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Monday, June 9, 2008

Nick Kaczur: When Will He Be Suspended?

You have read the story.

New England Patriot busted for possession of pharmaceuticals to feed his habit. Patriot cooperates with law enforcement to help sting dealer. Patriot admired by all and hailed as hero. Patriot attending OTA's and team says any punishment will be handled 'internally'. If and when charges are filed.

Quick question: Who believes charges will be filed?

We don't either.

And, the reality is that it shouldn't matter.

The NFL has set a precedent that it is willing to suspend players prior to convictions or charges being filed.

Pacman Jones was barred without major charges. And there has still been no conviction. Michael Vick was long gone before he was cuffed and stuffed.

Both Pacman and Vick, when it became clear that it was to their benefit, cooperated with law enforcement. Just like Kaczur. Yet, their cooperation hasn't brought them accolades. Or hastened their return to the field.

Why is Kaczur at OTAs? Why is Roger Goodell not summoning him to NYC to plead to stay in the league? Why are the Patriots not turning their backs on him?

Is it simply that he cooperated with the police? Is that why this is going to result in more than likely no major charges and no punishment? Does his turning over his drug dealer absolve him of his crimes? Does it make it ok that he tarnished the image of the NFL?

The NFL and the Patriots are walking a slippery slope. Regardless iof whether charges are even filed.

Clearly, if Kaczur had a drug dealer to inform on....he bought drugs from the guy in the past. It doesn't take Columbo to figure that out. And the NFL has shown in the Pacman case that it is not compelled to wait for the judiciary process to mete out punishment.

So whats the hold up? Why are neither the NFL nor the Pats moving on this?

Cedric Benson recently was the recipient of a DUI. A few weeks ago he had a run in with the police also. Neither incident has been fully investigated or resolved, yet the Chicago papers are reporting that his days on the team are numbered.

Maybe if he had divulged to police who sold him the liquor he drank, he'd be off the hook?

We take a lot of heat on this blog for pointing out the injustices and double standards in sports. Our righteous preachings are often met with the obstinate and blind rebuttals of those that live in a world in which equality reins.

Clearly, Nick Kaczur lives in that world. A world which allows for redemption (see Josh Hamilton). A world governed by a certain compassion.

In our last post, we asked the question: Is it easier to be more compassionate to one of your own?

Ask Nick Kaczur.

The NFL and the Patriots have answered the question.


Dave the Wave said...

hey dummy, kaczur screwed up and he made the best out of it.

vick and pacman screwed up and denied denied denied everything

Dave the Wave said...
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Malcom Hex said...

"hey dummy, kaczur screwed up and he made the best out of it.

and that makes his crime and drug use more acceptable? seriously?

Foxxy Brown said...

"team says any punishment will be handled 'internally'."

i finally agree with the evil empire. Kaczur is indeed deserving of the Abner Louima punishment. Bravo Patriots!

Evan said...

Who would want a teammate that ratted out someone he had known for months to the fucking police?? This is over a charge that would have been dismissed with a $200 fine and zero jail time, provided the white Kaczur bought a lawyer. I hope Belichick cuts his scummy ass for this reason.

RighteousReasoner said...

Brothers of Righteous Thought, upon showing this post to some of the less astute persons (read: honkeys compromising the dumb 85% that I was forced to encounter at work), whom I attempted to instill with Our Wonderous Truth, I was met with vulgar responses commenting on some of the Righteous previous Posts.

They commented that Posts regarding the arrests of Our Athletically Superior Dark-Skinned Negro Brothers for offenses such as possession of minor amounts of drugs were brushed aside as "minimal misdemeanor offenses" in which much stock should not be taken, while this Post, along with others such as the one regarding paleskin criminal David Kircus, makes it appear like they have committed some heinous, horrible offense. How do I explain to these dumb people I have to deal with that These Righteous Posts are the Correct Teachings? Even a Humble, Righteous Teacher such as myself needs help from my Fellow Educators sometimes.

In addition, sirs, we need a Kenny Stabler post! It has been a fantastic day to be a Member of The Nation!

RighteousReasoner said...

Sirs, your defiance of my pleas for assistance will not soon be forgotten. Here I am, a Humble Teacher tying to better the dumb around me, and you refuse to come to my aid.

Is this what our faith has come to, sirs?! I am trying to continue adhering strictly to the teachings to The Mighty Fard Muhammad, but I will be frank, the hope and trust I placed in my fellow Righteous 5% needs a Spiritual Uplifting. You can help me, sirs. Help me help us, so that the stupid ones have a fighting chance.

ebrown2112 said...

You're supposed to "deny,deny, deny" or, better yet, ask for a lawyer. Talking to the cops can only hurt you. Read "Homicide: A Year on the Killing Streets" by David Simon (co-creator of "The Wire").