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Monday, December 8, 2008

The Conference Championships

This weekend past marked the culmination of conference play for those conferences bold enough to mandate a championship game.

The MAC championship proved to be a showdown between a fast rising Negro Head Coach (who happens to be one of the all time great Negro college QB's), Turner Gill, and the best all around QB in college football, Negro QB Nate Davis of previously undefeated Ball State.

Gill and Davis matched wits and tactics in a hard fought game that hinged on turnovers. Ball State's white center had great difficulty in getting Davis the ball on multiple occasions, and his poor snapping led to the end of BSU's undefeated season.

In the Conference USA battle royal, high scoring Tulsa ran into the Negro QB Patrick Pinkney led East Carolina Pirates.

Pinkney threw a key touchdown pass early in the first quarter which proved to be the difference in the game as the Pirates relied on his game management and leadership to win the championship.

In the ACC, it was a rematch of last years game with Va Tech locking horns with Boston College.

In what proved to be the most exciting game of the weekend, Negro QB Tyrod Taylor out dueled Negro QB Dominique Davis. Davis had led BC on a hot streak to get to the game after he was inserted in the line-up to replace a less athletic caucasoid.

The final score was 30-12, in favor of Va Tech. However, the score does not do justice to the incredible skills of both Negro QB's.

Out in Kansas City, the Big 12 Title Game proved to be little more than a formality. Native American (and non-white) QB Sam Bradford continued his assault on the record books in leading the Sooners to yet another 60+ point performance in crushing Mizzou.

Next up for the Sooners will be a crack at the National Title in the BCS Championship game.

Florida beat Alabama to win the SEC.


Dave the Wave said...

you are an assbag.

RighteousReasoner said...

Allah be praised that Sam Bradford's great-great-grandmother was Cherokee Indian. This cancels out his remaining 94% whiteness entirely and leaves Us someone to cheer for in the championship game. Only once the 100% white QB's are defeated will we be satisfied.

Two Dogs said...

Yeah, that most exciting game pitting Boston College, the totally WHITE city and Va Tech, where hillbillies routinely hang Negroes.

Then you completely dis Tim Tebow, but you simply ignore the fact that Tim Tebow is a Negro. Way to go, Mr. Klansman.

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

"Yeah, that most exciting game pitting Boston College, the totally WHITE city and Va Tech, where hillbillies routinely hang Negroes."

Sir, if those areas having Negro Qb's isn't exciting....

"Then you completely dis Tim Tebow"

Dis Tim Tebow?

Sir we didn't even mention him!

Two Dogs said...

I am just assuming that Taylor and Davis are working off fines by playing football. Certainly, they couldn't find jobs in those areas being black.

Still you fail to acknowledge that Tebow is a Negro, even when given photographic evidence. That is a shame, since he won the Heisman last year and has a chance again this year. I will just guess that you think that he is acting white or some such nonsense.

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

"I will just guess that you think that he is acting white or some such nonsense."

Sir, Mr. Tebow did spend the summer circumsizing third world babies...that sounds pretty white to us.

erg89 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
erg89 said...

OK, I just want to say something that's not completely related to this post. I've posted comments a couple times criticizing what's posted on this blog. Everyone who read the comments assumed that I'm white, I'm sure. Let me make this clear: I'm not.
I was hoping that this blog was about black athletes, our struggles and successes, and the unique issues we face. Instead, this blog glorifies all black athletes, even mediocre ones, and attacks white athletes and white people in general. It makes excuses for any and every black athlete who's ever been in trouble.
The ideas that are pushed in this blog are similar to ideas that the KKK pushes, except obviously they're pointed in the opposite direction. I'm dissapointed. As someone who is friends with the white people on my (college) basketball team and has white friends outside of it, although most of my friends are black, I can't read this blog without being nauseated by the ideology promoted in this blog. And please don't insult me by telling me that I sound or think like a white person. I'm just smart enough to know that we're all human beings, and no better than any other race, no matter what.
NOIS, I hope you respond to this. I'd like to see you explain yourself, because it's hard for me to understand how anyone could buy into such stupid ideas. I expected better.

