lead to heavy losses. However, so can a dearth of talent and inadequate coaching.

How can one decipher which is the cause?

Effort. And potential. Notre Dame has generally been beaten quickly, soundly and convincingly this season. Beaten by teams that have proven themselves to be moderately talented, at best. If Charlie Weis had talent standing on the sideline next to him; his team would be 'competing'. And they aren't.

In contrast, North Carolina has a poor record this season. They have played 23 freshmen and redshirt freshmen. That's inexperience. However, they have lost two games by 3 or less and one by 7. The only loss over 20 points was at the hands of South Florida. A team that has proven to be amongst the better teams in the country thus far.

Despite the inexperience, North Carolina is competing.

Notre Dame isn't.

Lack of effort and lack of talent is not related to lack of experience. Despite what the missionaries from Notre Dame are promising impressionable recruits looking for college salvation. And scholarships.

“Just because they’re having a bad year, it really doesn’t affect me.”

Brother Jamoris! It does effect you. Not directly. But it tells you all you need to know about them.

As soon as things got tough, they pointed the finger at the Negro they had run off the plantation, and blamed him. The moment things got tough in the first game, Weis abandoned his Negro QB.

Why on earth would you want to set yourself up for possibly being the next scape goat for a man that couldn't even keep his stomach stapled and blames his doctor for his gourd like physique?

Which, based on Weis' recent blame laying history, makes us wonder if his doctor was Negro.

The false prophet of Notre Dame football must be silenced.

We look at Navy to lead the jihad and end the lies perpetuated by Weis and his underachieving and under talented crusaders.


Owen Good said...

North Carolina being competitive against the likes of East Carolina, an overrated VPI and Virginia is hardly a standard for Notre Dame -- which may be the intent of your post. It's a clever backhand -- and I have no love for the Irish -- but man, I can't see anyone holding up any team in the ACC/Former Big East as a football role model. The entire league has not been this irrelevant since the 1970s.

But I liked your oblique reference to Paul Hornung's bitch-tits, nonetheless.

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

Sir, you forget that North Carolina DID defeat James Madison.

Irrelevent, you say!!!

Sebastian said...

Uh, there is that whole thing that Jamoris can get a degree from ND. A fair amount of people do, even non-athletic Negroes. They do pretty well for themselves. Perhaps not for the purposes of this blog, but for themselves.

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

"Uh, there is that whole thing that Jamoris can get a degree from ND. A fair amount of people do, even non-athletic Negroes. They do pretty well for themselves. Perhaps not for the purposes of this blog, but for themselves."

Sir, If you linked to the article, you would see that young Jamoris has been offered scholarships at several excellent universities.

Notre Dame is no Harvard, academically.

Many, many schools equal the educational opportunities ND offers...and those schools don't have a recent history of turning their backs on Negro coaches and QB's.

Malcom Hex said...

Lou Holtz said the Irish have tons of potential and great talent!!!

Malcom Hex said...

Lou Holtz said the Irish have tons of potential and great talent!!!

Sebastian said...

Actually I did, just before I published the comment. It was good to see that he had education on the mind as well as football.

Academically, ND is no Harvard. But the article states Georgia and GTech. Academically, they are no Notre Dame.

So we agree on education. But I, as a terminal Domer from childhood would like to see the kid go to ND, graduate AND play well. That's the point where we diverge.

But it shouldn't matter; unless they win the National Championship next year, Weis will be coaching the Chargers or Rams in 2009.

Jeff Reed's blowdryer said...

"Academically, ND is no Harvard. But the article states Georgia and GTech"

i bet if the kid wanted to go to vandy or northwestern or duke...or one of the other egghead schools that aren't too good at football...they'd happily take him.....a degree from ND isn't THAT life changing...

Sebastian said...

I agree. But there are just a handful of Div 1A football programs that have the academic and athletic balance as a ND.

Henry the 8th said...

"football programs that have the academic and athletic balance as a ND."

balance?? they are 0-5 and haven't been relevent on the gridiron since the mid 90's...come on....that is just the fanboy in you talking!!

besides, i was just looking at college academic rankings...ND ain't THAT high...there are plenty of good football schools that are right there with them...ucla, michigan, texas, cal, etc....

Unknown said...

In fact GA Tech ranks above ND academically.

ZEKE said...

did any of you ever consider that maybe the only reason ND hired Ty in the first place is because he was black????

Adam J said...

Quite astute, Brother Ezekiel. you can't hang a Negro without a Negro to hang.

At this late hour, we can only lament Brother Tyrone's lapse in judgment that was ever setting foot in South Bend to begin with.

Dave the Wave said...

well, OPS, the jigaboo population sure was thrilled when ND hired him. And so was he.

they gave a brotha a chance. and he did what 95% of brothers do when you give them a job.

he went to sleep and let the place go to hell.


wow thats the most disgusting thing ive ever read in my entire life...i wonder what ethnicity the writer is? as if its not obvious enough...i swear to god everything with you jiggys comes back to white and became obvious to me that the only reason u hate notre dame is because you're stupid ass didnt have 1/10 enough brains to get in a school like ND and because they actually have standards the admission of athletes...strange how theyre in the top 5 every year for graduation rates but you rarely see the ACC teams you refered to anywhere near the top 5 let alone the top 50...the acc is in the shitter and north carolina isnt half the team ND is and their schedule is nowhere near what ND's is this year...have north carolina play what the irish's schedule was this year and they'd be 1-5 how about you and all your black panther buddies quit ragging on the white schools because ur stupid ass couldnt get in...

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

Sir, your nonsensical and uninformed ramblings aside...

Actually, look at the any college academic rankings, you will find ACC schools like UNC, UVA, Duke and GA Tech ranked above or quite near ND.

Look it up.

Secondly, ND schedule this year is a JOKE.

They have lost to a mediocre Michigan team, a mediocred MI ST team, a Purdue team that has beaten no one of value and a Penn St. team that has been exposed as mediocre.

You are blinded by your allegiance to Touchdown Jesus.

ND was a special program and school.

20 years ago.

Welcome to the 21st century.

Malcom Hex said...

"the acc is in the shitter and north carolina isnt half the team ND is and their schedule is nowhere near what ND's is this year'

ND schedule is CRAP!!! LOL...a bunch of middle of the road Big TEn teams, the service academies and then later in the year they get their annual beat down from USC...WOW!!!! What a schedule.

Chinese Gordon said...

I am a recent negro graduate of Notre Dame

Several Points:

Other schools betray us by not graduating black athletes. Notre Dame has one of the highest Grad rates in the country (esp for minorities).

Notre Dame is not a party school. It is a Catholic University devoted to academics and religion. This makes it easier for us young blacks to avoid getting into trouble (we aren't rich white kids whose daddies can pay us out of trouble)

Notre Dame at least hired a black coach. Not many (almost zero) other schools can say that.

I regret the way that Willingham's tenure was terminated. Tyrone was not given long, but at least he was not performing on the field or off (dismal recruiting last two years). Right now, Weis has the #1 class, and will have a top 10 at least unless a historic exodus occurs.

Don't hate Charlie because of what the school did to Tyrone. ND did not fire Tyrone b/c he is black (maybe...just maybe...they fired a black coach a year early...but that probably had more to do with them thinking they could get Urban Meyer).

Chinese Gordon said...

Notre Dame currently has the #2 hardest ranked schedule by the Sagarin rankings. Every team has been a BCS conference team. No other school can say that.