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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Barry Bonds: Negro Balled

As spring training gets in full swing and teams sort through talent to fill their opening day rosters, the owner of the greatest swing the game of baseball has ever known works out. At home. With no team. No contract. No offers. 762 home runs. MVP's galore. Waiting by the phone for the chance to play the game that he loves.

How can this be?

Certainly, the man that holds the single season and career home run records is past his prime. But, not one team is interested in bringing in a left hand hitting DH? Not one?

We've seen players who are past their primes (and players who never really had a prime) offered outlandish contracts almost every year.

It's becomes clearer with each moment that passes that Barry Bonds has been 'blackballed' by the league. There is virtually no talk of interest or opportunity. None.

Yet, as Bonds works on keeping his body in shape and healthy, at least one team (the Astros) has said they would let another all time great who has run into trouble play on their team.

We won't be the ones to beat the mortally wounded equine that is Roger Clemens' PED use into further oblivion, but the double standard in MLB is hard to ignore. How can you ignore something that stands in plain sight and smacks you in the face?

Barry, you have set all the records that matter. You have won enough MVP awards to demonstrate your 'mastery' of the white man's game. It's time to hang up your glove. The owners who have aligned against you have proven that they are not worthy of your presence in their company. Let them be the ones that suffer your absence.

Hang up you jock strap and expose what has been covered up.



Dave the Wave said...

if he takes off his jock,he'll also be exposing all that atrophy from the juice!

Sebastian said...


Too much juice means you don't have to wear a jock....


It warms my heart that the third stupidest man on the planet (maybe fourth, after Dubya) doesn't have a team to play for. You reap what you sow.

Anonymous said...

You know, after unsilent majority was "outed" as a white guy, I wonder if the writers of NOIS are secretly white, making dave's consistent hate speech number 2 on the funniest things in the history of everything.

(Number one is the opening scene to full metal jacket. Sgt. Hartman is my Muhammed.)

Anonymous said...

You hush your forked tongue, William Belichick, sir. Accusing a man of using performance-enhancing drugs is one thing. But accusing a man of being white is a crime greater than racism. I was called white once, and while I may have received an excellent education and career because of it, I still cannot escape the shame of the accusation.

one fish two fish red fish blue fish said...

" fish two fish red fish blue fish, knick knack patty whack give a dog a bone..

2 thousand zero zero party whoop! outta time...

my bacon's smellin fine..."


RighteousReasoner said...

Kelvin Sampson post. NOW.

Another righteous brother being framed by the devil white man forcing him to send those text messages.

I am frying my bacon in anger.

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

"Another righteous brother being framed by the devil white man forcing him to send those text messages. "

Sir, we are of the opinion that K.Samp is a Native American.

RighteousReasoner said...

It does not matter whether he is Native American or a Negro, what matters is he is not a paleface. Any such person deserves our support, even if they are completely guilty (albeit guilty because of the claws of the devil and his unholy and ever-cracking whip). It's the only way, editor. It's the only way.