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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Of Roger Clemens and John Rocker...

Just a quick note:

As the Roger Clemens debacle plays out before Congress, and the media gently handles the overwhelming evidence and testimony demonstrating that the pride of white America's baseball has synthetic hormones running through his blood...John Rocker screams for attention.

While it becomes clearer and clearer that Clemens is a cheater of the most heinous nature, John Rocker stands on a chair demanding that you listen to him.

While white 'columnist' are loathe to demand asterisks next to his accomplishments, despite the evidence being far more damning than that of other record setters the lynch mob has demonized....John Rocker has a confession to make.

Feeling left out. Rocker, despite denying it in the past, is now confessing to being a cheat.

While we doubt Rocker ever used any drugs of this nature (let's face it, the man can not be accused of ever having played with an enhanced performance), we admire his PR effort.

Any press is good press. And Rocker is on the radio and in print.

This whole steroid thing could lead to an entire generation of irrelevent and unnecessary 'confessions'.

Who will be next in the quest to be a lead story on SportsCenter?

And, why is anyone even pretending that there is a chance Clemens isn't a juice monkey?

Barry got no benefit of the doubt, with far less evidence against him.

It's time for the columnist to demand that the Cy Youngs be turned back in. That an asterisk be placed next to the wins and the strikeouts.

Fair is fair.

Unless it's foul.


Martin said...

"While white 'columnist' are loathe to demand asterisks next to his accomplishments,"

Sir, I am unaware of any of his accomplishments - can you recap these?

Sebastian said...

He already wins awards for how not to defend one's good name. But if Clemens gives up a dna sample and it matches the dna in syringes and gauze handed over to Congress by MacNamee, then Roger Clemens will replace Michael Vick as the stupidest man on the planet.