Two Dogs said...

NOIS, gay and white are not the same thing, no matter how much it might seem that way.

Two Dogs said...

erg89 played the "some of my best friends are white" card.

erg89 said...

I never said that some of my best friends are white, I said that I have white friends. I doubt that Two Dogs is in any kind of contact with black people, but seeing as I don't go to an HBCU (Two Dogs wouldn't know what that is), there's a lot of white people at my college, and I have no reason not to be friends with the white people who I regularly come in contact with and like.
My roommate and my best friend are black. The parties I go to have mostly black people there. My basketball team is mostly black. Every female I've ever gone out with is black. The high school I graduated from and the city I'm from are mostly black. Because I say that I have white friends, you somehow jump to the conclusion that I mean that they are my best friends. I do not have any white best friends, and I'm not looking for any. I do have white friends that I like and respect, and let me tell you, they are nothing like you.
White people like you, Two Dogs, are the reason that there are still black people who don't like white people, who don't want to be in contact with white people. I don't know if you find it fun to post on these blogs to antagonize the people that read them knowing that you will get a rise out of them, if you really are as racist as you sound, or if you are just completely stupid and actually believe that Tim Tebow is black, but for some reason you feel the need to talk about me "playing a card" against this blog. My point was made to the writer of this blog, and certainly not to white people, because believe me, I didn't end up here trying to read about you.

If you want to fuck with black people with no consequences, it's too bad, because you were born about a hundred years too late. I'm not stupid enough to suggest that somebody is going to find you and physically hurt you, but everyone who reads your comments realizes that you are a stupid white person who reads the blog just to piss off the people who seriously read this blog. I believe that some of the things said in this blog are wrong, but you, sir, are worse for the way that you disrespect the people who read it. At least they do not going around posting on blogs they don't like just to piss the people off.
I am smarter and more talented than you are (2060 on the SATs, genius IQ, and a full basketball scholarship), and so I don't plan to continue any kind of argument with you. I just hope you realize how truly stupid and disgusting you are.

Two Dogs said...

In case you are wondering, I am Cherokee, live with it.

And I am also an architect that has worked on numerous buildings on HBC campi. Try Alcorn, JSU, Southern, Grambling, and Valley. If you would like some photographs of those numerous buildings, my e-mail is on my blog and I'll shoot them to you. Check out the Walter Payton Health and Wellness Center at JSU, that took us about ten years from planning to completion.

And my fiancee is a Negro. There are photos on my blog of her as well. But, make your racist assumptions anyway. Racism is racism, moron. Cash in some food stamps and buy a clue. <--the food stamp thing is a joke, Tool.

(In case you are wondering, this site is satire, too, doofus.)

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

Mr. Erg89,

Sir, firstly...

Your comments are appreciated.

Secondly, they are quite lengthy.

Thirdly, we will respond without having taken the time to fully read, in addition to being lengthy...were were uninteresting.

Moving forward...

How dare you!

Coming on here and saying something to the affect of 'i may sound white and have a thought process that mirrors that of the white man, but I'm black'...and somehow believing that gives you currency, credence or credibility is plainly wrong.

The very idea that you wrap yourself in the whiteman's thoughts an find warmth on these cold winter nights is enough for us to discount the rest of what you say.

Save us the nonsensical and irrational arguments that white and black can think alike. That there are shared values an interests.

Your only interest is pandering.

Pandering for a scrap. Like a dog at his masters table.

How dare you blemish our righteous blog with your preposterous notions and suppositions!

How dare you blasphemy your creator by pretending that since you are not white it is ok to think and act like a whitey.

Whitey doesn't respect you for it. And neither does NOIS.

If we had taken the time to read and digest the rest of your ridiculous offerings we might have more to say.

But we didnt.

And we dont.

So, in summary and to capsulize:

How dare you! Crackah azz niggah!

Big Man said...

I swear, the whole concept of satire just goes over people's heads. It really does.

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