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Friday, June 20, 2008

Jemele Hill: SUSPENDED??!!

Some have said we have been hard on the City of Boston these past few days, exposing the rampant racist sentiment of its inhabitants. Demonstrating the effect playing in such an environ can have on rational, athletic Negroes.

But, now, further justification of our righteous profferings.

The Miami Herald reports that's Page 2 writer, Jemele Hill has been suspended for drawing a brilliant juxtaposition between the Celtics and Adolf Hitler. And comparing those that root on the Celtics to those hoping an enemy of America would drop a nuclear bomb on us.

ESPN suspended writer Jemele Hill indefinitely after she drew references to Adolf Hitler and nuclear war in a column. ''Rooting for the Celtics is like saying Hitler was a victim,'' Hill wrote. ``It's like hoping Gorbachev would get to the blinking red button before Reagan.''

Certainly, we don't bother to read Hill's work most days; but we feel that based on this capture from the Herald, we can effectively argue on her behalf. Regardless of context or intent.

Firstly, Ms Hill effectively used a comparative model to illustrate the distaste and grotesque inner self it takes for an individual to be a Celtics fan. This isn't a literal comparison. It isn't Ms. Hill definitively stating that Celtics fans are Nazi's. It is an indirect and clever way of saying rooting for the Celtics is akin to believe that the most prolific racist/genocide architect of our time is worthy of compassion.

While certainly there is a degree of hyperbole in the comparison. Is it really that far off?

Clearly, Boston's White Boston Sports Fans did not initiate the stereotype of Boston being a racist town on their own. They do their best to foster the image and propagate intolerance, but the stereotype clearly had more contributors than the Lower Middle Class white folks with nothing better to do than root for the Boston teams, and simultaneously make the Negro athletes uncomfortable living in Beantown. Think about it. No small feat.

And, just as that was no small feat, neither was bringing Europe to its collective knees while at the same time running a genocide machine that can only be described as 'Germanic' in its efficiency.

So, clearly, while some would take the association Ms Hill conjures between Celtic fandom and Nazi support as offensive; a more objective and emotionally removed (read: logical) assessment of the comparison can see the clear connection. It is commentary on fanatical devotion.

We've seen writers describe Michael Vick (a Negro) in various demonic terms. He was compared to an 'executioner'. An executioner! Yet, no suspensions were levied against the perpetrators of that particularly offensive statement.

But, Ms. Hill uses Hitler's name in connection with the Great White Sports City of Boston, despite the fact that various surveys of Negro athletes have definitively shown that they have an uneasiness about living in or being traded to Boston, and she may well lose her job.

The message this sends is that Michael Vick has done worse things than White Boston Sports Fans. A wonderful message to send to Negro youth!

But, all this is just the tip of the Iceberg.

As stated, Ms. Hill contributes to's Page 2. The home and kingdom of Bill Simmons.

A White Boston Sports Fan.

YOU do the math!

It's puzzling.

For generations, Boston has cultivated and fostered an image of prejudice and racial disharmony. It is a city that when mentioned to many Negroes, causes chills to race up and down the spine. Now, when a high profile and decidedly objective writer grants the collective desire of the White Boston Sports Fan to be characterised as, and placed next to, some of the most fanatical of fanatics: they balk.

We can only assume that if the Sports Guy had given the type of props which fully conveyed how devoted they are as fans, that would have received thousands of emails of approval.

But, when the compliment on the level of blind faith the fans have comes from a Negro.....well, that is unacceptable.

It's all too clear.

This suspension has nothing to do with Hitler imagery or the message.

It's all about the messenger.


Dave the Wave said...

yup, all about the messenger.

she's an idiot.

ZEKE said...

You have to be a real dipshit to be upset that using a comparison to Hitler got you a time out.

Even her dumb, dredhead ass can't be mad about this.

But, NOIS is! Yippeeee!

Foxxy Brown said...

''Rooting for the Celtics is like saying Kobe Bryant was a victim,'' Hill wrote.

ok, everybody feel better now?

i do in fact agree that Ms. Hill's premise is fundamentally flawed. rather, rooting for the Patriots is like saying Belichick was a victim.

Gregory said...

"rooting for the Patriots is like saying Belichick was a victim"

You mean being married to one of the women who date belichick is like being a victim!

Anonymous said...

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Jim Philips said...

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